1696: [Usaco2007 Feb]Building A New Barn New cowshed

Time Limit: 5 Sec  Memory Limit: 64 MB
Submit: 394  Solved: 181


After years of savings , Farmer JOHN Decided to build a new cowshed . He knows everything N(2 <= N <= 10,000) Where does the cow feed , So he wanted to build the barn in the most convenient place . The position where each cow grazes is an integral point (X_i, Y_i) (-10,000 <= X_i <= 10,000; -10,000 <= Y_i <= 10,000). No two cows are grazing next to each other . JOHN Decided to build the cowshed at an integer point where no cattle eat grass . If the cowshed is in (X, Y), stay (X_i, Y_i) The distance between your cattle and the barn is |X-X_i|+|Y-Y_i|. JOHN Where can the cowshed be built to minimize the distance between all cattle and the cowshed ?


The first 1 That's ok : a number ,N.

The first 2~N+1 That's ok : The first i+1 That's ok Including i The position of the cow (X_i, Y_i).


The first 1 That's ok : Two Numbers , The minimum distance and the number of cowshed positions that can reach this distance sum .

Sample Input

1 -3
0 1
-2 1
1 -1

Enter an explanation :

Altogether 4 Head ox , The positions are (1, -3), (0, 1), (-2, 1), and (1, -1).

Sample Output

10 4

Output explanation :
The minimum distance sum is 10, It can be located in the cowshed (0, -1), (0, 0), (1, 0), (1, 1) Reach at .





Answer key :

As the topic requires the minimum total distance , So you can think of finding the median .

But proof doesn't ... Find Du Niang by yourself ...

hold x,y Sort them separately .

If the number of cattle is odd , We'll take them separately x,y The middle of the order . And then judge if there are cows . If not, take the current point , If there is, find the minimum value and the number of minimum values in the four points above, below, left and right .( The topic ensures that cows are not adjacent )

If it's an even number , There are two median (x1,y1),(x2,y2). Then the number of answers is (x2-x1+1)*(y2-y1+1)- There are cattle in the middle .

See the procedure :

using namespace std;
#define INF 1e9
int x[],y[],xx[],yy[];
int fx[]={,,,-};
int fy[]={,-,,};
int read()
int s=,fh=;char ch=getchar();
return s*fh;
int main()
int n,i,nn,x1,y1,x2,y2,sum,j,gs,mn;
else if(sum==mn)gs++;
printf("%d %d",mn,gs);
return ;
printf("%d 1",sum);
printf("%d %d",sum,gs);
return ;

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