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You want to keep your controller Simple enough .

Yours controller More and more overstaffed , You heard that command The pattern is one for controller Slimming solutions .

But you don't know command Whether the pattern is suitable for your application . How much should there be command?


command The best thing about the model is that you can ignore the implementation of the business first , Focus on the user interface first .

Suppose you create a website , One function is to register and log in .

Hello MediatR

Realization command The pattern is very simple , Especially when you use Jimmy Bogard’s MediatR To send messages from MVC/API controller Of command.

Use MediatR You can start by creating a simple class to represent your commands .

public class RegisterUser : IRequest<bool>
public string EmailAddress { get; set; }
public string FirstName { get; set; }
public string LastName { get; set; }

bool Parameter indicates that your command will return bool type .

Then you can go to controller It uses MediatR To send this command .

public class UserController : Controller
private readonly IMediator _mediator; public UserController(IMediator mediator)
_mediator = mediator;
} [HttpPost]
public ActionResult Register(RegisterUser registerUser)
bool registered = _mediator.Send(registerUser);
return View();

The main points of

Separation of duties . You don't need to store 、 Application services and so on are put into your controller , All you need is Mediator.

Model binding auto fill command object (RegisterUser).

This ensures your controller It's simple. ,controller Focus on processing forwarding requests .

So how to deal with command Well ? It's simple , Create a handler that will do !

public class RegisterUserHandler : IRequestHandler<RegisterUser, bool>
public bool Handle(RegisterUser message)
// save to database
return true;

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