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Make sense, as long as you are a tossing programmer, you really don't need to spend money on training to find a job after graduation!

2021-08-08 15:42:57 Little brother Fu

author : Little brother Fu

One 、 Preface

The title wants to attract you to come in and refer to my learning style , Maybe it can bring you some experience . Of course, there are some excellent developers in the training .

Be reasonable , The time when programmers go to school is fair to everyone . I also got a book Tan Haoqiang Of 《Java 2 Practical tutorial 》, There's also a laptop , And a bed in a dormitory .

 The boys' dormitories of those years

Tell me about myself , I just took a freshman programming course C Language , Let's not say if we can run it HelloWorld , Even install one VC++ 6.0 , I've been struggling for days . Maybe it's magic , Because Mengxin Xiaobai can meet all kinds of problems in learning . Finally, the computer with the software installed really dare not mess with , I'm afraid it's bad .C Language After learning for a semester, I started Java Course , Everybody says Java Simple , Balabala There are many functions 、 Development tools are easy to use 、 Memory recycling and so on . But it does , The tools are still very easy to install , In addition to the configuration of environment variables to copy online , You can still write a Hi Java Of . From then on Java The journey of learning .

From the moment you touch the computer , Everyone will encounter many problems when learning programming , Include ;

  1. I have no idea what it is , I don't know where to start , The teacher didn't say that .
  2. Running against the wall many times doesn't work out , No sense of achievement . No game and the girl next door .
  3. Forget when you have finished learning , I can't remember , I feel like I don't have a project , Can't exercise .
  4. Few people can communicate , There are many people playing games around , The campus is colorful , Money does not have the money , I want to play too .

In addition to these problems , There may be more problems than these . I've also met , I'll add some in the beginning QQ Group , But many of them are comparative water , There are not many who can discuss technology . I've also seen some technical forums , It's true that there's a guiding help . Also communicate with some elder martial brothers and sisters , What knowledge do you need to learn in college to get a job . Fortunately , Slowly find out a learning route . At the same time, in order to learn together with friends , Just build your own technology QQ Group ( Eastern soft Empire ), Met a group of friends , When I was in college, I often solved bug; The emperor 、 Sugar 、 Trichomes suberectus 、 Ant 、ZERO、 Little Kay 、Ticmy、 Dabao 、 Cute goods and many other friends . They are also distributed in BAT Wait for the first line of Internet , There are also big guys who do the level of director .

Cheer yourself up , Sometimes I really need to give myself some encouragement , After all, this road is not so easy . My way is that I often write some poems that I think are calculating things in school , To improve their morale .

 Several kings of the world of mortals , I don't agree with myself .
 Two hundred lines of daily code , Into the world's top 500 .

  • 1.
  • 2.

If you search the Internet for these words , It's still searchable !

One of the biggest problems in learning programming is the lack of writing , Some people think that just watching the video , Memorized the code , This thing will . But often it's not , As long as you don't knock it dozens of times , You will never remember . Because this process is to exercise your logical thinking and muscle memory , Why muscle memory ? It's like typing and chatting , Enter a Pinyin nihao, Would you now think of which finger it was knocked out of ? Not at all , Muscle memory has been formed , You just need to think of what you want to present immediately through the keyboard . It's also possible to write code ,public static void main, If this code you want to repeatedly look at the keyboard to knock , So the amount of code you write is still too small .

Willing to work hard you can carry a good !

Two 、 A book used in programming

Um. ! It's a used book , Not a book I've read .

Beginners of programming often don't need too many books , Because the knowledge covered in a book is basically comprehensive , It's hard to get everything done word for word . It's easy to watch , But if you want to run the results according to all the implementation mentioned in it , That's not the same for harvest . Of course , If you have studied deeply , Good insight . Can continue to expand the study of other books , Including some in-depth principles 、 Source code analysis 、 Skills development and so on .

1. This book of Tan Haoqiang has been read for a long time

 Tan Haoqiang 《Java 2  Practical tutorial 》

Over and over again , Over and over again , Run the code over and over . This book really helps me a lot , To this day, it has been around me .

2. SSH Hundreds of pages of books are rotten

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After learning basic programming , We need to expand Spring Relevant skills , To develop real projects . There are many books like this , The book also includes some items that you can learn from .

3. Besides books, there are videos to watch

It seems that every programmer has seen hibernate In the video , It's mainly because his voice and way of speaking are very attractive , Dry goods that are not dull and can learn . At least I watched his video 5-6 All over , And I wrote it 5-6 All over .

3、 ... and 、 The same project did N All over

In the process of learning programming , I've done a lot of projects , Of course, a lot of the needs of these projects are imaginary . Through what kind of knowledge I need to exercise , Then think about what kind of projects can be covered to practice , If you are the same at present, there are no projects , Then you can create your own needs in this way .

When ! Acquire Socket after , Everyone should have done LAN chat , And I'm more able to do it N Time . Until the end of this imitation wechat chat project , Not only do you get exercise , I can also help others grow through my code .

1. I was the first to imitate QQ Chat

Sign in

 Imitation QQ Chat , Sign in

Good friends

 Imitation QQ Chat , Good friends



  • During this period, the school hired external teachers to teach us how to do the project , In order to do as well as possible , At that time, I was studying imitation QQ Make a communication . Now it's still ugly , But at that time, it was also relatively good . It is often such a little effort , Get a sense of accomplishment in a long beating , Constantly stimulate the motivation of learning .

