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【 One 】Ubuntu14.04+Jekyll+Github Pages Build a static blog : It's mainly about installation
【 Two 】jekyll Use : Mainly jekyll Configuration of
【 3、 ... and 】Markdown+jekyll stay Gitpages Write on blog Common operations of : The main Markdown Use

【 Four 】 build Markdown Editor for

【 5、 ... and 】 Blog from jekyll Moved to hexo



Reference resources :【Markdown+jekyll stay Gitpages Write on blog Common operations of 】 and 【Markdown Chinese document

Markdown Parser

jekyll Support different md File parser , such as kramdown and rdiscount. although markdown The standard grammar is unified , But each parser differs from the standard implementation , For example, it has added its own expansion function , Therefore, it is possible that some writing method can be used in other people's routines ,push You can't render it in your own blog , I believe this puzzles many beginners, including me .

I chose kramdown As a parser , Because it seems to support some good features , Like title Links 、 Footnotes and table of contents . Highlight rendering selected pygments. The following part of this article , It can only be used in a fixed environment .

Basic operation



Markdown Support the syntax of two titles , class Setext And the class atx form .

class Setext Form is in the form of the bottom line , utilize = ( The highest level title ) and - ( Second level title ), for example :

This is an H1
============= This is an H2

Any amount of = and - All can have effect .

class Atx The form is inserted at the beginning of the line 1 To 6 individual # , Corresponding to the title 1 To 6 rank , for example :

#  This is a  H1

##  This is a  H2

######  This is a  H6

You can selectively 「 closed 」 class atx The title of the style , It's purely for aesthetic purposes , If you think this looks more comfortable , You can add... At the end of the line #, And at the end of the line # The quantity doesn't have to be the same as the beginning ( The number of characters at the beginning of a line determines the order of the title ):

#  This is a  H1 #

##  This is a  H2 ##

###  This is a  H3 ######
Paragraphs and line breaks

One Markdown A paragraph is made up of one or more consecutive lines of text , There should be more than one blank line before and after it ( A blank line is defined as a line that appears empty on display , Will be regarded as a blank line . For example , If a line contains only spaces and tabs , Then the line will also be treated as a blank line ). Normal paragraphs should not be indented with spaces or tabs .

「 Consists of one or more consecutive lines of text 」 This sentence actually implies Markdown Allow forced line breaks within paragraphs ( Insert line break ), This feature and most of the other text-to-HTML The format is different ( Include Movable Type Of 「Convert Line Breaks」 Options ), Other formats convert each newline character to <br /> label .

If you exactly Want to rely on Markdown To insert <br /> Label words , Press in more than two spaces at the insertion, then enter .

You bet , It's going to take a little bit more ( Add more space ) To produce <br /> , But simply 「 Every line feed is converted to <br />」 The method of in Markdown It's not suitable for , Markdown in email Type Block references And multi paragraph list When using line feed for typesetting , Not only is it better to use , It's also easier to read .

Separation line

You can use more than three asterisks in a line 、 minus sign 、 Bottom line to create a separation line , There can't be anything else in the line . You can also insert spaces between asterisks or minus signs . Each of the following can be used to create a separator line :

* * *



- - -



The reference starts with a greater than sign , such as

> Here is the reference

Is shown as :


There are sequence table entries preceded by numbers and dots ( Pay attention to the space before and after

1. list 1

2. list 2

Is shown as :

  1. list 1
  2. list 2

Be careful The numbered value of an ordered list is just a token , The output order is in the list order , It's not about numbers . such as :

2. list 1

1. list 2

The output is still :

  1. list 1
  2. list 2

The unordered list is * 、+、 - Any one of the beginning of , It has the same usage as sequence table . And it can be mixed .

Input :

* Unordered list 1
* Unordered list 2

1. Ordered list 1

2. Ordered list 2

+ Unordered list 3

- Unordered list 4

Output :


The code render uses pygments. It is used by marking :

void main()
std::cout << "Hello StackEdit" << std::endl;

among c++ It can be changed to any pygments Supported languages .

Be careful : There seems to be something markdown The interpreter supports rendering in the form of fenced code blocks , But I am pygments Render is not available , Only use highlight In the form of .

form ( Pay attention to a blank line before and after the paragraph , Otherwise, there may be an error in parsing )

Forms are also written blog One of the functions commonly used in ,markdown How to deal with and latex More like , The sentence is also very simple : for example :

| Fruit name | Price ( element /500 g )|

| Apple |3.2|

| Banana |4.5|

Is shown as :

The colon on the second line indicates the alignment , The default is left alignment , A colon on the right indicates right alignment , There are colons on both sides to indicate center alignment .


It's a common operation to insert hyperlinks in some text . Like the one above pygments Supported languages . Method is : [ Need the body of the hyperlink ]( link ) Let's go to the example just now : [pygments Supported languages ] ( >

Be careful : The inserted link must have http perhaps https, Otherwise, the link is a relative path , cannot access .

Input : There are two ways , A red box corresponds to a method

Output :

The formula ( Use mathjax)

More formula syntax reference 《MathJax Use LaTeX Grammar to write a mathematical formula course

Insert formula can be used directly in markdown Add html Language , But it loses markdown Readability .markdown Support MathJax Engine rendering formula .

