Solon It's a miniature Java RPC Development framework . The project from 2018 Since its inception in , Referring to a lot of previous works ; For two years ,3500 A lot of commit; Kernel retention 0.1m The figure of , Super high running points , Good use experience . Support :Rpc、Rest api、Mvc Multiple development models .

Solon emphasize : restraint + concise + The principle of openness ; Strive for : smaller 、 faster 、 A freer experience .

Smaller :

kernel 0.1m, The smallest development unit 0.2m( comparison Dubbo、Springboot Project package , Small enough to be ignored )

Faster :

This machine helloworld test ,Qps Can be up to 12 Wan Zhi Du . May refer to :《helloworld_wrk_test

More freedom :( Code controls freedom )

//  In addition to the injection mode , You can also do it manually on demand 
// Get configuration manually
Map<String,String> db = Solon.cfg().getMap("db"); // Get the... In the container manually Bean
UserService userService = Aop.get(UserService.class); // Manual monitoring http post request"/user/update", x-> userService.updateById(x.paramMap())); // Manually add RPC service"/rpc/", HelloService.class, true);

Major changes in this edition :

1、 Release Solon cloud Adaptation interface and configuration specification

The design purpose of this specification : It provides a unified interface and configuration specification for the third-party micro service component adaptation . So as to make the adaptation and use of third-party micro service components more standardized and unified ; At the same time, developers can seamlessly switch between different third-party components .

The released interface and configuration specifications mainly include :

  • Configure service related interfaces and configurations
  • Register interfaces and configurations related to discovery services
  • Interface and configuration related to event bus
  • Log bus related interface and configuration

2、 Publish configuration service adaptation components

Components explain remarks
consul-solon-plugin Yes consul The adaptation of Use the first level directory as the corresponding configuration group
nacos-solon-plugin Yes nacos The adaptation of
water-solon-plugin Yes water The adaptation of

Description of characteristics :

  • 1- Support configuration loading at startup
group: demo # Application Group // It is also the default group used by the configuration service
name: helloapp # Application name // The application name used by the discovery service #consul, Can be replaced by nacos or water
server: #consul Service address
loadKey: "" # Configuration loaded at startup , And keep real-time updates ***( It's going to be Solon.cfg() Part of )
// Use the loaded In the configuration of the
public class DemoConfig {
public DataSource ds(@Inject("${db1}") HikariDataSource ds){
return ds;
  • 2- Payment configuration subscription
* Configure subscription ( Gets the real-time refresh of the configuration )
public class DemotConfigHandler implements CloudConfigHandler { @Override
public void handler(Config config) {
  • 3- Support direct injection of cloud configuration , And automatic refresh mechanism ( Non singleton does not need to turn on the automatic refresh mechanism )
public class DemoController {
@CloudConfig(value = "demo_header", autoRefreshed = true)
String demo_header;

Attached demo source code :

3、 Publish the registration and discovery service adaptation component

Components explain
consul-solon-plugin Yes consul The adaptation of
nacos-solon-plugin Yes nacos The adaptation of
water-solon-plugin Yes water The adaptation of

Application example :

  • 1-Solon rpc Service registration
group: demo
name: helloapi # The application name used by the discovery service ( stay Demo, Will be NimaClient quote )
server: #consul Service address
@Component(remoting = true)
public class HelloServiceImp implements HelloService {
public String hello() {
return "remote: hello";
  • 2-Solon rpc Service release
group: demo
name: helloapp
public class DemoController {
// "helloapi" Corresponding registered services
@NamiClient(name = "helloapi")
HelloService helloService; @Mapping("/test")
public String home(String msg) throws Exception {
return helloService.hello();

Attached demo source code :

4、 Publish event bus service adaptation components

Components explain remarks
rabbitmq-solon-plugin Yes rabbitmq Adaptation of message queue
rocketmq-solon-plugin Yes rocketmq Adaptation of message queue Timed events cannot exceed 2 Hours
water-solon-plugin Yes water The adaptation of message center

Description of characteristics :

  1. Supports timed events
  2. Just subscribe to the topic , Every consumer group can receive
  3. If the current processing fails, it will be delayed and retried step by step , Until it's finally successful ; But it doesn't affect other consumer groups

The consumer group consists of + Automatically combined ; Or through{ Components }.event.queue Appoint

Application example :
group: demo # Configure the default group used by the service
name: helloconsumer # The application name used by the discovery service
server: localhost:5672 #rabbitmq Service address
username: root #rabbitmq Linked account
password: 123456 #rabbitmq Link password
// consumer : Subscription events
public class EVENT_hello_demo implements CloudEventHandler {
public boolean handler(Event event) throws Throwable {
// Business processing
System.out.println( + ONode.stringify(event)); // If successful return true, Otherwise false( And then it'll be delayed )
return true;
} //
// The producer : Release events
public class DemoController {
public Object test(String msg) {
msg = "demo2";
} // Release events
Event event = new Event("hello.demo", msg);
return CloudClient.event().publish(event);

Attached demo source code :

5、 Publish the log bus service adaptation component

  • water-solon-plugin( Yes water Log adaptation )

Description of characteristics :

  1. Support meta information description ( It can be operated semantically )
public class DemoController { CloudLogger logger = CloudLogger.get(TestController.class); @Mapping("/test")
public void test(String msg) throws Exception {" I am a good person. :(");" I'm not :{} \n\n {}", " The bad guys ",12);" Clock in "), " Who am I ?");

6、NamiClient upgrade , And Solon cloud Standardize and better cooperate

new property explain Example
url complete url Address
group Service group water
name Service name or load balancing component name ( Use with discovery service ) waterapi
path route /cfg/get/

notes : Old expression based properties uri, No longer use

attach 1: Unified service adaptation interface

Service interface explain Adapter components are supported
CloudConfigService Configure service interface consul-solon-plugin、nacos-solon-plugin、water-solon-plugin
CloudDiscoveryService Discover service interfaces consul-solon-plugin、nacos-solon-plugin、water-solon-plugin
CloudEventService Event bus interface water-solon-plugin、rabbitmq-solon-plugin、rocketmq-solon-plugin
CloudLogService Log bus interface water-solon-plugin

attach 2: Unified service configuration specification

notes : Specific configuration , Replace... With the frame name @@ operator

Attribute theory explain Framework availability Service address (ip:port) nacos、consul、water Link token consul Link user name nacos Link password nacos Police reception number water Configure service enable ( Default :true) nacos、consul、water Service address (ip:port) nacos、consul、water Configuration groups that need to be loaded at startup nacos、water It needs to be loaded at startup Key nacos、consul、wate Configure refresh interval consul The registration and discovery service is enabled ( Default :true) nacos、consul、water Service address (ip:port) nacos、consul、water Service Tag consul Service health check path consul、water Service health check interval consul Service health reporting indicators consul Service discovery refresh interval consul Event bus service ( Default :true) water、rabbitmq、rocketmq Service address (ip:port) water、rabbitmq、rocketmq Switch or relationship group rabbitmq、rocketmq Specify the queue rabbitmq、rocketmq Specify the receiving domain water Event signature water Log bus service ( Default :true) water Service address (ip:port) water Log default recorder water

attach 3: Project address

Project address :

Solon rpc 1.3.1 Release , Introduction Cloud Interface and configuration specification

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