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Climb the stork tower

[ Climb the stork tower ](
Tang Dynasty : wang zhihuan
Day by day , The flow of the Yellow River into the sea .
To see a thousand miles , Take it to the next level .

He is a fraternity brother. He is a member of the brotherhood .

noun [ C ] UK /ˈswiːt.hɑːt/ US /ˈswiːt.hɑːrt/
a boyfriend or girlfriend
Lover , Sweetheart
She eventually married her childhood sweetheart.
She finally married her childhood sweetheart .
used for talking to a person that you love, especially a child or person you have a romantic relationship with
( Use it with someone you love , Especially children or lovers , In conversation ) Sweetheart , heart
[ as form of address ] "Happy birthday, sweetheart," he said.
“ Happy birthday, , dear ,” He said .
/frəˈtɜː.nə.ti/ /frəˈtɝː.nə.t̬i/
a group of people who have the same job or interest
( Having the same occupation or interests ) Groups , The group

She is a sorority sister. She's a member of the sisterhood

noun [ C ] UK /səˈrɒr.ə.ti/ US /səˈrɔːr.ə.t̬i/
a social organization for female students at some US colleges
( Some universities in the United States ) Sorority

I am returning this book. I want to return this book .

Borrowing books is called borrow a book
Returning books is return a book
But here's the interesting thing , They don't say "I return the book.", And they say "I am returning this book." Because in fact, the present progressive has the meaning of future in it , So this sentence is equal to "I will return this book."

I want to renew this book I want to renew my book

Renew Namely ' Renew (a library book) ' It means . For example, if you go to the library and borrow a Book , The book is due, but you want to keep borrowing it , You can say "I want to renew this book." Any fixed time when we want to change an appointment, we call renew, For example, your license plate has expired , Or you need to renew your insurance policy when it's due or renew it in Chinese , Also use renew. for instance , "I want to renew my car insurance for this coming year. "

I just bought a brand new car. I bought a new car .

Brand new It feels better than new We need to update a little bit . All new , The new product is called brand new, Maybe it means even the trademark (brand) It's still on it !
Britain [brænd] beautiful [brænd]
n.[ merchant ] trademark , brand ; Brand ;〈 analogy 〉 stigma , Shame ; Burning wood
vt. Insult ; Engraved on ; Add a trademark to ; Brand on
Third person singular : brands
The plural : brands
Now participle : branding
past tense : branded
past participle : branded

He is really a tough guy; he takes no prisoner. He's very strict , There's no mercy .

This is what I heard Lao Mei describe as their professor , That is to say, their professors are very strict , And never leave it alive ( It's like Taiwan's dagger , When there are so many people ) So-called takes no prisoner It means not taking prisoners of war , It means to kill all , That is to say, it's tough enough . Lao Mei often uses tough To describe the difficulty of a thing or the tough attitude of a person , for example , Today is a tough day for me. That is to say, today is not easy . If you say "The professor is tough." The professor is very strict in teaching , It's not easy to mix . If someone else comes across this tough Professor of , You can encourage him , "Tough it out!" That is to say, hold it through . similarly , You can also say that "The professor goes for kill." So this professor supports killing . No mercy .
Britain [ˈprɪznə(r)] beautiful [ˈprɪzənɚ, ˈprɪznɚ]
n. Prisoner ; The prisoner ; captive ; Criminal defendants
Britain [tʌf] beautiful [tʌf]
adj. reassuring , Tough , Indomitable ; It's hard , difficult , Difficult ; Firm , Strong ; Rough
n. Rough people ; Mob , Scoundrel
vt. Exercise patience , Endure ( Often with out Continuous use )
adv. Be tough , Tenaciously ; With a tough attitude
Third person singular : toughs
The plural : toughs
Now participle : toughing
past tense : toughed
past participle : toughed
comparative : tougher
highest : toughest
Derivatives : toughly adv. toughness n.

It's a cake course. This is a course of tonic pills .

We say a course is easy to take , Just use cake course This word , Or just say It's a cake, Others will understand . And I heard a student from Berkeley say , They call the course which is very supplementary Micky Mouse, It's fun ? Please refer to .
Britain [kɔ:s] beautiful [kɔ:rs]
n. Course ; routes ; Direction of action ; A dish
vt. Flowing fast ; Running ; run past ; Chase
vi. Along the …( Direction ) Forward ; Guide the route ; Run fast ; Move fast
Third person singular : courses
The plural : courses
Now participle : coursing
past tense : coursed
Memory skills :cours run , Extended to “ happen ” + e → Running 〔 distance 〕→ distance

Which department is she in? Which department is she from ?

We all know that major is to use major This word , The simple way to ask is , "What's your major?" But you can also use which field or which department Instead of . For example, someone came to give a speech , You want to know what department he is , You can ask Which department is she in? or "Which field is she in?" There is also a way to ask a major in spoken English , It's asking people What are you studying? That's all right. .

Is there any way we can move it? Is there any way we can change the place .

  • Way That's the way , You can say , Is there some other way...? Is there any other way
  • move it It can mean a lot of things , Such as changing classrooms , Change places , Both can be used. move . No more change place 了
  • This is a time when the teacher announced to take an exam in a certain classroom , But because that classroom is usually very noisy , So my classmates raised their hands and said Is there any way we can move it?

The life of a black sheep

I was born with lazy( Lazy ), Life is love cozy( comfortable ), Go shopping crazy( Maniac ), Body fat, heart feeling uneasy( disturbed ), Lose weight and collapse dizzy( Dizzy ), Indulge in fantasy( fantasy ).


 Britain  ['kəʊzɪ]  beautiful  [ˈkozi]
adj. comfortable , Comfortable , Comfortable
n. Heat shield


 Britain  [ʌnˈi:zi]  beautiful  [ʌnˈizi]
adj. Restless ; Unstable ; comfortless
comparative : uneasier
highest : uneasiest
Derivatives : uneasily adv.
Memory skills :un No + easy Comfortable ; ordinary →〔 He was in a hurry 〕 comfortless → Worried about


 Britain  [ˈdɪzi]  beautiful  [ˈdɪzi]
adj. Dizzy ; Dizzy , Causing dizziness ; Confused ; foolish
v. Make dizzy ; Make dizzy ; To confuse ; Make at a loss
Third person singular : dizzies
Now participle : dizzying
past tense : dizzied
past participle : dizzied
comparative : dizzier
highest : dizziest
Derivatives : dizzily adv. dizziness n.


 Britain  [ˈleɪzi]  beautiful  [ˈlezi]
adj. Lazy ; Listless ; Slow
comparative : lazier
highest : laziest
Derivatives : lazily adv. laziness n.


 Britain  [ˈfæntəsi]  beautiful  [ˈfæntəsi, -zi]
n. fantasy ; The product of fantasy ; Fantasy works ; Informal money
vt.& vi. fantasy ; Imagine ; Playing Fantasia

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