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Work parting and blessing

2021-07-29 10:57:32 jeanron100

   Today is the last day of work in the company , After going through the formalities in a hurry , Let's take stock of the harvest these days .


On the technical :

  In these unforgettable hundreds of days , If you want to talk about small technological achievements , The first should be publishing 《Oracle DBA Work notes 》, So far , This is the fifth time that my new book has been printed .

  Become DBAplus The initiator of community Beijing station , By chance , Just hit it off with Lao Yang , All the way up to now , The top ten community events held at the end of last year MVP In the selection , And lucky to be selected .

ACE-A Promotion to ACE, It is also one of the first promoted in China .

github There are two small open source projects , It's a good try and experience .


In life :

  Got a driver's license , A month's time to concentrate on learning , The test , Got a driver's license .

  On the trip , Went to Qingdao , Chengdu , jiuzhaigou , Xi'an , The United States . More or less journey , Experience and harvest more or less , Let me appreciate all kinds of rich local customs .

  In treating your daughter , The family pays more , I usually feel a lot , Take things out of life “ dazzling ”. Many of my official account fans are acquainted with their daughter's characters .

  I searched my blog , It's a lot of discovery , There are seven chapters .

My daughter two or three things ( 7、 ... and ) 2017/5/8
My daughter two or three things ( 6、 ... and ) 2017/2/26
My daughter two or three things ( 5、 ... and )  2017/1/17
My daughter two or three things ( Four ) 2016/11/6
My daughter two or three things ( 3、 ... and ) 2016/8/7
My daughter two or three things ( Two ) 2016/7/30
My daughter two or three things 2016/1/18


At work :

  Rank promotion

   Small achievements in work , One level up .


  Gains and losses at work

     The most important work here is data migration and performance optimization , The difficulty of data migration lies in cross platform core database migration , Performance optimization starts with monitoring customization , On the premise of clear optimization direction, some remaining problems have been solved , Potential problems , Urgent problems, etc , The innovation lies in the use of PCIE-SSD In the migration of core systems , This greatly improves the performance of migration , use Orabbix Custom monitoring , So that the open source solution is finally implemented , Replaced commercial software .

    Of course, it has to be , Let's talk about loss , I still make a lot of mistakes at work , For example, a recent core system migration , Technical difficulties have been overcome , Data migration time is much earlier than planned , It looks like a perfect migration , As a result, I stumbled on the seemingly insignificant monitoring , This matter has a great impact on everyone , Also let me taste the feeling of reaching the peak and then falling to the bottom , The only thing I can do is to check as carefully as possible , Make up for existing problems , Of course, it's more psychological comfort .

   There are many big and small mistakes , When the server was insured , What a difficult night and early morning , Awakened by various alarms , Get up and deal with all kinds of alarms and problems . At the busiest time some time ago , I really try to take the time to deal with the problem , On the toilet , In the taxi , Airport gate , McDonald's , Even in the mourning hall , Too many questions , There are so many things , I really doubt life when I'm busiest , But after that time , In retrospect , In fact, it will be much more peaceful .

    Without everyone's tolerance and mutual understanding , A lot of work is actually difficult to continue , For this reason, I know Zhigang , Yan Yan , Lu Fei still made a lot of efforts and sweat in his management work , Silently bear a lot of blame , I really want to thank you , But I don't know what to say after meeting , Many times it's a faint smile .


A commendable Technical Conference

  I participated in many technical meetings , Some still use their working hours to attend , The reason for asking for leave is to attend the Technical Conference , In this regard, the company and colleagues have given me great tolerance , I usually write something when I come back from the conference , So use... On blogs “ Return ” Search for , See a lot of the following , According to time stamp , It's a technology sharing conference .

