1492: [NOI2007] Currency conversion Cash

Time Limit: 5 Sec  Memory Limit: 64 MB
Submit: 3396  Solved: 1434


Small Y Recently I worked in a stock exchange . The exchange issues and trades only two types of securities :A Souvenir Ticket ( hereinafter referred to as A Coupon ) and B Souvenir Ticket ( following
abbreviation B Coupon ). Every customer with a coupon has his own account . The number of coupons can be a real number . Every day with the ups and downs of the market ,
Both have their own value at the time , That is, the amount of RMB that can be exchanged for each unit of coupon on the same day . We record the number of K In the day A Coupon and B Coupon Of
The values are AK and BK( element / Unit coupon ). For the convenience of customers , The stock exchange provides a very convenient way of trading : The proportional trading method
. The proportional trading method is divided into two aspects :(a) Sell coupons : The customer offers a [0,100] Real number in OP As a percentage of sales , Its significance is : take
 OP% Of A Coupons and OP% Of B Coupon At that time the value of RMB ;(b) Buy the coupons : Customers pay IP RMB , The exchange will exchange
The total value to users is IP The gold coupon for , also , To satisfy what is offered to customers A Coupons and B The proportion of coupons is in K It happened that RateK; for example , Suppose that
Come down 3 Within days Ak、Bk、RateK The changes are as follows :
Suppose on the first day , Users have 100 element RMB, but without any vouchers . The user can do the following :
be aware , It can be operated many times in the same day . Small Y He is a very economical employee , Through a long period of operation and market estimation , He has
Knowing the future N Within days A Coupons and B The value of the voucher and Rate. He also wants to be able to work it out , If you start with S Yuan , that N At most in a few days
How much is enough .


Enter two positive integers on the first line N、S, They are small Y The number of days you can predict and the amount of money you have initially . Next N That's ok , The first K Row three real numbers AK、B
K、RateK, The meaning is described in the title . about 100% Test data for , Satisfy :0<AK≤10;0<BK≤10;0<RateK≤100;MaxProfit≤1
【 Tips 】
1. The input file can be large , Please use a quick read in method .
2. There must be an optimal trading scheme to satisfy :
Each buying operation USES up all the yuan ;
Every time I sell, I sell all of my gold notes .


There's only one real number MaxProfit, It means the first one N The maximum amount of money you can get at the end of a day's operation . The answer is reserved 3 Decimal place .

Sample Input

3 100
1 1 1
1 2 2
2 2 3

Sample Output





Slope optimization DP, Typical is not monotonous


as for CDQ The theory of partition : Walk   Over and over

inspire :

1. Slope optimization DP There are thousands of changes ..

2. Mastering the divide and conquer algorithm can produce many magical effects (xyx I seem to like divide and conquer very much )


using namespace std;
#define maxn 200010
struct DayNode
double A,B,Ra,k; int id;
bool operator < (const DayNode & T) const
{return k<T.k;}
struct PointNode{double x,y;}p[maxn],tmpp[maxn];
int N;
double dp[maxn];
int tmp1[maxn],tmp2[maxn],stack[maxn];
#define inf 1e9
#define eps 1e-9
double slope(int l1,int l2)
if (!l1) return -inf;
if (!l2) return inf;
if (fabs(p[l1].x-p[l2].x)<=eps) return -inf;
return (p[l1].y-p[l2].y)/(p[l1].x-p[l2].x);
void CDQ(int l,int r)
if (l==r)
int mid=(l+r)>>,L,R;
L=l; R=mid+;
for (int i=l; i<=r; i++)
if (a[i].id<=mid) tmpa[L++]=a[i]; else tmpa[R++]=a[i];
for (int i=l; i<=r; i++) a[i]=tmpa[i];
int top=;
for (int i=l; i<=mid; i++)
while (top> && slope(stack[top],stack[top-])<slope(i,stack[top-])+eps) top--;
int Top=;
for (int i=r; i>=mid+; i--)
while (Top<top && slope(stack[Top],stack[Top+])+eps>a[i].k) Top++;
L=l; R=mid+;
for (int i=l; i<=r; i++)
if (((p[L].x<p[R].x+eps || (fabs(p[L].x-p[R].x)<=eps && p[L].y<p[R].y+eps)) || R>r) && L<=mid)
else tmpp[i]=p[R++];
for (int i=l; i<=r; i++) p[i]=tmpp[i];
int main()
for (int i=; i<=N; i++)
//for (int i=1; i<=N; i++) printf("%d %d %.3lf %.3lf %.3lf %.3lf \n",i,a[i].id,a[i].A,a[i].B,a[i].Ra,a[i].k);
return ;

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