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Microsoft Teams After years of constant baptism , It has become one of the preferred products for enterprises to organize small or large conferences , It can help build connections between organizations and improve the productivity of front-line retail employees .

here , Let's share a new function :Microsoft Teams in , Organizers can easily distinguish up to 50 It's a small conference room , Mission release 、 Approval and other functions , It's easy to divide the meeting into smaller groups , To facilitate the discussion , Brainstorming sessions and group discussions .

We need to pay attention to : All conference assets , Including meeting papers 、 Whiteboard 、 The recording and transcribed files are available for the organizer to view and use .

Next , I'll go into the details , Conference organizers can create up to 50 A group room , And choose to automatically or manually assign participants to the room , Organizers can be in Teams Meeting or Teams Open a lounge in a channel meeting , So that you can have more flexibility in the way you want to meet .


Besides , Organizers can use this setting to recreate the Breakout Room, So they can assign new room settings to participants .


once Breakout Room Set up , Organizers can easily switch between separate small conference rooms


The organizer can send a notice to the separated small meeting room , Let's go back to the main meeting at any time .


3 Point description :

·       Only the meeting organizer can start grouping Breakout Room, And only in Teams Desktop Client End settings .

·       Attendees logged in from multiple devices will join the same breakout room.

·       If you want to use Breakout function , Please make sure the conference room experience is enabled (Teams -> Settings -> General -> Check “Turn on new meeting experience”