Product description
      2013 year 2 month 11 Japan , NASA (NASA) Successful launch Landsat-8 satellite .Landsat-8 The satellite carries two sensors , Namely OLI Land imager (Operational Land Imager) and TIRS Thermal infrared sensors (Thermal Infrared Sensor).
Landsat-8 In terms of spatial resolution and spectral characteristics, etc Landsat 1-7 Basically the same , There are a total of 11 Band , Band 1-7,9-11 Its spatial resolution is 30 rice , Band 8 by 15 The panchromatic band with a resolution of 200 meters , Satellite per 16 We can achieve global coverage once a day .
OLI The land imager has 9 Band , The imaging width is 185x185km. And Landsat-7 Upper ETM Sensor comparison ,OLI The land imager made the following adjustments :1. Band 5 The band range of is adjusted to 0.845–0.885 μm, Exclude 0.825μm The effect of water vapor absorption at the water surface ;2. Band 8 Panchromatic band is narrow , So that we can better distinguish between vegetated and non vegetated areas ;3. Two new bands .Band 1 Blue band (0.433–0.453 μm) It is mainly used in coastal zone observation ,Band 9 Short wave infrared band (1.360–1.390 μm) Applied to cloud detection .
LandSat-8 It's on the bus TIRS The thermal infrared sensor is mainly used to collect the heat loss of two hot regions of the earth , The goal is to understand the water consumption of the observed zone .


Product description

Landsat 8
OLI Land imager
TIRS Thermal infrared sensors
wavelength ( micron )
The resolution of the ( rice )
Band 1- Aerosol 0.43-0.45 30
Band 2- blue 0.45-0.51 30
Band 3- green 0.53-0.59 30
Band 4- red 0.64-0.67 30
Band 5- Near red 0.85-0.88 30
Band 6-SWIR1 1.57-1.65 30
Band 7-SWIR2 2.11-2.29 30
Band 8- panchromatic 0.50-0.68 15
Band 9- Cirrus 1.36-1.38 30
Band 10-TIRS Thermal infrared sensors 1 10.60-11.19 100
Band 11-TIRS Thermal infrared sensors 2 11.50-12.51 100
  Product parameters

The product type

Level 1T Terrain correction image
The resolution of the 1-7,9 -OLI Multispectral bands (30 rice );8 –OLI Panchromatic band (15 rice );10,11-TIRS Band (30 rice )
Output format GeoTIFF
Sampling method Cubic convolution algorithm (Cubic Convolution Resampling)
Map projection UTM-WGS84 Projection coordinate system
Terrain correction L1 Data products have been systematically radiometric corrected and geometrically corrected
data size about 1GB ( Decompress and make an appointment 2GB)
Data acquisition Internet download , For images that already have data entities, they can be downloaded immediately from the Internet , For images without data entities , You need to submit data and get it after booking .
  Product instructions
      To respect intellectual property 、 Protect the rights and interests of data authors and data service providers , Data users are requested to review the research results based on this data ( Including project evaluation report 、 Acceptance report , And academic thesis or graduation thesis, etc ) Data source and data author are marked in (, And submit publicly available results to “ Scientific data center, computer network information center, Chinese Academy of Sciences ”.
Data source references refer to the following specifications :
Results published in Chinese : The data comes from the international scientific data mirror website of the computer network information center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (;
Results published in English :The data set is provided by International Scientific & Technical Data Mirror Site, Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences. (
Unauthorized , Users are not allowed to transfer the data of this website , Do not get data from this website in any form or media .


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