In order to enable third-party developers to provide users with more valuable personalized services , Wechat public platform has opened many interfaces , Include custom menu interface 、 Customer service interface 、 Get user information interface 、 User grouping interface 、 Group interface, etc , When developers call these interfaces , All need to pass in the same parameter access_token, It is the global only bill of public account , It is an interface access credential .

access_token Is valid for 7200 second ( Two hours ), Within the validity period , Can be used all the time , Only when access_token expires , You need to call the interface again to get access_token. In an ideal situation , One 7x24 Hourly system , Every day, you just need to get 12 Time access_token, That is, every 2 Once per hour . If within the validity period , Once again access_token, So the last one access_token Will fail .

at present , obtain access_token The call frequency of the interface is limited to 2000 Time / God , If customer service message is sent every time 、 Get user information 、 Call get before mass sending messages access_token Interface gets interface access credentials , This is clearly unreasonable , On the one hand, it will be more time-consuming ( One more interface call operation ), On the other hand 2000 Time / I'm afraid it's not enough . therefore , in application , We need to get access_token Store it , Then call it regularly access_token Interface update it , To ensure that it can be taken out at any time access_token It's all valid .

Next, we will introduce how to acquire and store access_token. Please note that : This is not an article on how to call an interface to get access_token The article , About access_token Acquisition , Please refer to the article 《 Wechat public account development tutorial No 14 piece - The creation of custom menu and menu event response 》.

Let's make a brief analysis before we start , We have to solve the following two problems :

1、 How to get it regularly access_token?

stay Java in , If you want to perform a task regularly , Need to use java.util.Timer class , For those who like to use frames , Open source task scheduling framework can be adopted quartz,Spring The framework also supports quartz. Besides this , Another way is to start a thread , Threading run() Write a dead loop in the method , And then use Thread.sleep() To ensure that the thread regularly performs a task .

2、 take access_token Where to keep it ?

about access_token The storage , Consider storing in a file 、 Database or memory . What kind of storage method is used , It depends on the actual situation of the project . If there is only one server , Direct will access_token Storage in memory is the easiest and most efficient way .

In this paper , I will demonstrate how to get and store access_token The process of is :Web Load one when the server starts Servlet, stay Servlet Of init() Method to start a thread , Threading run() Method through the dead loop +Thread.sleep() Regular access to access_token, Then we will get access_token Save in public static In the modified variables .

Create a... In the project InitServlet class , The code for this class is as follows :

01. package  org.liufeng.weixin.servlet;
03. import  javax.servlet.ServletException;
04. import  javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet;
05. import  org.liufeng.weixin.thread.TokenThread;
06. import  org.liufeng.weixin.util.WeixinUtil;
07. import  org.slf4j.Logger;
08. import  org.slf4j.LoggerFactory;
10. /**
11. * initialization servlet
12. *
13. * @author liuyq
14. * @date 2013-05-02
15. */
16. public  class  InitServlet  extends  HttpServlet {
17. private  static  final  long  serialVersionUID = 1L;
18. private  static  Logger log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(WeixinUtil. class );
20. public  void  init()  throws  ServletException {
21. // obtain web.xml Parameters configured in
22. TokenThread.appid = getInitParameter( "appid" );
23. TokenThread.appsecret = getInitParameter( "appsecret" );
25. "weixin api appid:{}" , TokenThread.appid);
26. "weixin api appsecret:{}" , TokenThread.appsecret);
28. // Not configured appid、appsecret Give a hint when
29. if  ( "" .equals(TokenThread.appid) ||  "" .equals(TokenThread.appsecret)) {
30. log.error( "appid and appsecret configuration error, please check carefully." );
31. else  {
32. // Start timing acquisition access_token The thread of
33. new  Thread( new  TokenThread()).start();
34. }
35. }
36. }

As you can see from the code above ,InitServlet Class only overrides init() Method , I didn't rewrite it doGet() and doPost() Two methods , Because we're not going to let InitServlet To handle access requests .init() The implementation of the method is also relatively simple , First get in web.xml Parameters configured in appid and appsecret, Restart thread TokenThread Time acquisition access_token.

