Installation and Sinicization of two common editors

Want to knock code ? A good workman does his work well , You must sharpen your tools first , Install the tools you need to write code first . The main character of this issue is VScode And Sublime, These are two popular code editors .

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  1. VScode Installation and Sinicization
  2. Sublime Installation and Sinicization

One 、VScode Installation and Sinicization

open vscode Official website , Choose the right installation package for your computer . I am a windows The computer 64 position , Selection as shown ( Choose blue ). Official website :

After selection, it will jump to a page , And then automatically start downloading . Download the installation package as shown in the figure .

Let's double-click the installation package , Choose I agree , next step .

choice “ Browse ” You can change the installation directory , My default here is , next step .

Go straight to the next step .

Check what you need , I have all the hooks here , next step .

Check for problems , Click on the install .

On the hook , Click finish .

This is a VScode The default interface of , Next we're going to set up Chinese . Click on the square that looks like a window , Pictured .

Enter... In the input box chinese, See Chinese ( Simplified Chinese character ), Click the blue button in the lower right corner of it .

Waiting to download and install , After that, a prompt box will pop up in the lower right corner , Let you restart . Let's click the blue button , Pictured .

Restart complete , Successfully turned into Chinese interface .

If you don't like it VScode The default color for , You can use shortcut keys Ctrl + K Again Ctrl + T, Choose the style you like ( This is a 2 Press the shortcut keys together ). If you still don't have the style you like , Baidu “VScode Nice theme ”.

Two 、Sublime Installation and Sinicization

Enter official website , Click on Download, Pictured . Official website :

Choose the right installation package for your computer . I chose Windows 64 position , Pictured .

Double click Install Package .

Here you can modify the installation path , My default here is , Click on Next.

You can check it or not , next step Next.

Check for problems , install Install.

installation is complete , Click to end Finish. Next, we will sublime Set to Chinese .

Find the path you installed , Double-click to open sublime, Pictured .

Click on the Tools, Choose the last , Pictured .

Click on Preferences, Choose the last , Pictured .

Enter... In the input box that pops up install, Select first , Pictured .

Wait a moment , Enter... In the input box that pops up chinese, Select first , Pictured .

Wait a moment , Then an interface will pop up , Successfully set to Chinese .

Click on “ help ” >>> “Language”, You can switch languages , Pictured .

If you don't like it Sublime The default color for , You can click on the “ Preferences ”, stay “ The color scheme ” and “ The theme ” Set it up , You can also modify the font size .

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