1. And DFS Similarities and differences

   The same thing : Search for all possible states .

   Difference : Search order .

2. BFS Always search the state close to the initial state first , It is according to : Start state -> All states that can be reached with just one transition -> All states that can be reached with just two transitions ->……

Search for the same state only once , So the complexity is O( Number of States * Transfer mode ).

3. DFS Implicit use of the stack , and BFS Using queues , When searching, first queue the initial state , After that, get out of the team , And queue the state that can be transferred to the state that has not been accessed ,

Repeat the process , Until the queue is empty or a solution is found . Looking at the queue, we can see that , All States are traversed from near to far from the initial state .

Here is a classic example : The shortest path in the maze

Given a size of N*M The maze of . The labyrinth is made up of passages and walls , Each step can move to the adjacent four grid channels . Request the minimum number of steps from the start to the end . Please note that , This problem assumes that you can move from the beginning to the end .

Sample input and output : 
Input : 

Output : 

AC Code:

int INF=0x3f3f3f3f;
typedef pair<int,int> P;
int N,M,sx,sy,gx,gy;
char maze[N][M];
int d[N][M];// Record the shortest distance to each position
int dx[]={,,-,},dy={,,,-};
int bfs(){
queue<P> q; q.push(P(sx,sy));
P p=q.front(); q.pop();
if(p.first ==gx&&p.second ==gy) break;
for(int i=;i<;i++){
int nx=P.first +dx[i],ny=P.second +dy[i];
d[nx][ny]=d[p.first ][p.second]+;
return d[gx][gy];

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