One : Cluster finished

Two : Temporary network configuration (ip, gateway ,dns)+ Permanent configuration

Temporary network configuration :

ip:    [root@localhost ~]# ifconfig

[root@localhost ~]# ifconfig eno16777736

gateway :[root@localhost ~]# route add default gw netmask

[root@localhost ~]# route -n

Dns:[root@localhost ~]# vim /etc/resolv.conf

Permanent configuration :

[root@localhost ~]# cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/

[root@localhost network-scripts]# vim ifcfg-eno16777736

[root@localhost network-scripts]# systemctl restart network

3、 ... and : Set the host name of the machine in the cluster , utilize /etc/hosts File to resolve all the host names in your cluster , Corresponding , The configuration of the cluster should be changed to use the host name

Four :ssh Sign in ,scp Upload 、 download ,ssh Key login , modify ssh server The port of the end is 8888 Then log in and scp test

5、 ... and : Arrangement bash Command type , Verify the priority of finding a command

==> alias

==> Compound Commands

==> function 

==> build_in

==> hash

==> $PATH

Functions and built-in priorities
[root@localhost ~]# function cd () { echo 123; }

~]# cd


~]# unset cd

6、 ... and : The experiment

Home directory : Switch to home directory cd~

~ Override command

~]# echo hello world > a.txt

~ Additional orders

~]# echo hello world >> b.txt

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