MathJax It's a Open source JavaScript library . It supports LaTeX、MathML、AsciiMath Symbol , Can run on all popular browsers . It's designed to take advantage of the latest web technology , Build a support math Of web platform . Support for major browsers and operating systems , Including those mobile devices . For most users, it doesn't need to be installed , There are no plug-ins to download and no software to install , So Web authors can write pages that contain mathematical formulas and have the confidence to browse them naturally and easily . Just include... In the page MathJax Scripts and some mathematical formulas , Other things to MathJax Let's deal with it .

MathJax Use web fonts ( Most browsers support ) To produce high quality typesetting , Make it zoom and display at all resolutions , This is much more effective than using pictures that contain formulas . MathJax It can also be used for screen readers , It can also be used by people with impaired vision .

Use MathJax It shows that the mathematical formula is Text based , Not pictures . It can be used by search engines , This means that equations can be searched just like the text on the page . MathJax Allow page authors to use TeX、LaTeX Symbols and  MathML  perhaps  AsciiMath  To write formulas . MathJax You can even put Tex Format into MathML Format , Make it natively supported MathML Format browser, more rendering . Turn into MathML After formatting, you can copy and paste them into other programs .

MathJax It's modular , So it only loads its components when needed , It can also be extended to achieve more functions . MathJax It's also highly configurable , Allow authors to make customization that is more appropriate for the site itself . The most important ,MathJax Of API It allows you to create formulas dynamically on your web page .

mathjax Official website

mathjax Official documents in Chinese

Let's say Jekyll For example ...

In order to use Mathjax, Need to be in layout file ( such as default.html Add ):

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

because mathjax and Markdown Some symbols conflict , So the configuration needs to be added as follows :

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<!-- mathjax config similar to math.stackexchange -->
<script type="text/x-mathjax-config">
jax: ["input/TeX", "output/HTML-CSS"],
tex2jax: {
inlineMath: [ ['$', '$'] ],
displayMath: [ ['$$', '$$']],
processEscapes: true,
skipTags: ['script', 'noscript', 'style', 'textarea', 'pre', 'code'] },
messageStyle: "none",
"HTML-CSS": { preferredFont: "TeX", availableFonts: ["STIX","TeX"] }

It can be formula insertion and stackoverflow Insert formula in the same style . The formula in the line is single dollar $ The formula $, for example [Math Processing Error], Double dollar sign between lines $$ The formula $$, for example :

For more formula syntax, please refer to 【【 turn 】LATEX Basic grammar of mathematical formula


Gitpages It's a relatively troublesome thing to insert pictures in . The simple way is to put the picture directly into the catalog , And then directly quote . markdown The grammar of is

![alt text](/path/image.jpg "Title")

html The grammar of is :

<img src="/path/image.jpg" height="100%" width="100%">

html Be flexible in grammar , And you can control the size of the picture .

Gitpages For static blog There is a limit to the size of , So this method is not much to try with pictures , The picture is not big . So the recommended method is Upload the image to the image storage website , Then insert the picture outside the chain . With flickr For example , First upload the picture to your own flickr account number , Then change the linked file directory into the picture outer link directory . such as

Tips : Use flickr When doing batch image insertion , You can use a tool quickr pickr, It supports batch insert upload to flickr Pictures of the , And you can choose the right resolution . For details, please refer to here .


The syntax of footnotes is simple , Some are like special links . The grammar is :

[^ Name of footnotes ]

[^ Name of footnotes ]: Footnote content

such as , Do you know who the singer in the picture above is ? yes Barry White1

Be careful : Footnotes can be written anywhere , It is suggested to write below the footnotes statement , But it has to be with There is a one line gap in the footnotes declaration section , Otherwise, the footnotes cannot be rendered .

in addition , The name of the footnotes should be in English or numbers , Chinese will parse errors , Will be parsed into the previous link

Input :

Output :

At the back of the page :

Title Reference

The title reference is kramdown One of the niche features of support , That is to say, you can quote the title of a text just like an external link ( It's estimated that many people have used word Similar functions in ).

markdown The implementation syntax of is similar to links and footnotes , by :(#ID Don't use Chinese )

### This is a title {#ID1}

quote [ title 1](#ID1)

The rendering effect is

This is a title

quote title 1

Read the whole passage

Add where the body needs to be truncated <!-- more --> Labels can be .

The backslash

Markdown You can use backslashes to insert symbols that have other meanings in grammar , for example : If you want to use an asterisk next to the text to make an emphasis ( But not <em> label ), You can put a backslash in front of the asterisk :

\*literal asterisks\*

Markdown The following symbols are supported to be preceded by a backslash to help insert ordinary symbols :

\    Backslash 
` The quotation marks
* asterisk
_ The bottom line
{} Curly braces
[] square brackets
() brackets
# Well number
+ plus
- minus sign
. English period
! Exclamation mark


Now I'm just markdown and jekyll Write blog Beginners , Many functions have not been developed yet , It is estimated that there are also mistakes in the content of the writing . I will constantly improve my practical experience in the process of blog writing , I also hope that the officials will criticize and correct me .


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