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It's been a while since the app came out , I noticed it when I came out . But when you get sick , Plus there are other things in the company , It's mainly because I'm lazy , I didn't do it all the time . This Monday , Take advantage of the heat , Not very busy , Finally, I wrote a little story demo,( Of course, there are many interfaces that are not used ).

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The framework of the applet , It's like Vue Of .


<view> Hello {{name}}! </view>
<button bindtap="changeName"> Click me! </button>


js part

// This is our App Service.
// This is our data.
var helloData = {
name: 'WeChat'
} // Register a Page.
data: helloData,
changeName: function(e) {
// sent data change to view
name: 'MINA'


The developer uses the framework to integrate the data in the logical layer name With the view layer of name bound , So as soon as the page opens, it will show Hello WeChat!

When the button is clicked , The view layer will send changeName To the logic layer , The logic layer finds the corresponding event handler
The logic layer implements setData The operation of , take name from WeChat Turn into MINA, Because the data is already bound to the view layer , The view layer will automatically change to Hello MINA!

Tools :  WeChat web Developer tools
I usually preview the effect here .


app.json File to configure wechat applets globally , Determine the path of the page file 、 Window representation 、 Set network timeout 、 More settings tab etc. .

change pages Internal configuration , Will change the main page when you start the program .
window Is to set the window representation of the page , Include status bar , Navigation bar color wait .
tarbar It's the bottom tab Column performance .
And officially networkTimeout and debug Options , There is no configuration here .
networkTimeout You can set the timeout of various network requests .

"pages": [
"window": {
"backgroundTextStyle": "light",
"navigationBarBackgroundColor": "#3CB371",
"navigationBarTitleText": "Ed Glayxe",
"navigationBarTextStyle": "light",
"backgroundColor": "#3CB371"
"tabBar": {
"list": [{
"pagePath": "pages/index/index",
"text": " my ",
"iconPath": "images/tabList/my_a.png",
"selectedIconPath": "images/tabList/my_b.png"
}, {
"pagePath": "pages/logs/logs",
"text": " journal ",
"iconPath": "images/tabList/log_a.png",
"selectedIconPath": "images/tabList/log_b.png"
}, {
"pagePath": "pages/other/other",
"text": " Duan Zi ",
"iconPath": "images/tabList/joke_a.png",
"selectedIconPath": "images/tabList/joke_b.png"
}, {
"pagePath": "pages/login/login",
"text": " Sign in ",
"iconPath": "images/tabList/Login_a.png",
"selectedIconPath": "images/tabList/Login_b.png"
}, {
"pagePath": "pages/douban/douban",
"text": " User list ",
"iconPath": "images/tabList/user_a.png",
"selectedIconPath": "images/tabList/user_b.png"



app.js、app.json、app.wxss These three documents are indispensable ..js The suffix is script file ,.json The suffix file is a configuration file ,.wxss The suffix is the style sheet file . Wechat applet will read these files , And generate an applet instance . These are public documents .
In my wxss It introduces weui Of wxss Some pages use its UI.

Pages Inside is the corresponding page . Every corresponding page has Corresponding js wxml wxss file . Configure the file .

stay common The folder Wrote a review template Tried to introduce a template .
stay utils It encapsulates the internal method .


Support... In small programs flex Layout , It's still pretty good .
Sometimes when I layout, I write a html file , Look at the styles in the browser . Then move it to wechat app . But the page I wrote wasn't complicated . It's not entirely different .
In the small program, try the layer as view , But it's not div equally ,view and text Together they overlap . I think it's equivalent to div and span.
Some more CSS Styles don't support .

Data rendering :

This one uses flex The layout says , The page is simple .

I remember looking for something for a long time yesterday , Namely
“enablePullDownRefresh”: true. Allow users to pull down .
At first I thought I wrote it myself . This is configured in json In the document . The official documents are hardly read .. And then it's embarrassing .

var util = require("../../utils/util.js");
var app = getApp(); Page({
data: {
textDataList: [],
tempid: 0,
lastid: 0
onLoad: function() {
util.alertLoading(' Data loading ', 2000);
refreshData: function() {
util.alertLoading(' Refreshing ', 2000);
this.loadData(); },
loadData: function() {
var that = this;
var url = '';
var requireData = { a: 'list', c: 'data', type: '29' };
util.request(url, requireData, function(res) {
var newData =;
textDataList: newData.list,
tempid: newData.list[0].id
console.log(; })
onReachBottom: function() {
util.alertLoading(" Loading !", 2000);
console.log(" Loading this didn't do = =!");
onPullDownRefresh: function() {
util.alertLoading(" Refreshing !", 1000);
var that = this;
var url = '';
var requireData = { a: 'list', c: 'data', type: '29' };
util.request(url, requireData, function(res) {
var newData =;
textDataList: newData.list,
lastid: newData.list[0].id
if ( === {
util.alertSuccess(" It's up to date ", 1000);


Follow up wechat app mind map ( Source network )

Quick off work , In fact, before writing, I want to write in more detail , But I don't think there's anything clearer than the official introduction .

I think the best way to learn is to roll up the code , Than watching 10 individual demo More useful .

Hasty time , The page is simple . I also hope to put your demo Share it with me and learn from each other . Thanks for reading ,


Project address :


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