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Create a new array , Contains all the non false elements in the original array . for example false, null,0, “”, undefined, and NaN They're all supposed to be “ False value ”.

Note that the above description does not include [],{} Because in js in , The two values are implicitly converted to true. In other words, the function doesn't filter these two values .

Official code :

export function compact(array){
let resIndex = 0;
const result = []
if(array == null){ // Will be able to undefined Get rid of it because undefined == null by true
return result
for(const value of array){
result[resIndex++] = value
return result

Personal understanding of code :

export function compact(array){
let resIndex = 0;
const result = []
if(array == null){ // Will be able to undefined Get rid of it because undefined == null by true
return result
result = array.filter(v=>Boolean(v))
return result

Direct use of filter Traversal , utilize boolean, To convert elements to true or false .


Create a new array , take array With any array or Values are linked together .

var array = [1];
var other = _.concat(array, 2, [3], [[4]]); console.log(other);
// => [1, 2, 3, [4]] console.log(array);
// => [1]

relatively speaking ,concat Function depends on a few more tool functions .

  1. arrayPush Array adding method
  2. copyArray Copy array elements
  3. baseFlatten Flat hierarchical array
export function concat(){

let length = arguments.length; //  Get the number of parameters 
if (!length) {
return [];
let args = Array(length - 1); // Take the length of the parameter other than the first one
let array = arguments[0]; // Take the first item of the array
let index = length;
while (index--) {
args[index - 1] = arguments[index];
console.log(args); // Take the first parameter, which is the target array , As -1 Item added as array
// Determine whether a parameter is an array , No, just convert it to an array , If it is an array, copy an array , Reuse arrayPush Method , Push the parameters of each item into the array .
return arrayPush(Array.isArray(array) ? copyArray(array) : [array], baseFlatten(args, 1));


Copy an array , This operation does not affect the original array .

Parameters explain
soure Original array parameters
array Result array
export function copyArray(source,array){
let index = -1;
let length = source.length;
array || (array = Array(length));
while(++index < length){
array[index] = source[index]
return array


This method is mainly used for flat array operation

export function baseFlatten(array, depth, predicate, isStrict, result) {
let index = -1;
let length = array.length;
predicate || (predicate = isFlattenable); // isFlattenable Determine if it's an array
result || (result = []);
while (++index < length) {
let value = array[index];
if (depth > 0 && predicate(value)) { // If the level is greater than 0 And the item is an array
if (depth > 1) { // If the level of recursion is greater than 1 In this case, we will continue to solve the problem recursively
baseFlatten(value, depth - 1, predicate, isStrict, result);
} else { // If recursion is required, the level of recursion is 1 The situation of , All items are added to the target array
arrayPush(result, value);
} else if (!isStrict) {
result[result.length] = value;
return result;
return Array.isArray(value)

divergent thinking , As long as the function is passed through the depth Variable , To control the level of screening , So I want to flatten all arrays , How to operate it ?

function flattern(arr) {
return arr.reduce((cur, next) => cur.concat(Array.isArray(next) ? flattern(next) : next), []);


Add elements into the original array , Will change the original array structure , similar push Method

	 let index = -1;
let length = values.length;
let offset = array.length;
while (++index < length) {
array[index + offset] = values[index];
return array;


  1. ++index and index++ The difference ,++i That is to add before use ,i++ That is to use it first and add it later . In front of ++ The subscript will not cross the boundary , After ++ The subscript crossing the line .
  2. lodash library The operation array generally does not affect the original array .

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