And IT Professionals talk about containers for more than a minute , The conversation will inevitably turn to container management and choreography .

Deploying a container can be easy , But large scale operation containers , Especially with microservices , Not for amateurs . It needs planning , Most experts believe that choreography tools are necessary .

That's how conversation can turn Kubernetes, The platform was originally built by Google Developed by a team of , Then it was donated to the cloud native application foundation (CNCF). This is not the only option for container management , It quickly became one of the most popular options . just as Opensource.com said :“ today ,Kubernetes It's a real open source community , come from Google,Red Hat And engineers from many other companies are making positive contributions to this project .”

in fact , It's often considered one of the fastest projects in open source history . Consider putting Github As Kubernetes A barometer of the driving force in software :Kubernetes It's the most discussed library on the website in the past year , The comments on this project come second .

It means that you will have Kubernetes Have more conversations , It's not just IT professionals , There are also non-technical people who have shares in the company's software , It's almost everyone .

Kuber What is it? ? Kubernetes What does that mean? ?

How do you explain in simple terms Kubernetes And Choreography , People can at least begin to understand ? Oh dear , What do you say? Kubernetes? ( The pronunciation may be different , But it comes from Greek , Meaning for “ helmsman ” or “ Master mariner ”.)

Red hat technology evangelist Gordon · Haff (Gordon Haff) With red hat cloud strategist William · Henry (William Henry) Co authored work “ From software and value-added services to programs and Applications ” A book explains Kubernetes:

“Kubernetes, or k8s(k,8 Characters ,s ... Get it ?), perhaps ”kube“, If you're concise , It's an open source platform , You can make Linux Automation of container operations . It eliminates many manual processes involved in deploying and extending containerized applications ,“Haff and Henry writes . let me put it another way , You can run Linux Host groups of containers are clustered together ,Kubernetes Can help manage these clusters easily and efficiently .“

Kubernetes What do you do ?

Include Kubernetes Other kinds of experts, including the original developers, have done similar tasks : Explain... In simple words Kubernetes, A wide range of readers can understand it from at least one basic point of view . That's what they have to say . ( One of them even used the lunch box metaphor : very good .)

Heptio( as well as Kubernetes One of the original developers of ,CTO Craig McLuckie and Brendan Burns stay Google) Chief technology officer Joe Beda say :“Kubernetes It's an open source project , Can help software teams of all sizes , From small businesses to wealth 100 Strong company , Automated Deployment , Expand and manage applications on a set or cluster of server machines . These applications can include internal oriented Web Applications ( Such as content management system ) To large websites ( Such as Gmail) To big data processing applications .

CYBRIC Of CTO Co founder Mike Kail say :“ Suppose an application environment is your old school lunch box . The contents of the lunch box are packed before they are put into the lunch box , But there's no content isolation . Kubernetes The system provides a lunch box , Content can be expanded in time ( The zoom ) And every unique item in the lunch box , And can be used without affecting any other content ( invariance ) Remove any items if you want to .

Atlassian Chief engineer Nick Young Express :“Kubernetes It's a choreography layer , Enables users to run the workload more efficiently using the container , From long-running Services ” Always online “ To manage more effectively, like build Such intensive short-term tasks .

Pepperdata Senior architect Kimoon Kim Express :“Kubernetes It's software that manages many server computers and runs a lot of programs on them . stay Kubernetes On , All programs run in containers , So they can be isolated from each other , And it's easy to develop and deploy .“

CNCF Executive director Dan Kohn With the Gordon Haff In the podcast of :“ Containerization is the trend that is taking over the world , Allow people to run different applications in different environments . When they do this , They need an choreography solution to track all these containers and arrange them and choreograph them . Kubernetes It's an increasingly popular method .“

Retriever Communications Chief technical officer Nic Grange say :“Kubernetes It's the new operating system for cloud computing . By using Google Rich experience in software operation , It can help you run software in a modern cloud environment .“ take Kubernetes grant CNCF The decision made it widely adopted by many companies . therefore , It has developed into a powerful and flexible tool , It can run on a variety of cloud platforms and on premises ,“ He said .

Kubernetes How to tap the potential of containers

just as Haff and Henry As pointed out in their book ,Kubernetes colony “ Across the public cloud , Private cloud or hybrid cloud , Across hosts ”( They also pointed out that ,“ For performance and other reasons , It is generally recommended to limit a single cluster to a single physical location .”)

In the back pages of their book , We are right. Kubernetes Another good definition of what is done , And the considerable appeal of companies that are trying to figure out how to properly manage large containers .

Haff and Henry writes :“Kubernetes Provides a platform to arrange and run containers on physical or virtual machine clusters . “ More broadly , It can help you fully implement and rely on a container based infrastructure in a production environment . And it has to be done in a way that automatically performs many operational tasks .“

let me put it another way ,Kubernetes Help IT Tools to make the potential of containers a reality .