Declaration of a structure : Structure is something worth collecting , These values are called member variables , Each member variable of a structure can be of different types .

struct tag( label )                                            This whole is a structure type , Think about it int It's also the type

{                                                                        Does not occupy a space .

member-list; Member variables

}variable-list; Variable list ( Columns such as s1,s2 Global variable )  

typedef Give the type a new name , It is equivalent to renaming the structure type before the structure declaration .

Definition of structure type :struct stu s1 Define structure variables s1

Structure initialization , The definition is assigned directly struct stu s1={“ Floating clouds in the sky ”,21,“15582151648”,” Fierce man “};

Structural parameters , To transfer the address of the structure , Function parameter transfer needs stack pressing , If the transmission structure , The structure is too large , The system costs a lot .

Structure to parameter to address , It can be used p-> Member variables print out relevant information .