2. LAN chat during training

Sign in

 LAN communication , Sign in


 LAN communication , Chat


 LAN communication , Console

  • Clearly remember that this was done in a week , After all, such a project is still quite skilled .
  • I'm even thinking about merging friends with chat windows , It seems that most chat software does the same now ! Um. ! good !
  • At the same time, the completion of this project , Also let me find a job later can pass , Or the highest paid boy at that time .

3. learn Netty5.0 Write LAN chat

Sign in

Netty5.0 signal communication , Sign in


Netty5.0 signal communication , Chat

4. learn WebSocket Chat by imitating wechat


WebSocket signal communication , Chat

  • 15 Begin to learn netty5.0, But then because of 5.0 Version of the problem ,netty Official website dropped 5.0. So last year 19 year , I started writing again nett4.0 Case study . For this reason, I also wrote once WebSocket signal communication .
  • Source code : https://github.com/fuzhengwei/itstack-demo-netty

5. Write a column to imitate wechat on the desktop

Sign in

Netty Copy desktop wechat , Sign in


Netty Copy desktop wechat , Chat

Good friends

Netty Copy desktop wechat , Good friends

  • This project is 20 Launched during the Spring Festival , Use JavaFx、Netty4.x、SpringBoot、Mysql Equal technology stack and preference DDD- Domain Driven Design , The built wechat chat project imitating desktop version realizes the core communication functions .
  • The overall project has been very close to wechat , The implementation of engineering code is also clearer , Architecture code layering is also a lot more sophisticated . If you are new, look at this code , It can really bring great growth .
  • Source code address : https://github.com/fuzhengwei/NaiveChat

6. Besides that, I've done a lot of

As long as you can learn the content of programming , I seem to have been tossing about . No one has a project during their study , But you can think of a project by yourself , Then through such a project to exercise their knowledge , Try to practice what you have learned . Here are some of the projects I practiced in College ;

1. Fraction computer


2. Student achievement management system

 The grade system

3. Examination question bank system

 Examination question bank system

4. Library system

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5. Gift management system

 Gift management system

6. Online examination system

 Online examination system

Fortunately, I left some pictures in that year

Although these systems look a little ugly now , Not even a project , But for coding from the beginning to understand a learning process is needed . Total outcome , It's about doing something practical and targeted , Guide yourself to constantly strengthen knowledge . Try to learn some unknown knowledge by asking questions .

Four 、 precipitation 、 Share , Make a friend

from 19 Year begins , I want to add something in my life that I can stick to for a long time , Don't waste all your time . therefore , I chose my best direction , Do original technology output . In this way, I can make myself precipitate , Can also spread knowledge to others to bring growth .

  • 2019 year 7 month , Build a personal blog ; https://bugstack.cn - precipitation 、 Share 、 grow up , Let yourself and others have something to gain

  • 2019 year 8 month , Retrieve the official account number bugstack Wormhole stack , Regularly push personal original technical articles .

  • 2019 year 9 month ,CSDN Apply for blog expert approval .

  • 2019 year 10 month , The official account of WeChat has finally arrived 1k Readers of .

  • 2019 year 11 month , Complete four columns ;《 use Java Realization JVM》、《Netty4.x Column learning 》、《 be based on JavaAgent Full link monitoring 》、《DDD Domain Driven Design Practice 》.

  • 2019 year 12 month , WeChat official account is developed to connect fans with blogs .

  • 2020 year , It's still in progress ! Released  GitChat special column 、 In depth wrote bytecode programming 、 Continue to do original technology output , Strengthen the learning of personal technology stack , Absorb the essence of architecture design and so on .

  • A whole set CodeGuide Coding guide for programmers -  https://github.com/fuzhengwei/CodeGuide/wiki

    This code base is the first-line Internet that little brother Fu has been engaged in for many years Java Development of learning process technology summary , The purpose is to provide you with a clear and detailed learning tutorial , Focus more on writing Java Core content . If this warehouse can help you , Please give me your support ( Focus on 、 give the thumbs-up 、 Share )!

Do these things , More is my hobby and tossing character supporting me . I also hope to share my programming learning experience and technology .

In fact, we have almost the same time at our disposal , Just after I started writing technical articles , No chicken 、 No king 、 Don't go to the movies 、 At night, 0 There's no sleep before o'clock 2 A.m. 、 Don't go out on weekends ( I can't go out this year ). Then you can still do something meaningful . Of course , If you say this is not life , But everyone has different hobbies .

income , There will be income from writing articles , Everyday in official account 4 hair , Also have 1 When it's a lot of money , But there are some . Fortunately , I don't care about this now , The main thing is to do something meaningful that can be insisted on .

If I could give you some advice , I also suggest that you can toss about , In the world of programmers, you can learn a lot from all aspects . It will improve the R & D skills of the whole stack after a long time ( Back end 、 front end 、 Deploy 、 Operation and maintenance, etc ), And you'll get ; Business 、 operating 、 Product positioning and so on .

5、 ... and 、 Close the tail

  • What about the above , It's a way for me to learn and keep tossing . Not good , But at least this kind of study can guarantee you to find a good job when you graduate , It can also lay the foundation for your future . Although everyone has their own way , But if you get old, you still have to put more time on valuable things .
  • The process of continuous learning met many partners , Each has its own excellence . Although they will not give us the money ????, But the valuable experience of these partners will be told to you free of charge . Including the technical problems you have learned 、 Including what books you need to read to write articles 、 Including your knowledge of various fields and so on .
  • A person , To do things , I like being friendly , Broad knot with good . Ever since I wrote official account , There are many little friends who have added my wechat , And became good friends with a lot of people , They like me everyday 、 Share articles , Thank you very much !


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