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At the end of 2021, a test supervisor made a year-end summary in advance

2021-08-10 08:14:23 Test Mengmeng

2021 The year is coming to an end , Busy with the company's various forms of year-end work report , It's time to calm down and sum up from the heart , This year , Sum up in one sentence – Busy, tired and happy .

Background of the working part : The test team started from... At the beginning of the year 8 People have developed to the end of the year 18 people , Personal responsibilities also complete the role from test team leader to test director and project manager , Sad and happy all the way , personal sorrow and joy , Only those who have experienced it can deeply understand .

This summary is mainly from 2021 Personal and team gains in 、 Setbacks encountered 、 Best practices and management are the main architectures , To share behind each practice , The right and wrong decisions we made , You are also welcome to discuss ~

About work gains

The following two architecture diagrams are the original test group architecture and the existing quality group ( The later testing group is independent, and the project group is renamed as the quality group ) framework .

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Later, due to business expansion , Department established PMO Project Office , Some backbone personnel were selected as the core support personnel of a single project , In this way, there are often time conflicts between projects , The test team will constantly adjust the work content , Sometimes they are transferred to support the testing tasks of other projects 1-2 Zhou , At the same time, there are less and less resources for personal growth and training . Because the construction of the newly formed project team is still in a period of shock , It's not just time , There are also conflicts among team members , Because a new project is in a hurry , A lot of new people have been put in , It's a common practice to work overtime on a regular basis , Even for a month, it has been formed by default 9106 The rhythm of . This has been going on for about 2 Months , In order to achieve a relatively stable state , Put forward the tester to the leader “ outsource ” system , That is, without affecting the plan of the project team , The work of the test team is not randomly arranged by the project manager , Instead, the two project groups at the current core are executed separately , So the tester can be relatively stable , Unless other projects are particularly urgent , Otherwise, it won't be transferred out . So in the test summary meeting , We can fully communicate with each other , Point out the advantages and disadvantages of itself and other projects , At the same time, the initial realization of military stability .( It should be noted that , Previously, the test team leader was only responsible for task scheduling , Task assignment work , And was last informed , Only the project manager can master the big plan of the project team ) By this time , The test level architecture business function group is divided into two parts , There is a senior test engineer as the team leader .

After the technical group split out because the security group was done by other departments before , Later, it was planned for the test group , For the convenience of management , The automation design and implementation team 、 Performance testing 、 Security testing is all in the technical group , The main strategic owner of this area is a test architect , The test architect is responsible for controlling the overall test quality of the test team organization at the technical level , We should also work with the superior to determine the test strategy in the test field 、 Method 、 Process and test tool selection , Output technical route and quality standard .

later , Because the Department airborne a high-level , The whole department structure was redesigned , Put the product and Design 、 Test group 、 All operation groups are independent , Collectively referred to as the product business unit , The test group was also renamed quality group , from PMO A core member of the project office directly manages . So for better total quality management , The quality group is formally divided into three groups : Business function group 、 Technical team 、QA Group . First formed a relatively complete organizational structure .

In the whole process of implementation , The total cost is about 8 Months time . The first 4 Quarter time , It has formed a relatively standardized test workflow 、 Problem tracking process and periodic learning training 、 Technology sharing and other activities .

The relatively successful testing practices are :

monthly 1-2 Quality group training for the first time , Usually in advance 1 Arrange the training plan and lecturer in six months , The premise is that according to the questionnaire , Get the problems that testers need to solve most , When identifying training topics , Team members 80% Take effect when passed .2019 The training topics that have been completed in this year are performance testing Elementary ( common 8 speak )、XXX The interface test practice of the project is in-depth ( common 3 speak )、 effective communication ( common 1 speak )、 Touching PPT Practical training ( common 2 speak ) wait .

Developer self test points system , After the introduction of the acceptability test case, before and after , Review in the development phase and pass , Before developers send the test e-mail , Use cases that need to pass the acceptability test through self-test , This process is unsupervised . But after the testers released the version , If the first-class defects other than environmental factors are found , Add and subtract points for developers according to the rules . After the trial , The first level defect rate is greatly reduced , Testers also have more time to design .

