One 、 Press key Sort Order ( The little one is in front , The big one is behind ):

  map<float,string,less<float> > m_aSort;// has float Sort from small to large Reverse order ( The big one is ahead , The small one is behind ):

  map<float,string,greater<float> > m_aSortR;// has float Sort from large to small


   notes :  

    use greater_equal(less_equal) Do the third parameter to sort ,map Of find The function fails .

    If you need to store the same key It's worth it Key value pair , It can be used multimap, See :

struct SIndexData
string sCode;
int iDate;
int iTime;
float f1;
} bool operator == (const SIndexData & obj) const
return sCode == obj.sCode && iDate == obj.iDate && iTime == obj.iTime;
} bool operator < (const SIndexData & obj) const
return iDate < obj.iDate ;
}; map<float, SIndexData, greater_equal<float> > m_is; SIndexData sIndexData1;
sIndexData1.sCode = "000001";
sIndexData1.iDate = 20171025;
sIndexData1.iTime = 94000;
sIndexData1.f1 = 7.8f;
m_is[sIndexData1.f1] = sIndexData1; SIndexData sIndexData2;
sIndexData2.sCode = "000002";
sIndexData2.iDate = 20171025;
sIndexData2.iTime = 94000;
sIndexData2.f1 = 7.9f;
m_is[sIndexData2.f1] = sIndexData2; SIndexData sIndexData3;
sIndexData3.sCode = "000004";
sIndexData3.iDate = 20171025;
sIndexData3.iTime = 94000;
sIndexData3.f1 = 7.8f;
//m_is[sIndexData3.f1] = sIndexData3;
m_is.insert(make_pair(sIndexData3.f1, sIndexData3)); SIndexData sIndexData4 = m_is[sIndexData3.f1]; map<float, SIndexData, greater_equal<float> >::iterator iter = m_is.find(sIndexData3.f1);
if (iter != m_is.end())
cout << "find succ" << endl;
cout << "find error" << endl;
} getchar();

For cause analysis, please refer to :

Two 、 Press value Sort

typedef pair<int, string> PAIR;

bool CmpByValue(const PAIR & lhs, const PAIR & rhs)
return lhs.second < rhs.second; // Press value Sort from small to large . If value It's not the basic type (int、short etc. ), It's a self defined structure , Just in the structure < Operator ( See : The first 41 That's ok ).
} map<int,string> m_two; m_two[1] = "xiaochun";
m_two.insert(make_pair(2,"chunxiao")); vector<PAIR> vPair;
vPair.insert(vPair.end(), m_two.begin(), m_two.end()); sort(vPair.begin(), vPair.end(), CmpByValue);


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