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For the purpose of work and study , Often with Spark Dealing with source code , It's hard to avoid that Spark Source code modification and testing . I always pay attention to using tools to improve efficiency , Development Spark In the process, we are also exploring how to debug the source code more smoothly .

Spark be based on Scala, use IntelliJ IDEA and sbt Deal with daily development , Nature is the best choice . How to import and compile Spark project , There's a lot of information online , The course offered on the official website is also quite detailed :

This article is based on Spark2.x Source code , Focus on how to use sbt combination IDEA Yes Spark Debug and develop breakpoints , It's very important for us to modify or study frequently Spark The reader of source code is more beneficial . That's bullshit , Let's get down to business .

Spark Source code compilation

For the first time Spark Source code , Direct import IDEA There will be a lot of mistakes , because SQL Project catalyst Medium SQL Parsing depends on ANTLR Grammar definition , You need to compile to generate code , Here's how to use sbt The process of packaging and compiling :

git clone https://github.com/apache/spark.git
cd spark
build/sbt package

... After a long wait , After successful compilation , Import IDEA You can see the source code normally .

You can use alicloud's Maven Warehouse , Speed up the process of unpacking , Please refer to my article :https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/25279570

Write test cases

I'm used to working directly at Spark Write in the project TestCase As a way to execute Spark Entrance , It's a way to change things a lot Spark The development scenario of source code is very applicable , Compared to the SparkShell The benefits of writing test code in are as follows :

  • The code remains in the file , Easy to modify and re execute
  • The code is in the same project , After source code modification IDEA No need to index the code twice
  • Convenient for continuous testing (Continuous Test)

Spark Source code comes with a lot of TestCase For our reference , We use Spark Of SQL Project as an example , take spark/sql/core/src/test/scala/org/apache/spark/sql/SQLQuerySuite.scala Copy to SimpleSuite.scala.

Be careful , Don't use it here IDEA The built-in replication function , because IDEA When copying, it reorganizes the code import The order of the , This can cause compilation errors . The right posture should be :

  1. stay IDEA in , Find the file to copy , Right click , Copy the code path

  1. stay IDEA Of Terminal Execute... In the window cp xxx xxx2 Copy complete

We're based on SQLQuerySuite Make a copy of SimpleSuite The document is because :Spark To ensure that the code style is consistent with the specification ( For example, the header of each code file needs to be defined Apache Of License notes ;import The order is java,scala,3rdParty,spark), Introduced in the project Scala-style checker, If the code is out of specification , There will be errors when compiling . Directly copying a file and modifying it can avoid stepping into the pit of code style checking . I will SimpleSuite The content of is amended as follows :

open IDEA Of Terminal window , perform build/sbt Get into sbt The interactive environment , Perform our SimpleSuite:

> project sql
> testOnly *SimpleSuite

project sql It means switching to SQL project , It's executing testOnly We can quickly locate our SimpleSuite class , It can be executed projects see Spark All submodules defined , The current module name will be preceded by * The logo of . It takes a long time to perform the test for the first time , It will be faster to execute again , If the test passes , You will see the following information :

stay sbt In the implementation of exit Exit the interactive environment , Next, how to use sbt combination IDEA Debug breakpoints .

sbt combination IDEA Yes Spark Debug breakpoints

because sbt Is in Terminal A process that starts separately in , Right sbt debugging , You need to use IDEA Remote debugging function of . stay IDAE From the menu of Run -> Edit Configrations..., Add a Remote To configure :

Configuration name is optional , I'm here for Spark, The port for remote debugging is 5005, If the local 5005 Port occupied , Change to another port .

Then back Terminal Restart sbt, You need to add remote debugging parameters at startup :build/sbt -jvm-debug 5005, You will be prompted during startup Listening for transport dt_socket at address: 5005, start-up sbt after , We can go through IDEA Yes sbt It was debugged .

Next we give SimpleSuite Of test Method randomly add a breakpoint inside , go back to sbt perform :

> project sql
> set fork in Test := false
> testOnly *SimpleSuite

If everything goes well , perform testOnly In the process of , Our breakpoints will be hit :

If the Spark Source code or SimpleSuite You just need to execute it again testOnly *SimpleSuite that will do .

Give Way IDEA There is a key statement to hit the breakpoint :set fork in Test := false, The purpose of this statement is to make sbt perform Test Avoid fork Subprocesses . We started sbt When adding remote debugging port is added in sbt Upper , If you execute Test Not in a process ,IDEA You can't hit the breakpoint .

If you change the code frequently , Repeat testOnly It's hard to avoid some inconvenience , We can use sbt The continuous compilation function of simplifies the process . Add... To the execution ~, That is to say ~testOnly *SimpleSuite, such , We modify the code , In preservation ,sbt Will monitor file changes and automatically execute tests , Super convenience . The same applies to compile,test,run Wait for the order .


A few key points :

# Spark Under the source code directory ( With SimpleSuite For example ):
$ build/sbt -jvm-debug 5005
> project sql
> set fork in Test := false
> testOnly *SimpleSuite

OK, Master the above skills , And we can happily go deep into Spark Inside the source code , understand Spark The operation mechanism of .

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