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  1. Introduce

  2. Specific examples

    2.1  establish Persion class

    2.2  Reflection process

    2.3  Use after reflection

1. Introduce

  -- PHP5 A new feature has been added :Reflection. This function makes phper Sure reverse-engineer class, interface,function,method and extension. adopt PHP Code , You can get something object All the information about , And can interact with it .
  -- What is reflex ?
It means in PHP In operation , Extended analysis PHP Program , Export or extract information about classes 、 Method 、 attribute 、 Parameters, etc , Including comments . This function of dynamically obtaining information and dynamically calling methods of objects is called reflection API. Reflection manipulates the metamodel in the object-oriented paradigm API, It's very powerful , Can help us build complex , Scalable applications .
Its uses are as follows : Automatically load plug-ins , Automatically generate documents , It can even be used to expand PHP Language .
php Reflection api It consists of several classes , It can help us access the metadata of the program or interact with related annotations . With the help of reflection, we can obtain such information as the methods implemented by the class , Create an instance of a class ( Different from using new establish ), Call a method ( It's also different from regular calls ), Pass parameters , Dynamically calling static methods of a class .
      Reflection api yes php The built-in oop Technology expansion , Including some classes , Exceptions and interfaces , Combined, they can be used to help us analyze other classes , Interface , Method , attribute , Methods and extensions . these oop Extension is called reflection .
      adopt ReflectionClass, We can get Person Class :
     1) Constant Contants
     2) attribute Property Names
     3) Method Method Names static state
     4) attribute Static Properties
     5) Namespace Namespace
     6)Person Whether the class is final perhaps abstract

2. Specific examples

Create a Person class , And then use ReflectionClass Reflect it
   2.1)【 establish Persion class 】


class Person {
* For the sake of demonstration, we"re setting this private
private $_allowDynamicAttributes = false;
/** type=primary_autoincrement */
protected $id = 0;
/** type=varchar length=255 null */
protected $name;
/** type=text null */
protected $biography;
publicfunction getId()
return $this->id;
public function setId($v)
$this->id = $v;
public function getName()
return $this->name;
public function setName($v)
$this->name = $v;
public function getBiography()
return $this->biography;
public function setBiography($v)
$this->biography = $v;


  2.2)【 Reflection process 】
Next, reflect it , Just put the class name "Person" Pass to ReflectionClass That's all right. :

     $class = new ReflectionClass('Person');// establish  Person The reflection class of this class 
$instance = $class->newInstanceArgs($args);// Equivalent to instantiating Person class

  2.3)【 Use after reflection 】

    2.3.1) get attribute (Properties)

    $properties = $class->getProperties();
foreach($properties as $property) {
echo $property->getName()."\n";
// Output :
// _allowDynamicAttributes
// id
// name
// biography

By default ,ReflectionClass Will get all the attributes ,private and protected Of course . If you just want to get private attribute , You need to send an extra parameter :
$private_properties = $class->getProperties(ReflectionProperty::IS_PRIVATE);
List of available parameters :
      If you want to get it at the same time public and private attribute , Just write :ReflectionProperty::IS_PUBLIC | ReflectionProperty::IS_PROTECTED.
    adopt $property->getName() You can get the property name .

    2.3.2)【 Get comment 】

   adopt getDocComment Can get written to property Notes .

     foreach($propertiesas$property) {
if($property->isProtected()) {
$docblock = $property->getDocComment();
preg_match('/ type\=([a-z_]*) /', $property->getDocComment(), $matches);
// Output:
// primary_autoincrement
// varchar
// text

    2.3.3)【 Method to get the class 】

     Access method (methods): adopt getMethods() To get all of the methods.

    2.3.4)【 Methods that execute classes 】

         $instance->getBiography(); // perform Person  The method in getBiography
// perhaps :
$ec=$class->getmethod('getName'); // obtain Person Class getName Method
$ec->invoke($instance); // perform getName Method

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