because ASP Program development has many advantages , Early years ASP Popular all over the world , So it's still in operation today ASP The development project is still running , But as social networks continue to grow , Especially wechat payment 、 Wechat communication 、 The emergence of small programs and so on , Lead to many ASP It's embarrassing to connect projects . And wechat doesn't aim at ASP A detailed description of the project development , This can only rely on the skilled technicians 、 Rich technical experience to complete the docking . But there's a lot more to take over ASP It's troublesome to connect old projects .

Today I'll take time to ASP Some common applications for secondary development with wechat service number , Encapsulation is DLL To form a , You only need to be familiar with some basic interface information of this organization , It's easy ASP Perfect connection between old projects and wechat service number , And the simplest way .

Organization name :WeixinDLL

This build provides 2 Classes :( Let's start with the basic information about classes , The following function is introduced with a case )

One 、 The class that communicates with wechat :WeixinClass

Two 、 WeChat V3 payment MD5 Encryption class :Md5Class

WeixinClass Common functions to achieve :

1、 Wechat service number customer login , And obtain the basic information of users authorized by customers

2、 Judge whether the customer is concerned about the official account of WeChat

3、 Wechat sharing ( Share with wechat friends 、 WeChat friend circle 、QQ Good friends 、QQ Circle of friends, etc )

4、 Access the precise positioning of customers ( just / Reverse geocoding to get the detailed address , Accurate to street number )

5、 Automatically send wechat template messages to customers

6、 Automatically send wechat text messages to customers

7、 Automatically send wechat text messages to customers ( Similar to wechat chat information )

8、 Wechat online payment (V3 payment )

WeixinClass Provided function

1、XMLRequest(ByVal prepay_id_url, ByVal xmlBody)

prepay_id_url: Wechat server authentication prepay_id Of url Address

xmlBody: Submitted to wechat server xml Format content

The main purpose of this function is to get the prepay_id such XML request , Requests requiring certificate authentication . What we get is a string that has been authenticated and encrypted with the wechat server , Easy to initiate JSAPI Payment function .

2、ToUnixTime(ByVal strTime)

This is mainly for the conversion of ordinary date to time stamp

3、MakeRanNum(ByVal Length)

Returns the random number of a combination of pure numbers , The length is length, It can be set at will

4、MakeRanNumChar(ByVal Length)

Return to digital 、 Mixed uppercase and lowercase string , The length is length, It can be set at will

5、parseJSON(ByVal str)

Will receive JavaScript Of Json Format content , adopt parseJSON stay ASP It can be similar in code JS Making object mode calls .

6、file_get_contents(ByVal url, ByVal method, ByVal postdata)

url: Web address submitted

method: submission post/get

postdata: Data submitted , It can be json, It could be something else

Returns the feedback content of the communication on the remote server

7、get_paySign(ByVal snonce_str, ByVal sprepay_id, ByVal stimeStamp)

snonce_str: Random string

sprepay_id: Encryption after digital certificate authentication prepay_id

stimeStamp: Time stamp

Wechat payment V3, Return to last submitted paySign

8、get_prepay_id(ByVal attach, ByVal body, ByVal nonce_str, ByVal notify_url, ByVal openid, ByVal out_trade_no, ByVal total_fee)

Purpose : Wechat payment V3 obtain Prepay_Id

attach: Additional data , It is mainly used for notify Process of data operation

body: Order content

nonce_str: Random string ( commonly 12 A bit is enough )

notify_url: After successful payment , The program page address of wechat server and our server for communication

openid: The customer who initiated the payment openid

out_trade_no: The order no. ( Just set a number that doesn't repeat , Pure number or alphanumeric combination )

total_fee: Pay the amount ( Remember to multiply it 100, Remember to divide by 100)


Get general access_token, This is the same as when the customer authorizes personal basic data to a third party access_token Somewhat different , Don't confuse them

10、Get_Ticket(ByVal AccessToken)

Get the latest jsapi_ticket, Variable :AccessToken It belongs to general purpose access_token

11、Get_RedirectUrl(ByVal CallUrl)

Encapsulated login or authorization URL, Return a message after communicating with wechat server code Back to callUrl Inside .

12、Get_Token_OpenID(ByVal Code)

Get_Token_OpenID: return Json data
You can get token、openid
Get the user's token And general token It's different ( If there is no third party development , Unable to get user UnionID)
Put it back correctly :{ "access_token":"ACCESS_TOKEN", "expires_in":7200, "refresh_token":"REFRESH_TOKEN", "openid":"OPENID", "scope":"SCOPE" }
Erroneous return :{" errcode":40029,"errmsg":"invalid code" }

13、GetUserInfo(ByVal token_openid_Json)

GetUserInfo: Return user information Json

Get the user's nickname 、 Gender 、 Country 、 Province 、 City 、 Head portrait

sex : Gender of user , The value is 1 It's male , The value is 2 It was a woman , The value is 0 Time is unknown headimgurl:******/46 { The avatars , The last value represents the size of the square head ( Yes 0、46、64、96、132 Value optional ,0 representative 640*640 Square head ),

This item is empty when the user does not have a picture . If the user changes the Avatar , Original head URL Will fail .}

privilege : User privilege information ,json Array , For example, wechat Waka users are (chinaunicom)

unionid : Only when users bind the official account to WeChat open platform account. , This field will appear .

14、WxSend(ByVal u_openid, ByVal u_token, ByVal u_text)

Send plain text messages
POST Mode request
u_openid: user openid
u_token: Universal token
u_text: Sent content

15、SendPicText(ByVal u_openid, ByVal u_token, ByVal u_title, ByVal u_description, ByVal u_url, ByVal img_url)

Send text template information
POST Mode request
u_openid: user openid
u_token: Universal token
u_title: title
u_description: describe
u_url: Jump address
img_url: thumbnail

16、SendModeMessege(ByVal iopenid, ByVal itemplate_id, ByVal iurl, ByVal itopcolor, ByVal idata, ByVal itoken)

POST Mode request
iopenid: user openid
itemplate_id: Templates ID
iurl: Click on the message to jump to url
itopcolor: Title Color
idata: Template format data (Json Format )
itoken: Universal token

17、IfCancelWX(ByVal u_openid, ByVal u_token)

Check whether to cancel WeChat official account
1 = Focus on ,0 = Cancel the attention ,2 = illegal openid

All of the above are Function function , And they are Public Public function , There are also some more complex algorithms Private Function or Sub The function is not written , External cannot be called separately , It's all cooperation Public Some functions or methods of functions .

The next blog post is aimed at WeixinDLL The application of the method in this build is introduced , The code will be displayed directly .

There are shortcomings , Let's give more advice ,ASP Technical discussion on the docking development of the project and wechat service number can be added V Letter :z18670092211

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