About reading

2021 I have read two books related to work , Others are extensive reading . Recommend these two books ,《 Overall quality control 》、《Google The way of software testing 》

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2021 The annual plan is Selenium3 Automated testing is a bit deeper ~

About achievement ( Personal direction )

2021 Passed the qualification certificate of project management successfully in ~

Won the honor of excellent technical training instructor of the year

Took a time management course and put it into action 11 Months

Get into the habit of running in the morning

I got to know a friend in the research direction of machine learning and deep thinking

The test knowledge base culture has spread throughout the company

About confusion

2021 It's one of the most frequently used words in the world , Whether it's layoffs in major factories 、 The company closed down 、 Or looking for a job 、 The salary is not going up , Can become the fuse of confusion . When confused , Give yourself an expectation , then “ busy ” get up , So that there's no time to think about it . Of course , Be busy regularly “ busy ”, If you don't have enough self-discipline , It is highly recommended to look for a group of people or network platforms with similar aspirations , Punch in task , There are constraints , Anticipation , Grow up , In the end, you're going to recognize yourself more and more . If the quickest way to overcome confusion is an effective way , It's the first time to recommend running as an environmentally friendly and healthy way . Stick to it every day 5 km , Two months later , You will find a new self . There was a time 9106, To keep running , I gave up my lunch break to run ( Then adjust to morning run , Find more suitable for yourself _), Now think about it. , I really appreciate myself at that time , At the most difficult time , Didn't give up , And the harvest , Not just a strong body , There is a broader thinking .

About understanding

In the work , Anytime, anywhere , Please stand in the superior position when thinking about problems , Not to please the superior , It's that you need to learn his way of thinking , Promotion always starts at the level of that position , Then someone will see what you can do .

Here I recommend an automated learning exchange group . Exchange learning group number :902061117 It will share some videos recorded by senior architects

About 2021 year

In four words : Gratitude 、 modesty 、 responsibility 、 The goal is

No matter when , Humility and hard work are the most basic , Even if your own technology is no better , There are mountains outside , Someone outside the person , therefore , Humility is a good way to learn how to make progress forever , You can get all kinds of nutrients . Gratitude is not just for superiors or those who support themselves , I always accompany my relatives in silence 、 Friends or colleagues who eat together every day deserve gratitude , Grateful to meet . The stronger the ability , The greater the responsibility . But it all needs to have a goal , Only when the goal is clear , Every moment makes sense . Only then can we have the confidence to struggle .

The following excerpts 2021 Some of the best practices of the year ~~ It is also a summary of experience in the testing industry ~

Keep challenging yourself

No challenge , There will be no progress . Give yourself a small goal every month , One big goal every quarter ; such as , From pure manual testing to special testing , You need to learn a lot about other areas , If it's implemented separately , You'll feel a lot more relaxed , And the challenge of each small stage is success , Will add more self-confidence for their own way of learning . So as to achieve in a virtuous circle , Positive cues .

During the storm meeting, I GET To a new acronym

Often participate in various seminars organized by the company , Hear new abbreviations 、 Take a little notebook to record the technical terms or the latest tools , After work, search, supplement and consult the materials, and put them in your own test knowledge base . Don't forget to update your mind map and knowledge base all the time

Keep up with the times

There's no need to attend expensive technical meetings , Pay more attention at ordinary times , A positive attitude , You will find opportunities everywhere . If it's in the first tier cities, many big companies will share open source tools 、 There is no regular technical salon 、 Gray scale release of new products, user test recruitment , And can participate in the local testing community , While learning from others' excellent ideas, don't forget to contribute your own strength , Form the habit of summing up , Your skills will grow with each passing day . Of course , Participation in external activities will grow in breadth , If you want to go deep, you still have to study by yourself .

You need to update your resume without job hopping

Make it a habit to update your resume at least once every three months , This is not to prepare you for a job hopping ( Of course, it's better to be ready ) It's a phase every three months , Can you contribute to your resume UP New resources for , Whether there is construction in the professional field . Your skill tree should be updated at the same time . If it is found that there are no updated resources in the past three months , Let's see if there is something wrong with our work or if we have regressed , move forward , or you 'll fall behind , A sense of crisis will move us forward .

