Problem description

Use Azure virtual network ,Azure APIM Can manage, can't pass Internet Access to the API, To protect the back end within the enterprise API Purpose . In a virtual network , Enable network security groups (NSG:Network Security Group) To control the outbound , The inbound port , We can compare it to a door , The traffic that needs to meet the conditions can pass through this safe gate .

After passing through the security gate , We need a way , To achieve the goal . And the default network path is Azure Backbone network control of , If you need to go through the company's own firewall (Azure Firewall Or the enterprise's own firewall ). In a virtual network , Routing table (Route Table) To specify the next hop (Next Pod), By using Configuration mode (UDRs:user-defined routes), All the traffic in the virtual network is imported and passed through the firewall . Achieve enterprise level security .

To sum up, the above two sentences are :NSG It's a door. ,UDR It's the way . The solution architecture diagram is :

however , In the building APIM VNET When , But met all kinds of mistakes .

1) because NSG Why , The required port is not working . Lead to APIM Network connection status of “Network connectivity status” The status in the page is Error

2) Because the custom route is configured (UDR), Led to APIM On the page APIs,Repository Wait for page error , And the portal keeps popping up Failed to connect to management endpoint Error message

Problem analysis

First : The above two questions , Can be in "  How to integrate Azure API Management works with virtual networks : Common network configuration problems " Find the answer in the article .

Problem one, port problem : Add all the necessary ports listed in the above document , Can realize the network connection state all Success The state of .

API Manage the required ports : have access to   Network security group Control of the deployment of API Inbound and outbound traffic of managed subnet .  If either port is not available ,API Management may not work properly and may not be accessible .  take API Management and VNET When used in combination , Another common misconfiguration problem is blocking one or more of these ports .

VNET Middle trusteeship APIM Service instance , The ports in the table below will be used .

Source / Target port Direction Transfer protocol Service mark
Source / The goal is
Purpose (*) Virtual network type
* / [80], 443 Inbound TCP INTERNET/VIRTUAL_NETWORK The client and API Managed Communications external
* / 3443 Inbound TCP ApiManagement / VIRTUAL_NETWORK Azure Portals and PowerShell The end point of Management Outside and inside
* / 443 Departure TCP VIRTUAL_NETWORK / Storage And Azure Storage dependencies Outside and inside
* / 443 Departure TCP VIRTUAL_NETWORK / AzureActiveDirectory Azure Active Directory  and Azure KeyVault Dependencies Outside and inside
* / 1433 Departure TCP VIRTUAL_NETWORK / SQL visit Azure SQL endpoints Outside and inside
* / 443 Departure TCP VIRTUAL_NETWORK / AzureKeyVault visit Azure KeyVault Outside and inside
* / 5671, 5672, 443 Departure TCP VIRTUAL_NETWORK / EventHub Event center policy log And monitoring agent dependencies Outside and inside
* / 445 Departure TCP VIRTUAL_NETWORK / Storage And apply to  GIT  Of Azure File sharing dependencies Outside and inside
* / 443, 12000 Departure TCP VIRTUAL_NETWORK / AzureCloud Health and monitoring extensions Outside and inside
* / 1886、443 Departure TCP VIRTUAL_NETWORK / AzureMonitor Release Diagnostic logs and indicators Resource health and  Application Insights Outside and inside
* / 25、587、25028 Departure TCP VIRTUAL_NETWORK/INTERNET Connect to SMTP Relay to send email Outside and inside
* / 6381 - 6383 Inbound and outbound TCP VIRTUAL_NETWORK/VIRTUAL_NETWORK visit Redis Service to get information between computers cache Strategy Outside and inside
* / 4290 Inbound and outbound UDP VIRTUAL_NETWORK/VIRTUAL_NETWORK Synchronization is used between computers Rate limit Counter for policy Outside and inside
* / * Inbound TCP AZURE_LOAD_BALANCER/VIRTUAL_NETWORK Azure Infrastructure load balancer Outside and inside

Configuration complete NSG after , Remember that , stay APIM In the middle Apply Network Configration, To achieve bilateral synchronization of network configuration .

Problem 2: Custom routing problem : It's more complicated . The service endpoint needs to be opened , Release... In China in routing table IP Address ( Control plane IP Address

Use Express Route Or network virtual devices force tunnel traffic to the local firewall : A common configuration for customers is to define their own default routes (, Coercion comes from API Manage all the traffic of the entrusted subnet to flow through the local firewall or to the network virtual device .  This flow is bound to be interrupted with Azure API Managed connections , Because outbound traffic will be blocked locally , Or by “ Network address translation ” Functions sent to are no longer associated with various Azure A set of unrecognized addresses that endpoints work with .

This solution requires three actions :

The first one is : In the deployment API Enable service endpoints on subnets of management services .  Need to be Azure SQL、Azure Storage 、Azure The event center and Azure Service bus enabled Service endpoint .  Directly from API Managing the subnet of the delegate enables the endpoints for these services to use Azure Backbone network , Provide optimized routing for service traffic .  If you combine a service endpoint with a forced Tunnel API Management with the use of , The above will not be Azure Service traffic is forced to Tunnel .  other API Manage service dependency traffic through forced tunnel redirection , You can't lose , otherwise API Management services can be dysfunctional .

The second item : All control plane flow ( from Internet To API The management endpoint of management services ) It's going to go through a specific set of API Manage managed inbound IP Routing .  When traffic is forced to Tunnel , The response does not map symmetrically back to these inbound sources IP.  To overcome this limitation , We need to add the following user-defined routes (UDR), By setting the destination of these host routes to “Internet” To send traffic back to Azure.  Inbound to control plane traffic IP The collection is on record Control plane IP Address

The third one : For others forced to Tunnel API Manage service dependencies , There should be a way to resolve the host name and access the endpoint .  These include :

  • Indicators and health monitoring : To Azure Monitor the outbound network connection of the endpoint , It can be parsed in the intranet , these URL stay AzureMonitor Under the service tag, it means , For network security groups .
        2. newly added )
        3. newly added )
        8. newly added )
  • Azure Portal diagnostics : To use from within the virtual network API Manage extensions from Azure Portal enables diagnostic log flow , Need to be allowed on Port 443 Yes  Make an outbound visit .
  • SMTP relay   : Host computer  I'm going to analyze it SMTP Outbound network connection for relay
  • Developer portal captcha : Host computer  and  The developer portal that is parsed under CAPTCHA Outbound network connection for .

Problem solving

contrast NSG list , Add missing ports . especially :1433,5671, 5672,12000,1886,25028, 6381 - 6383 And so on .

stay Route Table Add two Chinese regions marked as global IP Address . This is the required address , It is also a problem that is often ignored in configuration . It's also the root of the problem .

Reference material

Use in an internal virtual network Azure API management service :

APIM Common network configuration problems :

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