cms To replace the home page

1. Do a good job of static page first ;

2. stay D:\wamp\www\phpcms\install_package\phpcms\templates Create a new folder under the folder tianqiwangluo( Project name ), And then tianqiwangluo Resume new folder content( Website content )

3. Put the static page html Files in D:\wamp\www\phpcms\install_package\phpcms\templates\tianqiwangluo\content Inside ;

Place the static page CSS Put your folder in D:\wamp\www\phpcms\install_package\statics\css Under the folder ;

  Put the folder of static page where pictures are placed in D:\wamp\www\phpcms\install_package\statics\image Under the folder ;

Place the static page js Put your folder in D:\wamp\www\phpcms\install_package\statics\js Under the folder ;

4. open D:\wamp\www\phpcms\install_package\phpcms\templates\default\content, What's in it is cms Templates , Look under the folder html file ;

5.cms The template splits the head and tail of the homepage , They were put in the header.html and footer.html Inside , Because other pages also use the head and tail ;

6. Change the name of the static page to index.html, New again header.html and footer.html.

7. Get into cms Template background management , Set up —— Site management —— Site style configuration   There will be default templates and new templates . Or in the interface —— View the newly added template in the template style , You can change the template to Chinese name here ;

8. Set up —— Site management ——SEO Modify the configuration to the target name , The template style is changed into a new template , The default style is also new . The others don't need to be changed , Click ok ;

9. Click model management in the content , Click model management inside , Click Modify in the model name in turn , Change the available styles into your own ;

10. Then click the management column under the content , Click Modify on the right , Select the template settings inside , Choose new styles from the available styles , Click on the submit , After submitting, click Update cache . Then click Update cache in the upper right corner , Then click to generate the home page .

11. Find the new index.html、header.html、footer.html, use dw open , Put the head code and tail code separately in header.html、footer.html Inside .


Here's the problem with the path. Start modifying

open content Under the folder index.html

First step

Split the front page into three pieces , open header 、index、footer The first page of the document decomposition ,header It's the navigation part ,footer It's the footers . Then take it. header and footer introduce index Inside

The second step

Search and replace /bs Namely js The path of

And the image path is similar , And style paths

The third step

Start replacing everything that needs to be replaced .

For navigation pc label

content It's the output of the content ,action="category" It's the meaning of the column pc Tags are output columns .catid=0 The top level of the column is the first level label .num=25 The maximum number of calls 25 individual ,siteid Site code ,order This means ascending order

loop A marker is a circular marker Cyclic output ,data As defined above , Define each of the above items to r , Loop output menu , Change the home page path to Change the name of the list to

The amount of the list a The tag jumps to ,

Step four

Add column   Is to add navigation content

Wheel planting

The following modules

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