def LIMIT=10
def count=1
println 'start'
println "count:${count}"
println 'Done'

Be careful : Fixed variables are written in uppercase

for sentence :

def LIMIT =10;
println 'start'
for (count in 1..LIMIT){
println "${count}"
println 'done'

Loop processing list :

 println 'start'
for (count in [11,12,13,14]){
println "${count}"
println 'done'

Loop processing mapping :

 def staff=['ken':21,'john':25,'sally':22]
def totalAge=0;
for(staffEntry in staff){
} print "total age is ${totalAge}"

Loop through strings :

 def name='Kenneth'
def listofChar=[]
for(letter in name){
listofChar << letter
println "listofChar:${listofChar}"

if Judge :

 def first=12
def second=34
println "${first}>${second}"
println "${second}>${first}"


def n=10
switch (n){
case 1:println 'one'
case 2:println 'two'
case 3:println 'three'
case 10:println 'ten'

switch And scope :

def score=89
switch (score){
case 70..100:
case 60..70:
case 50..60:
case 40..50:
println "${score}:${grade}"

List and case:

def number=89
switch (number){
case [86,87,88,89]:
println 'number is eighty something'
case [66,67,68,69]:
println 'number is sixty something' break }
 Closures and their calls :
def clos={println 'Hello world'}

Parameterized closure :

def clos={param->println "Hello ${param}"}'Andy')

Single hidden parameter :

def clos={println "Hello ${it}"}'Andy')

Among them ${it} Medium it representative iterator

each Methods and closures :
[1,2,3,4].each {println it}
['ken':21,'jphn':22,'sally':45].each {println it}
['ken':21,'joph':22].each {println "${it.key} maps to :${it.value}"}

Conditional elements :

[1,2,3,4].each {num->if(num%2==0) println num}
['ken':21,'jphn':22,'sally':45].each {staff->if(staff.value>=25)println staff.key}

any and every:

def anyElement=[11,12,13,14].any{element->element>12}
println "${anyElement}" def someElement=[11,12,13,14].every{element->element>12}
println "${someElement}"

collect Method :

def list=[1,2,3,4].collect{element->return element*element}
println "list:${list}"

collect Advanced applications :

def doubles={item->2*item}
def triples={item->3*item}
def map(clos,list){
return list.collect(clos)
println "Doubleing:${map(doubles,[1,2,3,4])}"
println "Tripling:${map(triples,[1,2,3,4])}"

Grovvy class :

class Account1 {
def number
def balance
def acc=new Account1(number:'ACB123',balance:1200)
println "Account ${acc.number} has balance ${acc.balance}"

Be careful :acc.number I used to visit Account Object's acc Of number attribute .

groovy Medium getter and setter It's all implicit methods .

grovvy Class method instance :

class Account1 {
def number
def balance
def credit(amount){
def debit(amount){
} }
def display(){
println "Account:${number} with balance:${balance}"
} def acc=new Account1(number:'123Abc',balance: 1200)
acc.display() acc.debit(900)

Nested class instances

package com.andy.test

* Created by admin on 16/5/6.
class Account1 {
def number
def balance def credit(amount) {
balance += amount
} def debit(amount) {
if (balance >= amount) {
balance = amount
} } def display() {
println "Account:${number} with balance:${balance}"
} String toString() {
return "Account:${number} with balance:${balance}" }
} class Bank{
def openAccount(number,balance){
def acc=new Account1(number:number,balance:balance)
} def creditAccount(number ,amount){
def acc=this.findAccount(number)
} } def getAccountBalance(number){
def acc=this.findAccount(number)
return (acc==null)? null:acc.balance
} def getTotalAssets(){
def total=0;
accounts.each {number,account->total+=account.balance}
return total
} def findAccount(number){
def acc=accounts.find{entry->entry.key==number}
return (acc==null)?null:acc.value
def name
def accounts=[:]
} def bk=new Bank(name:'Community')
bk.openAccount('789GHI',2000) bk.creditAccount('123ABC',300)
println "Balance for account 123ABC is :${bk.getAccountBalance('123ABC')}"

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