SuperMap iClient for JavaScript getting started

Geographic Information System ( English :Geographic Information System, abbreviation :GIS) It's a comprehensive subject , Combine Geography with cartography , It has been widely used in different fields , Is for input 、 Storage 、 Inquire about 、 A computer system for analyzing and displaying geographic data . Please refer to Wikipedia .
although GIS This subject is very complicated , But from the development level , It is generally divided into bottom development and secondary development .GIS Components are growing rapidly , Encapsulate the underlying algorithm . Secondary developers only need to master the related components API function , Basically able to meet business needs .

common GIS Component platform :

  1. ArcGIS - Esri China -Esri China ,GIS,GIS platform , Geographic Information System
  2. SuperMap -  Chaotu Software Co., Ltd
  3. Sky map -  National Geographic information public service platform “ Sky map ”

The point today is to experience SuperMap Under the platform WEB Use of map development kit .

1. The development of preparation

SuperMap iClient 8C for JavaScript It's a set of JavaScript language-written GIS Client application development kit , Support multi-source data map , Support multiple terminals , Cross browser , Through this product, you can quickly realize the beauty on the browser 、 Smooth map presentation .

  • obtain Development kit .libs  The folder holds the library file of the product . The following figure shows the functions supported by the four sub libraries :

SuperMap.js  For the master library file , Support all functions .SuperMap.Includ.js  It's a reference file , It is used to uniformly refer to the above JS And others CSS Resource file .

2. Quick start

“ Layers ” It's a very important concept in map development . Believe to learn PhotoShop My friend is right “ Layers ” This concept is no stranger . The layer is like a piece of transparent glass , Draw a flower on a piece of glass , Draw a mat of grass on another piece of glass , Overlap two pieces of glass , From top to bottom , So as to form an image display effect .

The rich elements on the map are also made up of layers . Maps can add one or more layers , By marking or drawing on a layer , The combination shows the final effect that the user needs .

SuperMap iClient for JavaScript The supported layers are as follows :

  • TiledDynamicRestLayer: Dynamic block layer , For docking SuperMap iServer Block dynamics of REST Layer services .
  • CloudLayer: Cloud layer , Used to display SuperMap Layers published by cloud services .
  • SimpleCachedLayer: Cache layers , Used to display SuperMap iServer Cache layer for .
  • WMS: This layer is used to show OGC Map data of map service .
  • WMTS: It's used to display information based on OGC WMTS 1.0.0 Map data of standard map service .
  • Vector: Vector features render layers .
  • Markers: Label layers .
  • OpenLayers: Other third party layers provided .

2.1. structure SuperMap iServer Service map

SuperMap iServer It's based on cross platform GIS The cloud of the kernel GIS application server , The creation of this kind of map depends on its products iServer service , The local structures, SuperMap iServer Service before testing . The main content of this example is establish REST Dynamic block layer and Learn how to use map control .

Step1: Create a map display container .

<body onload="init()">
<!-- The map shows div-->
<div id="map" style="position: absolute; left: 0px; right: 0px; width: auto; height: 90%;">

Step2: Import resource file , Realize the function of creating map , load REST Dynamic block layer .

<title> Longitude and latitude coordinate system layer </title>
<!-- Reference the required script Be careful :SuperMap.Include.js Internal references have been dynamically related to JS,CSS file -->
<script src="supermap/libs/SuperMap.Include.js"></script>
// Declare global variables map、layer、url
var map, layer, url = "http://localhost:8090/iserver/services/map-shandong-zibo/rest/maps/zibo";
function init() {
//1. In the specified DOM Initialize map object on element .
map = new SuperMap.Map("map");
//2. add controls .
map.addControl(new SuperMap.Control.ScaleLine());
map.addControl(new SuperMap.Control.LayerSwitcher());
map.addControl(new SuperMap.Control.MousePosition());
//2. Initialize layers .
// Create block dynamic REST Layers , This layer shows iserver 8C Maps published by the service ,
// among " to want to " Name the layer ,url The service address of the layer ,{transparent: true} Set to url Is an optional parameter
layer = new SuperMap.Layer.TiledDynamicRESTLayer("zibo", url, null, { maxResolution: "auto" });
// Listen to the layer information loading completion event , Loading layers asynchronously .{ "layerInitialized": addLayer });
function addLayer() {
// take Layer The layers are loaded into Map On the object .
// Draw a picture , Set the center point , Specify the zoom level .
map.setCenter(new SuperMap.LonLat(118.11908, 36.68166), 3);

Step3: Use the map control .

Control is used to control the display of the map and the response to interactive operations , In the absence of an explicit designation , The map is added by default Navigation、PanZoomBar Control . Common controls are as follows :

Visible controls :

  • PanZoomBar: Map pan zoom control , Provides control operations for the pan and zoom of the map .
  • ScaleLine: Scale control , Show the scale of the map .
  • LayerSwitcher: Map layer switch control , You can view layer information and control layer display .
  • OverviewMap: Map Hawkeye control , Assist to view the map and display it in a wider range .
  • MousePosition: This control shows when the mouse moves , The geographic coordinates of the point .

