Books :

I'm reading two books right now


Flex 4 In Action

There are two more books to read , Like it very much Cookbook Books on this subject , For beginners inside the example can be directly used to learn now sell


ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook

Learning Websites

    Adobe Flex Developer Center
    Learn in a week Flex Application development video training
    Adobe AIR Developer Center
    The blog of Shane McCartney, an Aussie Flash Developer who's currently working in London

Resource Website

    Adobe Flash Player The official version and Debug Version of the download address
    Apache Flex
    A lot of ActionScript 3 Write encryption algorithm
    An ActionScript 3 Library that contains a number of classes and utilities for working with ActionScript? 3. These include classes for MD5 and SHA 1 hashing, Image encoders, and JSON serialization as well as general String, Number and Date APIs.

The following blogs also list some good websites :

  1. Recommend a few good Flex Learning Websites
  2. Flex Learning materials website
  3. Flex Learning site summary ,(FLEX Learning site 、 Blog 、 Forum )

Send a few Flex More articles on learning resources of

  1. Flex Learning resources

    Learning Websites Adobe Flex Developer Center ...

  2. iOS Learning resources

    This study material is for iOS What beginners prepare , To help iOS Beginners quickly find their own learning materials , Save them time searching for information , Make them better plan their own iOS Learning route , Faster entry , More accurate positioning of ...

  3. natural language processing (NLP) Introduction learning resource list

    Melanie Tosik Currently working for a travel search company WayBlazer, Her job is to produce personalized travel recommendation routes through natural language requests . Looking back on her study , She has a list of learning resources for beginners looking to get into natural language processing . ...

  4. 【 High quality 】React Learning resources

    React Learning resources github Address : ...

  5. React Native The guide brings together all kinds of react-native Learning resources 、 Open source App And the component

    come from : React Native The guide brings together all kinds of react-native Learning resources . Open source App And the component React-N ...

  6. Ruffian scale embedded : The strongest in history i.MX RT Summary of learning resources ( Ongoing update ...)

    Hello everyone , I'm ruffian Heng , It's a serious technical ruffian . What the ruffian Heng introduced to you today is i.MX RT Learning resources . Category resources brief introduction Official summary i.MXRT The product page Official of NXP i.MXRT The product page , The most authoritative information is here , Reference hand ...

  7. springboot Learning Resource Recommendation

    springboot What is it? ? For building production ready Spring There's a view of the app . Spring Boot Conventions that take precedence over configuration , Designed to get you up and running as soon as possible .( This is a springboot Official introduction of ) Why should we learn ...

  8. Redis First time to know 、 Design ideas and some learning resources recommendation

    One .Redis brief introduction 1. What is? Redis Redis Is an open source use ANSI C Language writing . Support network . Log type that can be memory based or persistent .Key-Value database , And provide multilingual API. from 2010 year ...

  9. A copy about Swift Documentation of language learning resources

    A copy about Swift Documentation of language learning resources     Zhou Yinhui Download... Here

Random recommendation

  1. sed

    The command line format is :         sed [-nefri]  ‘command’  Input text / file Common options :        -n∶ Cancel the default output , Use silence (silent) Pattern . In general sed In the use of ...

  2. How to use .NET Develop full version support for Outlook Plug in products ( 3、 ... and )—— Overall control

    All the code of the plug-in project has been uploaded to Advanced Foundation --COM see First , about Outlook The object model ,MSDN There has been a very detailed ...

  3. ApkTool Decompile apk, Remove advertising or repackage after Sinicization apk, And sign With ubuntu For example ,window The same as the same First download apktool Tools : ...

  4. Study java The first 1 God

    I'm just beginning to study by myself java Watching videos and books =-=, At the beginning, I had a general understanding of the command window , The first is to open , You can right-click to start , Then choose the command prompt , I prefer the second one , Is the use of Win+R, Then input cmd Get into , I ...

  5. Linux note ( 7、 ... and ) - Network command

    (1) Send messages to users :write example :write admin(ctrl+d end )(2) Send a broadcast message :wall example :wall hello world!(3) Test network connectivity :ping-c The number of times to send :ping - ...

  6. basic SQL Database and table management

    Last article , We are based on 『 database 』 Made a macro Introduction , You should understand the context of the database , Born to solve what kind of problems , And in the specific implementation, which types can be divided . There are many kinds of non relational databases , We'll be in the following chapters ...

  7. 2-Twentieth Scrum Meeting-20151220

    Task arrangement member Finish today Tomorrow's mission Yan Hao Ask for leave ( database )   Tang bin Ask for leave ( database )   Shi yexuan   Try to use downloadmanager Yes notification updated   Try to use downloadm ...

  8. 20135323 Fu Yunjin's mid term summary ----Linux Systematic understanding and learning experience

    One . Netease cloud classroom 1. The chapters summarize The first week : How computers work In the second week of : How the operating system works ht ...

  9. C# Basic review : Regular expressions - turn

    Write it at the front : In this paper, according to the author's learning experience, combined with relevant books on regular expression grammar and use (C#) Make a basic introduction . For beginners . Abstract : Regular expressions (Regular Expressions), I believe that the friends who do software development are more or less ...

  10. 【ASP.NET】System.Web.Routing - RouteCollection Class

    Provides a collection of routes for ASP.NET routing. The RouteCollection class provides methods that ...