Based on the new generation of international video codec standards H.266/VVC, Alibaba cloud video cloud recently released a real-time HD encoder Ali266, Give a strong impetus to H.266/VVC Landing of standard application , Really open H.266/VVC The road to business , And powerfully enable Ultra HD 4K、8K、 as well as AR/VR And other applications .

Encoder Ali266 = real time + hd + Supercompression

Alibaba cloud video cloud 7 Real Time HD was released in mid month VVC Encoder Ali266 First version , From the published information , This is the present time. The fastest in the world VVC Encoder .

To be specific , stay 16 Thread configuration ,Ali266 The fast coding speed is VVC Development of standard reference software 3062 times , Implemented on mainstream personal computers 720p HD real-time coding .

Based on the general test conditions officially recommended by the standardization organization ,Ali266 Can effectively accelerate VVC The encoding speed of , It's fast relative to VVC Coding speedup of standard reference software , On various test video sequences Surpass in all respects 3000 times .

for instance , If use VVC Standard reference software transcodes a movie , take 1 Months , Then use Ali266 transcoding , Less than 15 branch The clock will complete .

Ali266 The value of coding acceleration focuses on three points : Big savings VVC The calculation force required for the standard 、 The first time to achieve high-definition real-time 、 Vigorously promote the implementation of the latest coding technology .

this Ali266 Release , Not only make audio and video live 、 Online meetings 、 Cloud games need Real time coding Existing business scenarios can use the most advanced VVC standard , Bring clearer video to millions of consumers with lower bandwidth , More importantly, it can strongly promote AR/VR And ultra-high definition and other emerging video applications .

Similar to most commercial encoders ,Ali266 It can also provide different speed grades according to different application requirements , Under the same quality ,Ali266 Comparable open source H.265/HEVC Encoder x265 The corresponding speed level save 35%~50% The bandwidth of the . If the coding performance is converted into bandwidth cost , Suppose you used x265 The bandwidth cost of the encoder in one year is 10 Billion , So use Ali266 The encoder is expected to save bandwidth costs 3.5~5 Billion .

In addition to helping businesses save bandwidth and computing costs , Ensuring real-time and HD experience is the key Ali266 The key to .Ali266 It can cope with more complex network conditions around the world , Under the condition of limited network bandwidth resources , Bring more fluency to users 、 Clearer video experience , Originally, users who can only watch SD under the weak network , Now you can get HD experience .

H.266/VVC How important it is to video ?

Chasing net drama 、 See blockbuster 、 studio “ Buy buy buy ”、 Video conference, etc , It truly reflects the way of life and work of modern young people, which is inseparable from a variety of video applications . Especially in the past year , Witnessed the once-in-a-century event of mankind , It has also witnessed the vigorous development of a variety of video applications , Therefore, the amount of video data carried by the network has witnessed a larger explosive growth .

How much video data ? You can take one per second 30 frame 、 A resolution of 720p Take your movie for example . If the movie is long 90 minute , So watch this movie without video compression , The bandwidth you need is at least 332Mbps, And storing this movie will consume 224GB, This is unbearable for any consumer .

So the video needs to be compressed 、 Coding can be transmitted and stored , This process is video coding . In order to make different video products and devices of different companies Interconnection , Video coding needs to be standardized . With the video coding standard as the standard that all manufacturers must follow , The video stream encoded by a video content provider can be decoded and played on mobile phones or TV devices of different manufacturers .

In order to cope with the explosive growth of video data generated by human society , The video coding standard is following its own “ Moore's law ” Continuous evolution .ITU-T and ISO/IEC MPEG The two major international video standards organizations will jointly launch a new generation of video coding standards every few years , The compression ratio is doubled compared with the previous generation .

near 30 Over the years , The video standards jointly formulated by the two video standards organizations have a far-reaching impact on the video industry , Triggered many technological changes and innovations in the video industry .

such as ,H.262/MPEG-2 The standard promotes the transformation from analog TV to digital TV ;H.264/AVC So that HD video and Internet video can be widely promoted ;H.265/HEVC Successfully promoted HDR and 4K Landing of Ultra HD video .

