Distributed microservice framework :YC-Framework Version update V1.0.2!!!

Version update , This edition is V1.0.2

The main updates are as follows :

  • Integrate ActiveMQ;
  • Integrated wechat ecology ( WeChat official account 、 Wechat payment 、 Wechat open platform 、 Wechat applet, etc );
  • Interface document gateway unification ;
  • Modularized service microlog ;
  • Integrate Admin Server Microservice monitoring ( Application status 、CPU、 Memory 、JVM etc. );
  • Repair several bug;
  • Sentinel Lightweight migration to doc/run/ Next ;
  • Document update v1.0.2.

The latest code can access the corresponding code warehouse :

Visit the official website for the latest documents :

Historical version view :

About YC-Framework, If you have any questions, you can go to issues Ask questions

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