DAMS Back from the summit 2017/7/7
DTCC Return from the conference 2017/5/12
Oracle user group meeting 2017/4/20
QCon Return from the conference 2017/4/16
2017 The salon of Beijing railway station returned in 2017/3/11
ACOUG The annual meeting returns 2016/12/17
Software technology conference 2016/12/10
APMCon Return 2016/8/18
company TB Return from the event 2016/8/6
DBA+ The third offline Salon of Beijing community returned 2016/7/23
Return from a one-day trip to Jiuzhaigou 2016/6/28
Gdevops Back from the summit 2016/6/11
Children's Day fun return 2016/6/1
DBA+ The second offline Salon of Beijing community returned 2016/4/9
Return from the temple fair in the new year 2016/2/13
Return from Changyou annual meeting 2016/1/22
ACOUG The annual meeting returns 2015/12/27
DBA+ The first offline Salon of Beijing community returned 2015/12/13
Oracle The technology Carnival returned the next day 2015/11/21
Oracle Return from the first day of the technology Carnival 2015/11/20


A harmonious and warm team

  Although our team is not big , But it is a harmonious and warm team , When people are bored together, they joke , Work like comrades in arms , Especially those you can't handle for the time being , But when colleagues help you deal with it remotely , My heart will be very warm . Our small team , A large team at the department level , In fact, we don't have much time to communicate together , Several times in my deep impression TB The activity was quite effective , I hope there will be more such activities in the future .

   When I leave , Several colleagues took me to the elevator , Take me downstairs , In fact, the psychology is still very complex , Meeting is a fate , Thank you for having you in life .


Met a lot of friends

   I know many awesome friends in my work , For example, Yan Yan of the Department , The glacier , Shi Yong , 24-year-old , Yitong , All old comrades , Bear the burden in your work . Get to know glaciers by technology , I always talk about what I have gained outside of work , Brave boy is young and handsome , Thank you for your silent care and support , Yan Yan , Lei brother , Yitong is now taking over the management of the Department , It feels like they are perpetual motion machines , Always need to think more than others .

   There are many students in the business department and lovely comrades in arms at work , A lot of people , I'll list it in no order : Honghan , Mingming , Laohu , Xiangyang , Lina , Lu Yi , Zheng bo , Spring sun , Display , Mingqing , Now more than , beautiful mountain peaks , Jianmei , Ling Yu , Zhou Mi , Pistil , Waco , Yanmei , Guangxin , Wen Yang , Hu Yang , Huimin , Liu chao , Van bo , tingting , Zhongkang , Zhang Heng , Cheng Zhen , Chen Chen , Yi Hui , Linhan , Chen Lei , Bryan zhang, , Qianlong , Ji Cheng , Fu Li , Li Xiang , Hong Lin , Zhang Li , Xiao Su , Ling Wei ...



   For businesses , No one is inseparable from who , The company needs employees to create value for a long time , The company doesn't support idle people , Don't raise lazy people , If you are idle and lazy , Maybe you can't live without the company , On the contrary, the more likely the company is to leave you . If you look at it from the perspective of a company leader , It will be the same , When I went through the formalities today , Found many departments , How to coordinate everyone's work efficiently , It's really a profound art . 

   For leaders , A member of the team left , There will be a certain impact , But this is a dynamic process , Will gradually balance until peace . Just have lunch and chat with colleagues , Colleagues joked that , You are gone , It's equivalent to Barcelona's Neymar leaving , I said, , And Messi .

  For newcomers to the team , If their mentor or master leaves , There will be less spiritual dependence , But I believe in a few days , You will be comfortable with the problems at work , As for those difficult optimization and diagnosis , Learn the routine first , Summarize and think more , Communicate more with development students , It's basically a matter of course .


   Sometimes think about it , A career is like a trip , I had a new experience and understanding during the trip , Pack up , Continue on the road . When I tidy up the computer , Until I press “ close ” When , I know this computer will never be turned on by me again .


  Wish the company a prosperous career , Everyone's life is going well , Move towards a new goal .


   I left quietly , Just as I came quietly .   -- Xu zhimo