Smoothing (Smoothing) Method is the most basic grid node update method .Fluent Three fairing methods are provided :

  • Spring The spring is smooth
  • Diffusion Diffusion smoothing
  • Linearly Elastic Solid Smoothing

Compare the three methods

Comparative study The spring is smooth Diffusion smoothing Linear elastic smoothing
Amount of computation Small Moderate Big
Grid quality Poor good best
Grid adaptation All types All types Not for polyhedrons and Cartesian meshes

Three method parameters

Fairing methods Parameters
The spring is smooth Set up spring constant factor, Value range 0-1
Diffusion smoothing Set up diffusion parameter, Value range 0~2
Linear elastic smoothing Set up Poisson's Ratio, Value -1.0~0.5

matters needing attention

  • stay Fluent In a moving grid , Fairing methods are usually similar to Remeshing Methods are used at the same time .
  • Fairing cannot change the topology of the mesh , therefore It's only for small movements . A large amount of motion can create a negative volume . When the grid moves a lot , Consider using Remeshing or Layering Method .

More about fairing , See the video below .

More about CFD Content , WeChat can scan the underlying two-dimensional code to focus on WeChat official account .

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