The first line has two integers N and M, Is the side length of the matrix . The second line is an integer D, Is the total number of beans . The third line contains D It's an integer V1 To VD, The score of each bean . next N Yes, there is one N×M Character matrix to describe the state of the game matrix ,0 Said the blank space ,# It means an obstacle . And the number 1 To 9 They represent the corresponding number of beans .


Contains only one integer , For the highest possible score .

Sample Input

3 8
30 -100 30

Sample Output



50% Data of 1≤D≤3.
100% Data of 1≤D≤9,1≤N, M≤10,-10000≤Vi≤10000.

This blog has detailed pictures and Analysis

The problem is how to judge whether a bean is in a polygon .

There's actually a good way to judge , That's a horizontal ray , Look, there are several intersections with the polygon , There's an odd number of intersections in the polygon , Otherwise, outside the polygon .

So the state is compressed , For a state , The fewer steps, the better , And then it can be more based on the compressed state , Make the shortest path of the layered graph

Each step updates the current state

But there is another situation , Even number of intersections may also be surrounded .

As shown in the figure below :

So in the process of transfer , Obviously, the horizontal movement does not affect the answer , Only vertical movement affects the position of the point

In special cases, each line segment is assumed to be open at the top and closed at the bottom , That is, only when the lower breakpoint intersects the ray can it be useful , Then the line segments in the same direction will only be counted once

using namespace std;
struct ZYYS
int x,y,s;
const int dx[]={,,,-};
const int dy[]={,-,,};
int d,px[],py[],n,m,val[],ans;
int dist[][][],inf;
bool vis[][][];
char ss[][];
int cross(int sx,int sy,int x,int y,int s)
{int i;
int p=max(sy,y);
for (i=;i<=d;i++)
if (py[i]==p&&px[i]<x)
return s;
void spfa(int sx,int sy)
{int i,j;
while (Q.empty()==)
ZYYS u=Q.front();
for (i=;i<;i++)
int x=u.x+dx[i],y=u.y+dy[i];
if (x<||x>n||y<||y>m) continue;
if (ss[x][y]=='#'||ss[x][y]!='') continue;
int s=u.s;
if (i<=)
if (dist[x][y][s]>dist[u.x][u.y][u.s]+)
if (vis[x][y][s]==)
for (i=;i<=(<<d)-;i++)
int res=-dist[sx][sy][i];
for (j=;j<=d;j++)
if (i&(<<j-)) res+=val[j];
int main()
{int i,j;
for (i=;i<=d;i++)
for (i=;i<=n;i++)
for (j=;j<=m;j++)
if (ss[i][j]>''&&ss[i][j]<='')
for (i=;i<=n;i++)
for (j=;j<=m;j++)
if (ss[i][j]=='')

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