You are trapped in a 3D dungeon and need to find the quickest way out! The dungeon is composed of unit cubes which may or may not be filled with rock. It takes one minute to move one unit north, south, east, west, up or down. You cannot move diagonally and the maze is surrounded by solid rock on all sides.

  Is an escape possible? If yes, how long will it take?

   A three-dimensional maze problem , It's no different from two dimensions , direct BFS Just fine .

The code is as follows :

#include<queue> using namespace std; bool map1[][][];
bool vis[][][];
int L,R,C;
int Sl,Sr,Sc,El,Er,Ec; struct state
int l,r,c;
int num; state() {}
state(int x,int y,int z,int n):l(x),r(y),c(z),num(n) {}
}; bool judge(int x,int y,int z)
return ; if(map1[x][y][z]==)
return ; if(vis[x][y][z])
return ; vis[x][y][z]=;
return ;
} int bfs()
queue <state> que;
state temp;
int tl,tr,tc; que.push(state(Sl,Sr,Sc,)); while(!que.empty())
que.pop(); if(temp.l==El&&temp.r==Er&&temp.c==Ec)
return temp.num; tl=temp.l;
tc=temp.c; if(judge(tl-,tr,tc))
} return -;
} int main()
char s[];
int ans; ios::sync_with_stdio(false); while(cin>>L>>R>>C)
memset(vis,,sizeof(vis)); if(!L&&!R&&!C)
break; for(int i=;i<=L;++i)
for(int j=;j<=R;++j)
for(int k=;k<=C;++k)
case 'S':
case 'E':
case '.':
case '#':
} ans=bfs(); if(ans!=-)
cout<<"Escaped in "<<ans<<" minute(s).\n";
} return ;

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