Invisible controls :

  • Navigation: Map browsing control , Monitor mouse clicks 、 translation 、 Scroll wheel and other events to browse the map .
  • SelectFeature: Feature selection control , Monitor mouse over , Click on the event to select vector The elements above the layer .
  • DrawFeatue: Feature drawing controls , Monitor mouse events to achieve the drawing of elements .

There are two ways to add controls , One is to create Map When the object , Set up controls Property to add a control . as follows :

var map = new SuperMap.Map('map', {controls: [new SuperMap.Control.PanZoomBar()]});

The other is what the above code uses . At the completion of Map After object creation , call addControl() or addControls() To add controls . as follows :

var map = new SuperMap.Map('map');
map.addControl(new SuperMap.Control.ScaleLine(), new SuperMap.Pixel(800,400));

Step4: See how it works

2.2. structure SuperMap Cloud map

The explanation of this example is , combination  SuperMap Layers published by cloud services CloudLayer The creation of , And finish to Zoom in on the map 、 narrow , Hiding layers 、 Remove, etc Demonstration of basic functions , And finish The addition of vector cover and marker cover 、 Event registration And so on .

Step1: Also create a map container . Just add a few more buttons .

<body onload="init()">
<div id="toolbar" style="padding: 10px">
Map basic operation :
<input type="button" class="btn" value=" Zoom in " onclick="mapEnlarge()" />
<input type="button" class="btn" value=" narrow " onclick=" mapReduce()" />
<input type="button" class="btn" value=" translation " onclick="mapPan()" />&nbsp;
Layer basic operations :
<input type="button" class="btn" value=" hide " onclick="layerShowOrHide()" id="isShow" />
<input type="button" class="btn" value=" remove " onclick="layerRemove()" />&nbsp;
Add cover :
<input type="button" class="btn" value=" Vector element covers " onclick="addVector()" />
<input type="button" class="btn" value=" Mark the cover " onclick="addMarker()" />
<div id="map" style="position: absolute; left: 0px; right: 0px; width: auto; height: 90%;"></div>

Step2: Building map objects , load SuperMap Cloud map . And demonstrate the map 、 Some basic operations of layers , And the addition of mulch 、 Event registration and other functions . A little bit more code , Please taste it carefully .

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
<link href="css/bootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<script src="supermap/libs/SuperMap.Include.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var map;
var layer, vectors, markers, imgMarker;
var vectorInfoWin, markerInfoWin;
function init() {
// Initialize map objects .
map = new SuperMap.Map("map", {
controls: [
new SuperMap.Control.Navigation(),
new SuperMap.Control.Zoom(),
new SuperMap.Control.LayerSwitcher(),
new SuperMap.Control.MousePosition()
// All map layers are used as overlay layers .
allOverlays: false
// Through to the SuperMap The cloud server sends the request to get SuperMap Layers published by cloud services .
layer = new SuperMap.Layer.CloudLayer();
// structure Marker cover Layers .
markers = new SuperMap.Layer.Markers("Markers");
// structure Vector cover Layers .
vectors = new SuperMap.Layer.Vector("Vectors");
// Create a vector control to select features , Click on the specified layer to select the vector feature .
var selectFeature = new SuperMap.Control.SelectFeature(vectors,
onSelect: onFeatureSelected
// Activate control .
// take Base map and Two types of overlay layers Add to map .
map.addLayers([layer, vectors, markers]);
// Set the center point , Specify the zoom level .
map.setCenter(new SuperMap.LonLat(11339634.286396, 4588716.5813769), 4);
} //a.1. Button to generate a vector feature overlay , And add it to the vector layer .
function addVector() {
// Building point geometry object classes
var point = new SuperMap.Geometry.Point(13648644.286396, 5518190.5813769);
// Build vector feature cover
var pointVector = new SuperMap.Feature.Vector(point);
// Modify the point style red = { fillColor: "red", strokeColor: "yellow", pointRadius: 6 };
// add to Vector elements cover To The vector layer
//a.2. Click on the vector feature cover , Trigger to call this function .
function onFeatureSelected(feature) {
// Create a floating pop-up with a pointing and border
var popup = new SuperMap.Popup.FramedCloud(
new SuperMap.LonLat(13648644.286396, 5518190.5813769),
" Vector feature overlay mouse click event ",
vectorInfoWin = popup;
// Add pop ups to the map
//a.3. The destruction Popup.FramedCloud Popup .
function closeVectorInfoWin() {
if (vectorInfoWin) {
} //b.1. The button generates a marker overlay , register click event , And add it to the marker layer .
function addMarker() {
//SuperMap.Size An example of a pair of height width values
var size = new SuperMap.Size(30, 30);
// basis size Create screen coordinates
//SuperMap.Pixel This kind of use x, y Coordinates depict screen coordinates
var offset = new SuperMap.Pixel(-(size.w / 2), -size.h);
//SuperMap.Icon Create icons , In the web page, it is shown as div In the tag image label
var icon = new SuperMap.Icon('supermap/theme/images/marker-gold.png', size, offset);
// Initialize the tag cover based on location and size
imgMarker = new SuperMap.Marker(new SuperMap.LonLat(10454187.286396, 4740367.5813769), icon);
// add to Mark the cover To Mark layers
// register click event , Trigger mouseClickHandler() Method{
"click": mouseClickHandler
//b.2. Click mark cover , Trigger click Event will call this function .
function mouseClickHandler(event) {
// Build fixed position floating pop ups , Adaptive display
var popup = new SuperMap.Popup.Anchored(
"marker", // Unique identification
imgMarker.getLonLat(), // Mark the coordinates of the covering
new SuperMap.Size(220, 140),
' Mark cover mouse click events ',
popup.autoSize = true;
markerInfoWin = popup;
//b.3. The destruction Popup.Anchored Popup .
function closeMarkerInfoWin() {
if (markerInfoWin) {
} //c.1. Zoom in on the map , Zoom in one level on top of the current zoom level .
function mapEnlarge() {
//c.2. The map zooms out , Zoom out one level from the current zoom level .
function mapReduce() {
//c.3. Map translation , According to the specified screen pixels (-20,-8) Value translation map .
function mapPan() {
map.pan(-20, -8);
} //d.1. Set layer visibility .
function layerShowOrHide() {
var temp = document.getElementById("isShow").value;
if (temp == ' hide ') {
document.getElementById("isShow").value = ' Show ';
} else {
document.getElementById("isShow").value = ' hide ';
//d.2. remove layer , Irrecoverable .
function layerRemove() {

