1、Anno brief introduction

  Anno It's a microservice framework engine . Easy entry Security Stable High availability The whole platform can monitor 、 Less reliance on third-party frameworks . Bottom layer communication RPC(Remote Procedure Call) Using stable, reliable, cross lingual... Proven by numerous successful projects thrift grpc.  Self service registration found health check ( Don't depend on Etcd、Consul、Zookeeper)、 Call chain tracing 、Cron Dispatch 、 Current limiting 、 Event bus . Plug in development , Business module to CQRS 、DDD As a guiding ideology .

   One It can't be monitored Its micro service platform is terrible , Something went wrong.   It's hard to pinpoint the root cause of the problem , Anno It provides a complete monitoring system , Include Link tracking System resources occupied by services 、 System itself  CPU、 Memory 、 Hard disk usage Real time monitoring and so on .

github Anno:https://github.com/duyanming/Anno.Core  

gitee      :https://gitee.com/duyanming/anno.core

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2、Anno How to implement the distributed lock server

   In the last chapter, we learned what problems distributed locks are designed to solve and how clients use them , Today, let's take a look at how the distributed lock coordination center is implemented . I hope you can correct the shortcomings . If you don't know how to use it, check out the previous chapter 《.netcore Microservice rapid development framework Anno&Viper - What the hell is distributed lock

First, we need an entry class for the distributed lock server  DLockCenter

Pseudo code :

 public static class DLockCenter
private static List<LockerQueue> _lockerQueues = new List<LockerQueue>();
private static readonly object Lock = new object();
     // Enter the distributed lock
     public static EngineData.ActionResult Enter(LockInfo info)
var locker = _lockerQueues.Find(l => l.MLoker.Key == info.Key);
return locker.Enter(info);
    // Release distributed lock
public static void Free(LockInfo info)
_lockerQueues.Find(l => l.MLoker.Owner == info.Owner)?.Free();
/// <summary>
/// The timed task detects whether the distributed lock has timed out , Just throw it away
/// </summary>
public static void Detection()
if (_lockerQueues.Count > 0)
} }

 _lockerQueues: Maintains a list of distributed locks .

  Release timeout lock :

The distributed lock plug-in starts a timed task to detect the timeout of the distributed lock when it is loaded .

public class DLockBootstrap: IPlugsConfigurationBootstrap
private static readonly CronDaemon CronDaemon = new CronDaemon();
public void ConfigurationBootstrap()
// Distributed lock startup configuration
* Every period of time to detect whether there is a lock timeout , Time out releases the lock
CronDaemon.AddJob("* * * * * ? *", DLockCenter.Detection);
if (CronDaemon.Status == DaemonStatus.Stop)
} public void PreConfigurationBootstrap()
//throw new NotImplementedException();

Distributed lock service Module:

 /// <summary>
/// Distributed lock service
/// </summary>
public class DLockModule : BaseModule
[AnnoInfo(Desc = " Distributed lock service Get the lock [DLKey][TimeOut:5000][Owner]")]
public ActionResult EnterLock()
var dlKey = RequestString("DLKey");
var timeOut = RequestInt32("TimeOut")??5000;
var owner = RequestString("Owner");
var locker=new LockInfo()
Key = dlKey,
Time = timeOut,
var rlt = DLockCenter.Enter(locker);
return rlt;
[AnnoInfo(Desc = " Distributed lock service Release the lock [DLKey][Owner]")]
public ActionResult DisposeLock()
var dlKey = RequestString("DLKey");
var owner = RequestString("Owner");
var locker = new LockInfo();
locker.Key = dlKey;
locker.Owner = owner;
return new ActionResult(true, null, null, "DisposeLock Message");

For detailed source code of distributed lock, please see :https://github.com/duyanming/Anno.Core/tree/master/samples/Packages/Anno.Plugs.DLockService

Anno Core source code :https://github.com/duyanming/Anno.Core  

Viper The sample project :https://github.com/duyanming/Viper  

Experience address :

QQ Communication group :478399354 


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