The basic use of this article includes :

  • php Conventional grammar
  • date,number,array And so on

The general syntax of programming language is easy to understand , Almost the same . If you're a programmer good at other interpretive languages , Migrate to php It's almost effortless . And vice versa .

And this is the process of migration , Personally, I don't think it's a learning process , It's a process of use . because , We just have one more tool , form , There's no improvement in the nature of programming . I can't talk about it at my own level , Now get into basic use .

Reference book or cheatsheet

  • What is? ‘cheatsheet'
  • php cheatsheet

Print hello world

echo "hello world";

Defining variables

//define vars
$vars = "123";
// Constant PI
  • There is no dollar sign before the constant ($);
  • Constant can only be used define() Function definition , Instead of using assignment statements ;
  • Constants can be defined and accessed anywhere, regardless of the scope of the variable ;
  • Once a constant is defined, it cannot be redefined or undefined ;
  • The value of a constant can only be scalar .


  • if
  • switch
  • while/do while
  • for

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