In the way you like

Don't envy other people's way of life , So the way of learning is the same . Find what you like best . There's no need to spend a day in the library with your classmates , Even sitting there, my heart is flying far away , You can love coffee shops 、 The park in the evening or in the morning 、 On the mountain at the weekend , Or listen 、 Or reading books 、 Or browse the video , Make sure you are at your most energetic time , As long as you like it, go to study , I believe I can get twice the result with half the effort in the way I like .

I created communities of practice

When I worked for five years, I brought 7 Human team , The company also has other business departments, so the testers are also concentrated , There are often testers discussing problems at lunchtime , Complain about the nonstandard process in some places , Or there are often conflicts , Almost every noon I hear this topic , Of course, it also includes the discussion of new technologies , Some tests share the new framework, etc . So I had an idea , I created a testing practice community , At that time, it was a relatively simple one WIKI, And then we developed one internally . In the beginning, only the testers registered , So every day at noon all the topics moved to the internal practice community , And also found that many usually do not like to speak the tester can also participate in it . Slowly, , Make complaints about the community of Tucao carry forward gradually , It becomes a solution platform for testing problems , At that time, a section was created , It's called frequently asked questions . Encapsulate the problem of high probability into Q&A. At the same time, it attracted other members of the project team , product 、 Development project manager Business people , Later, it has developed into a community within the company .

The creation of the first testing practice community , Inspired me to test more creative ideas in this field , It doesn't just solve some technical problems , It's also a learning ability 、 Create a collection of forces , How to learn to solve problems is far more meaningful than solving problems themselves .

Visualization whiteboard

It is suggested that the test team have their own whiteboard , At first our team was TAPD The Kanban best practice team , But then the real whiteboard was used , You can do anything , As long as it's something that makes the team members clear at a glance, put it on . At the same time, we can solicit the opinions of other members , Keep adding , Continuous iteration . Show your test plan in a note , The project manager is most concerned about ; Put the defects in serious order , Discuss final repair priorities with business people and product managers, etc . Dynamic adjustment , Your visualization whiteboard , It will at least save 20% The cost of communication .

All the way up the knowledge base

If you have your own software testing knowledge base since self-study , I believe it's full now . The more you grow, the more you discover , I don't know too much knowledge and skills , Just pay attention to your knowledge base , At least in terms of appreciation . By analyzing the history of skill accumulation , Always summarize your progress from the goal , Don't yaw .

Take control of your career development

A lot of candidates are answering “ What's your career plan ” The question is , I always say that I will obey the arrangement of the leaders , In line with the company's plan . Maybe junior people don't have any problems , But after working for a certain number of years , If you answer the same way , It must be a minus item . If it's your favorite company in the interview , You can know the development of the company and the expectation of the candidate in advance . With a modest and polite reply , Secondly, my career direction will also be HR Record , Companies that are more humane will even give certain training according to their own direction .

therefore , Whether in study or work , You need to be clear about your goals and directions , To put your heart and soul into . Set a goal for your career development , Then let's start .

The above is me 2021 Personal year-end summary for , Hasty writing , Something is missing , Subsequent complement Summary of testers , I also hope you can have more exchanges and discussions

Last : Welcome everyone to follow the official account :【 Sad spicy bar 】, Take one 300 page pdf Document Python Summary of the core knowledge of automation test engineer !

Most of the information in the official account is the knowledge point that the interviewer will ask when interviewed , It also includes a lot of common knowledge in the testing industry , It includes basic knowledge 、Linux necessary 、Shell、 The principles of the Internet 、Mysql database 、 Special topic of bag capturing tools 、 Interface testing tool 、 Test advanced -Python Programming 、Web automated testing 、APP automated testing 、 Interface automation testing 、 Testing advanced continuous integration 、 Test architecture development test framework 、 Performance testing 、 Safety test, etc. .

If you have a lot of confusion in the test , Then the software testing technology exchange group I created will be a useful community for you to contact good teachers and friends , Peers may bring you some practical help and breakthrough . Group :902061117 You also want to know how your peers are getting rich !

If it helps you a little , Everyone 「 give the thumbs-up 」 Is the biggest driving force of Xiaobian's creation , See you in the next article !

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