Experience - Google Cardboard DIY And simple experience after completion

This year's Google I/O What interests me most is Material Design It's just this Google Cardboard 了 . Is said to be Google20% The product of the system , It's not so much like some of the population “ and Facebook Of Oculus competition ” Layout , I'd rather believe it was Google Culture produces geek It's a product of entertainment .

Post two first Google official Google Cardboard Graph , One is the assembly drawing, the other is the split drawing :

Google Cardboard It's a simple civilian level VR equipment . The basic principle is to display the pictures corresponding to the left and right eyes separately on the horizontal mobile phone , They are projected into people's eyes through convex lenses , It makes people see things in three dimensions . And then through the gyroscope of the mobile phone to capture the rotation of the human head , So as to realize the similar headwear on the market VR Immersive experience of the device .

Google In addition to selling this simple device , still http://gweb-cardboard.appspot.com/  All the materials and drawings used to make this device are published on the website , So , As long as you have one Android mobile phone ( It is best to moto X perhaps Nexus 5, because Google Our drawings are mainly designed for these two types of equipment ), And then find four very common materials + It's not a very common material, but it's not something you can't buy , You can make your own VR equipment .

Because of the wall , At home Google Cardboard It may be a bit difficult to document , Here I put Google The production drawings are shared with Baidu cloud , If you are interested in doing it, you can have a look :


------------ The following is my DIY The process of this device ------------

The first is purchasing materials .

according to Google The production documentation provided , The materials we need are 5+1 Kind of :

1)1.5mm thick , Size is at least 300mm*600mm Of E Corrugated paper

2) Velcro

3) The diameter of 30mm about , The focal length 45mm A pair of convex lenses

4) The diameter of 20mm, The thickness of the 3mm A pair of round magnets ( It's better to have a circle and a solid circle )

5)80mm One rubber band above

6) Optional :NFC A label

In this pile of material , If you can't find corrugated paper that thin and big ( I just found A3 The size of , It's shorter than what's required ) You can use cardboard of similar thickness ( That's what I did ), Better be tough , Otherwise, it may break down easily in the bending process . Other similar Velcro 、 Magnets 、 Rubber bands are usually not a problem .

The main possible problem is the convex lens , Anyway, I read it all over Taobao, but I didn't find it . Later, I bought a pair of lenses on the side of the road 20 A magnifying glass , Take out the lens and make do with it . This also had a great impact on the final effect I made .

The so-called production process is actually to paste the drawings on the cardboard first , And then cut it out with an art knife ... I'll just show you some pictures .

The part that holds the lens

No glue was found to hold the Velcro firmly , It's an idea. It's a stapler , Effect grouping .

It's mainly these two parts , The box is mainly used to fix , The core is lenses and cell phones .

You can notice here that , When I made the box, I didn't immediately dig out the slot for fixing the lens part , Because I found that during the test , The optimal distance between the lens pair and the mobile phone is further than that set on the drawing , So I'm going to test the distance before adjusting it .

The final results are as follows :

In the final result, we can see that there are two problems in this production :

1. Because the focal length of the lens is not tested in advance , So the overall shape has changed a lot .

2. There's no direction at all , After that, the direction of the magnet is reversed , It can't control the mobile phone by magnetic force any more ..

--- Experience and conclusion ---

I downloaded it on my phone Google Out of Cardboard application , There are several small apps to experience : Artwork 、Google Earth、Google Streetscape 、 A small interactive video and so on . Because I forgot to buy a rubber band , So you can only play with handheld devices . But the effect is still very good ! Especially with Google Earth, There's a sense of flying on earth ! It was this experience that made me realize , In the virtual reality for the game is how important a step . It allows you to see from a completely different perspective 、 Experience a totally different world .

For the device itself , In my submission Cardboard and Oculus Such devices are not contradictory . The former is just a simple way of experience , The combination of corrugated board and rubber band is certainly not comfortable to wear on the head , The latter is a more complete experience . but Cardboard The meaning of is , It makes VR The threshold of equipment has dropped to unprecedented low , As long as there's one Android mobile phone , Almost anyone can get VR Experience . therefore , This move is important for VR In fact, the implementation of the plan is of great significance . No matter what Google For what purpose Cardboard, I have to pay homage to them .

by the way, I've seen a bull man say that design must be get hands dirty, It's the first time to do something purely out of interest, and the final effect is simple but can be used , It feels great !

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