I can't do anything but study number theory QAQ

I don't want to post the original English title

The question :

There is a N*M Table for ,i That's ok j The element of the column is gcd(i,j)
Read in a length of k, The element size does not exceed 10^12 Sequence a[1..k], Ask if the sequence has ever appeared in a row of the table



First of all, obviously x=lcm(a[i])

then (y+i-1)%a[i]==0

namely y%[i]=1-n

And then it magically becomes the Chinese remainder theorem

Find out x and y If there is no solution, then , There's a lot going on

First of all, if x and y exceed n,m The scope of or <0 Obviously not

Then notice the enumeration i see gcd(x,y+i-1) Is it equal to a[i]

Okay ? It doesn't seem to be much

Note that because the expression is directly defined, it is not actually given out , therefore n,m You can int burst

All the calculations require longlong?

I can't do anything but study number theory QAQ

Code :

using namespace std;
#define ll long long
ll rd(){ll z=,mk=; char ch=getchar();
while(ch<''||ch>''){if(ch=='-')mk=-; ch=getchar();}
while(ch>=''&&ch<=''){z=(z<<)+(z<<)+ch-''; ch=getchar();}
return z*mk;
ll n,m,o; ll mo[],a[];
ll exgcd(ll a,ll b,ll &x,ll &y){
if(!b){ x=,y=; return a;}
ll d=exgcd(b,a%b,x,y);
ll tmp=x; x=y,y=tmp-a/b*y;
return d;
ll chn(){
ll M=mo[],A=a[],k,y;
for(int i=;i<=o;++i){
ll tmp=a[i]-A,d=exgcd(M,mo[i],k,y);
if(tmp%d) return -;
ll tm=mo[i]/d;
return A;
int main(){freopen("ddd.in","r",stdin);
for(int i=;i<=o;++i) mo[i]=rd(),a[i]=-i;
int y=chn();
ll x=,d;
for(int i=;i<=o;++i){
if(!y) y=x;
if(y< || y+o->m || x>n){ cout<<"NO"<<endl; return ;}
for(int i=;i<=o;++i)if(exgcd(x,y+i-,d,d)!=mo[i]){ cout<<"NO"<<endl; return ;}
return ;

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