InitServlet stay web.xml The configuration in :

01. <?xml version= "1.0"  encoding= "UTF-8" ?>
02. <web-app version= "2.5"  xmlns= ""
04. xsi:schemaLocation="http: //
05. http: //">
07. <servlet>
08. <servlet-name>initServlet</servlet-name>
09. <servlet- class >
10. org.liufeng.weixin.servlet.InitServlet
11. </servlet- class >
12. <!-- Configuration get access_token Required parameters appid and appsecret -->
13. <init-param>
14. <param-name>appid</param-name>
15. <param-value>wx617a123bb8bc99cd</param-value>
16. </init-param>
17. <init-param>
18. <param-name>appsecret</param-name>
19. <param-value>4d82cbbbb08714c12345b62d7hn3dcb8</param-value>
20. </init-param>
21. <load-on-startup> 0 </load-on-startup>
22. </servlet>
24. <welcome-file-list>
25. <welcome-file>index.<a href= ""  target= "_blank"  class = "keylink" >jsp</a></welcome-file>
26. </welcome-file-list>
27. </web-app>

InitServlet stay web.xml The configuration in is the same as that in normal Servlet There are several differences in the configuration of :1) By configuring <init-param> towards Servlet Parameter passed in ;2) By configuring <load-on-startup> bring Web The server loads the Servlet;3) No configuration <servlet-mapping>, because InitServlet No external access .

TokenThread The source code is as follows :

01. package  org.liufeng.weixin.thread;
03. import  org.liufeng.weixin.pojo.AccessToken;
04. import  org.liufeng.weixin.util.WeixinUtil;
05. import  org.slf4j.Logger;
06. import  org.slf4j.LoggerFactory;
08. /**
09. * Get wechat regularly access_token The thread of
10. *
11. * @author liuyq
12. * @date 2013-05-02
13. */
14. public  class  TokenThread  implements  Runnable {
15. private  static  Logger log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(TokenThread. class );
16. // Third party user unique credentials
17. public  static  String appid =  "" ;
18. // Third party user unique credential key
19. public  static  String appsecret =  "" ;
20. public  static  AccessToken accessToken =  null ;
22. public  void  run() {
23. while  ( true ) {
24. try  {
25. accessToken = WeixinUtil.getAccessToken(appid, appsecret);
26. if  ( null  != accessToken) {
27. " obtain access_token success , Effective time {} second token:{}" , accessToken.getExpiresIn(), accessToken.getToken());
28. // Sleep 7000 second
29. Thread.sleep((accessToken.getExpiresIn() -  200 ) *  1000 );
30. else  {
31. // If access_token by null,60 Get it in seconds
32. Thread.sleep( 60  1000 );
33. }
34. catch  (InterruptedException e) {
35. try  {
36. Thread.sleep( 60  1000 );
37. catch  (InterruptedException e1) {
38. log.error( "{}" , e1);
39. }
40. log.error( "{}" , e);
41. }
42. }
43. }
44. }

In the code 23 Yes while(true){} A dead cycle is constructed ( Permanent execution ); The first 25 Line calls the public platform interface to get access_token; The first 29 OK, let the thread sleep 7000 Seconds to run , That is, every 7000 Seconds to get once access_token, Guarantee access_token Never fail . Other classes in the project , You can call TokenThread.accessToken.getToken() To get the interface access credentials access_token. Run the program locally ,Tomcat After startup, the following log will be displayed on the console :

1. [INFO ] weixin api appid:wx617a123bb8bc99cd
2. [INFO ] weixin api appsecret:4d82cbbbb08714c12345b62d7hn3dcb8
3. [INFO ] obtain access_token success , Effective time 7200 second token:sFopJ9lMmLl4u-ad61ojKpS0TolhN2s3SnHoI2Mh5GgdiYb35i-7DG2T2CDyQKMe

In order to be able to intuitively see regular access access_token The effect of , Try to put TokenThread The thread sleep time in is changed to 30 Seconds or 60 second . Last , Attach the source code of this project , Download address :

PS:2014 year 4 month 25 The wechat team in Japan released the modification access_token The length of the notice , Many developers ask what impact this change will have on our program , By the way : If the developer will get access_token Store in database , We must ensure that the corresponding field length is large enough , At least it can store 512 Characters ; If the developer is going to access_token Stored in memory , Then nothing needs to be changed .

If you think the article will help you , Please leave a message or follow wechat public account xiaoqrobot To support Liu Feng !

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