Artificial simulation ..

using namespace std;
#define N 10100
#define inf 1000000010
struct X{
int x,y;
bool operator<(const X&a)const{
if(a.x==x)return a.y>y;
return a.x>x;
X(int a=0,int b=0):x(a),y(b){}
struct Y{
int x,y;
bool operator<(const Y&a)const{
if(a.y==y)return a.x>x;
return a.y>y;
Y(int a=0,int b=0):x(a),y(b){}
multiset<Y>::iterator py, ty;
multiset<X>::iterator px, tx;
int main(){
int n, m, u, v;
while(scanf("%d %d",&n,&m),n+m){
scanf("%d %d",&u,&v);
scanf("%d %d",&u,&v);
tmpx = *px;
py = sety.lower_bound(Y(tmpx.x,tmpx.y)); sety.erase(py);
tx = px;
else {
tmpy = *py;
px = setx.lower_bound(X(tmpy.x,tmpy.y));
ty = py;
return 0;

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