H.266/VVC standard These two standards organizations jointly launched Next generation flagship video standard .VVC Standard in 2020 year 7 Officially released in , comparison HEVC Standards can Reduce bandwidth costs by half . in addition ,VVC It can be used for live broadcast through adaptive bandwidth and resolution 、 on demand 、 Video conferencing and other streaming media and real-time communication provide better support , Improve users' real-time HD experience , and Empowerment is like AR/VR、HDR video 、360 Panoramic video 、 Screen content and Ultra HD 4K、8K etc. 5G Next emerging video applications .

The first edition Ali266 How to come ?

VVC Although the standard has strong compression efficiency , But push VVC Standard commercial , There is still a long way . This is because VVC The standard provides 30 A variety of the latest coding tools , How to reasonably select these coding tools and combinations for the encoder VVC High compression efficiency bonus , This requires a high computational power for the encoder .

That's why ,VVC The coding speed of the reference software platform is very slow , code 720p The speed of video can't even reach 0.01 fps. Even the world's first open source VVC Encoder , Although than VVC Reference software is much faster , But coding 720p The speed of video can only reach 10 fps about .

In order to solve this technical problem , Alibaba's video team is H.266/VVC Soon after the standard was released , I started to devote myself to VVC Development of software codec .

2020 year 12 month 30 Japan , stay H.266/VVC Standard officially released 5 After a month , Alibaba released a self-developed Mobile real-time decoder Ali266. Experimental proof , Integrate Ali266 Live video of 、 Short video and other applications , Only 2 Thread can play smoothly in real time on medium and low-end mobile phones 720p HD video , While greatly saving computing power consumption, it can benefit the whole scene of the mobile terminal , To a great extent VVC The usefulness of the standard .

At the completion of VVC After the release of the decoder , Alibaba cloud video cloud immediately invested in VVC Research and development of encoder , The goal is to develop a product that can be used according to different applications , Different gears are available , Capable of offline and real-time processing VVC Encoder , Dedicated to live broadcasting 、 Short video 、 Online meetings 、 Cloud games and other fields , Bring a better user experience .

With deep cultivation and accumulation in the field of video coding , The video standards team launched... In only half a year Ali266 The first version of the encoder .

Ali266 On the one hand, the coding quality is improved by implementing a variety of coding algorithms , Improve compression efficiency , For example, motion compensated time domain filtering , The adaptive GOP Size decisions , Scene switching detection , Screen content detection 、 Rate control technology, etc . On the other hand , Develop hundreds of fast coding algorithms , And multithreading technology 、 Assembly instruction 、 Memory access efficiency and other engineering optimization methods .

Disclosure of information ,Ali266 It is the first time in the industry to realize real-time HD VVC Coding ability ! The first version is better than x265 The corresponding speed grade of open source encoder is reduced 35%~50% The cost of bandwidth , While ensuring HD real-time coding speed, it also perfectly confirms VVC Powerful compression efficiency .

2021 year 7 month , As the first real-time HD VVC Software encoder ,Ali266 It has taken an important step in the industry , It is proved that the existing computing platform can make us fully enjoy the latest international standards VVC Strong compression capability . But for Alibaba cloud video cloud , This has only just reached its first important milestone .

Looking forward to the future , The video cloud team will continue to advance VVC Depth optimization of encoder , take Ali266 Make one with full HD real-time coding capability ,4K Real time coding capability , even to the extent that 8K Commercial encoder with real-time coding capability , And continuously improve the compression efficiency , Speed up VVC Standard commercial landing . meanwhile , It will also be committed to continuously expanding the application of artificial intelligence in video coding , Let video codec technology to a higher level .

「 Video cloud technology 」 Your most noteworthy audio and video technology official account , Push practical technical articles from alicloud every week , Here to exchange views with first-class engineers in audio and video field . Official account back office reply 【 technology 】 You can join Alibaba cloud video cloud product technology exchange group , Discuss audio and video technology with big players in the industry , Get more up-to-date information about the industry .

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