Step3: Effect demonstration

2.3. structure Sky map WMTS Service map

What is? WMTS service ?
WMTS, Slice map Web service (Web Map Tile Service) The current version is 1.0.0. The service is in line with OGC(Open Geospatial Consortium, Open Geographic Information Alliance ) To formulate the WMTS Implement specifications .
WMTS yes OGC The proposed cache technology standard , That is to say, the map that is cut into tiles of a certain size is cached on the server side , Only these pre-defined single tile services are provided to clients , More data processing operations, such as layer overlay, etc > On the client side , So as to alleviate GIS The pressure of server-side data processing , Improve user experience .

SuperMap iClient for JavaScript Support access to third parties WMTS Map service . This example is for The map of heaven WMTS Service call demonstration .

Service resources provided by Tiantu official website :

Step1: This time, post the demo code first , Analysis again .

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
<title> Sky map WMTS Service layer </title>
<style type="text/css">
<script src="supermap/libs/SuperMap.Include.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var map, layerBase, layerMarker;
function init() {
// Initialize map , All layers are used as overlay layers .
map = new SuperMap.Map("map", { allOverlays: true });
// Global vector base map service .
layerBase = new SuperMap.Layer.WMTS({
name: "vec",
url: "",
layer: "vec",
style: "default",
matrixSet: "c",
format: "tiles",
requestEncoding: "KVP"
// Global vector Chinese annotation service .
layerMarker = new SuperMap.Layer.WMTS({
name: "cva",
url: "",
layer: "cva",
style: "default",
matrixSet: "c",
format: "tiles",
requestEncoding: "KVP"
// Add layers , Set the center point , Specify the zoom level .
map.addLayers([layerBase, layerMarker]);
map.setCenter(new SuperMap.LonLat(0, 0), 3);
<body onload="init()">
<div id="map" style="left: 0px; right: 0px; width: auto; height: 90%;">

Step2: Running effect

Step3: The above are the two WMTS The effect of overlay of service layers . Function realization mainly depends on  SuperMap.Layer.WMTS Class to complete . Here are some of its basic properties :

layerMarker = new SuperMap.Layer.WMTS({
name: "cva", //WMTS The service name .
url: "", //WMTS The service address of the layer , Required properties .
layer: "cva", // Layer Name .
style: "default", // Published layer styles , The default is ”default”.
matrixSet: "c", // Published identifier matrix set , Required properties .
format: "tiles", // Graphic MIME type , The default is “image/png”.
requestEncoding: "KVP" // Request encoding . It can be “REST” perhaps “KVP”, The default is ”KVP”.

There's another problem , How to get these WMTS Service parameter values ? This is going to go back and continue to understand WMTS service . I don't want to explain this in detail , Just the operation method .
such as , Get the global vector base map service information of Tiantu , As long as the browser requests :
The response is a XML file , Save to local . stay XML Search in documents Contents node , The information about the service layer is inside .

Request parameters GetCapabilities Operation makes WMTS The client obtains the service metadata document from the server , Please refer to  WMTS API.

3. Summary of this article

This article summarizes my understanding of SuperMap iClient for JavaScript The process of understanding . The content mainly includes the construction of several types of maps , And with some basic map operations , The first three sections are marked in bold , I won't repeat . This article has been synchronized to   Personal site .

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