Introduction to software engineering week2.1

The first chapter is introduction
problem :
1. Program = Algorithm + data structure
  Software = Program + Software Engineering
The goal of software engineering is to create good enough software , From the perspective of user satisfaction , reliability , The quality of software processes , Maintainability, etc , But we haven't done a large software engineering system project by ourselves , The previous news management system , It's just a dozen news queries , Add, delete, modify, query and other database operations , But the real news management system needs to manage thousands or even millions of news every day , Can our own system withstand the test of such a large amount of data ? How to improve the news management system software that we have done from these aspects ?
2. Students have different computer systems , There are plenty of them windows Of , There are plenty of them ios Of , There are plenty of them linux Of , I hope teachers can give different suggestions to students who use different systems , Is that OK ? Just entered the university to buy mac, No consideration of professional application , Sometimes it's hard to install software , No cracked version , Find the cracked version of the installation after the existence of flash back phenomenon , I lost a lot of study time , If the teacher or teaching assistant has the use of iOS Systematic experience , Can we talk about it ?

The second chapter is personal technology and process
problem :
1. How to realize the migration of existing software from one platform to another ?
stay csdn After the blog searched the question , Read some blogs :  
After reading these blogs , I learned that this process is called porting , I saw openssl Migration to arm A simple transplant case of , I think the difficulty is moderate , But when it comes to more complex software migration process , I still don't know how to do it , I still haven't found a detailed answer , Hope to get the case analysis of dialogue like in the method of construction , Impressive and easy to accept , But there is no such answer in Baidu , And this problem is also mentioned in the teacher's book , I hope the teacher can answer it .
2. Different modules written by multiple programs , How to define each other's interfaces ?
When we define interfaces , If the keyword interface Add one in front public keyword , Call such an interface a public Interface ,public Interfaces can be implemented by any class . If an interface doesn't add public modification . It's called friendly interface , Friendly interfaces can be Class implementation in the same package as the interface . Class calls between different programs public Interface is the definition of interface , The modules written by different programs can call each other ? But I'm not sure I understand it right , Please answer patiently

Chapter 16 IT Industry innovation
problem :
1. A company defender has a long history of PC Desktop software , It brings in a lot of revenue every year , Although it's decreasing , But still considerable . The company has also developed a mobile terminal app, It has a relatively short history , I haven't started making money yet , But users are rising fast , But the absolute number is still far less than PC End . In the face of this, there's a lot of momentum , But when the acceleration is negative , And the momentum is very small , But the two products with higher acceleration , How should we choose the input ratio ?
2. For innovative entrepreneurs , It's better to start from a small workshop , Success is success , If it fails, the loss is small , But I want to know that after the success of small workshop innovation , How to prepare for transformation ? Prepare how to adapt to the large-scale production and investment capital flow ? Or for the sake of insurance, choose to continue to maintain the profitability of small workshops , Don't scale up ?

What I want to say is :
  This semester's introduction to software engineering course is different from the previous one , The teacher asked us to blog , In fact, I was rejected at first , Because I'm lazy, too , But blogging for the second time , A change of mind , Look at your first blog , Think back to the mentality and thoughts at that time , I think blog is a record of my study , I don't want to turn my blog into a novel , I like to write my opinion intuitively ,1、2、3、4.......... This lists my learning process and my doubts at that time ( What I usually see , I don't want to write on it , Otherwise, it will be a problem ), It's also convenient for me to read blog in the future , Looking back on my learning state at that time, looking back on the knowledge explained by the teacher at that time , Better review . When I get to the end of the term , Through a semester of study , I will definitely solve my doubts at that time for myself , And generous comments to myself at that time . Compared with many people's blogs , My blog language style may be monotonous , It can also be simple , however , It's a very comfortable way for me to record .
  I read the link that assistant professor Zhou Yun gave me , Clearly remember the inside “ Large Japanese ” A word of : Whether it's academic , View , Or intimacy , Life is to constantly eliminate what you want , And stick to it .
  New term , Harder , The more fortunate , The luckier, the harder .

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