We know , stay golang Medium context It's a very important bag , Save the context of the code activity . We use it a lot WithValue() This method , Dealings context in Pass on some key value data .

If we want to get context All of the key and value Or I don't know key I'd like to know more about it value How to do it ? Here's a comparison hacker For your reference .


First , have a look WithValue What happened :

package context

func WithValue(parent Context, key, val interface{}) Context {
return &valueCtx{parent, key, val}
} // A valueCtx carries a key-value pair. It implements Value for that key and
// delegates all other calls to the embedded Context.
type valueCtx struct {
key, val interface{}

WithValue Through the key value Here it is valueCtx Of struct in , Save the data .

Through research context We found that , Different Functional context There are different implementations

package context

// A timerCtx carries a timer and a deadline. It embeds a cancelCtx to
// implement Done and Err. It implements cancel by stopping its timer then
// delegating to cancelCtx.cancel.
type timerCtx struct {
timer *time.Timer // Under cancelCtx.mu. deadline time.Time
} // A cancelCtx can be canceled. When canceled, it also cancels any children
// that implement canceler.
type cancelCtx struct {
Context mu sync.Mutex // protects following fields
done chan struct{} // created lazily, closed by first cancel call
children map[canceler]struct{} // set to nil by the first cancel call
err error // set to non-nil by the first cancel call

But without exception , It's all private struct , At the same time is through the form of linked list will each context String together .

This situation is not good for what we want to do , We can't put context The interface is converted into an implementation to get the internal saved key and value, And because there are multiple implementations , We don't know what's next context Is it right? valueCtx, Do you need to skip .


In this case , We can only use some comparisons hacker The method of the :

  1. Define one's own valueCtx Internal data structure and context It's the same in the package
  2. adopt unsafe.Pointer() Bypass type detection , Force will context.valueCtx Into our valueCtx
  3. Get the internal value and save it in the map in


First, customize one of our own valueCtx , Copy directly context It's just the realization of :

package main

type valueCtx struct {
key, val interface{}

And then force it to print :

package main

func main() {
ctx := context.Background()
ctx = context.WithValue(ctx, "key1", "value1") valCtx := (*valueCtx)(unsafe.Pointer(&ctx))
fmt.Printf("key: %v, value: %v", valCtx.key, valCtx.val)
// panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference

It didn't happen as we expected , This is very common in programming , There must be something wrong . At this time, we should go through the materials , To understand what we're still blurring , You'll find out why . however , Since it's an article , I'll just write my conclusion .

This starts with the implementation of interface types ,golang The concept and implementation of the interface is more specific and complex , If you want to go further , Please refer to this article Stefno Of article , It's very thorough and detailed golang All aspects of the interface in . Okay , Back to our question , For now golang The interface of , We just need to know : stay golang Two things are stored in the interface of , One is the dynamic type held by the interface , The second is the value of dynamic type .

The structure is as follows :

type iface struct {
itab, data uintptr

in other words , When we're at the interface , In fact, it is to change the above structure into valueCtx , But in fact, we expect the data to be stored in the dynamic type value of the interface , So what we should force is iface.data.

To do that , We need to put context First convert to iface, And get the data:

package main

type iface struct {
itab, data uintptr
} type valueCtx struct {
key, val interface{}
} func main() {
ctx := context.Background()
ctx = context.WithValue(ctx, "key1", "value1") ictx := (*iface)(unsafe.Pointer(&ctx))
valCtx := (*valueCtx)(unsafe.Pointer(ictx.data))
fmt.Printf("key: %v, value: %v", valCtx.key, valCtx.val)
// output:
// key: key1, value: value1

This time , We finally got the data .


Next , We need to take context All in key value Get out :

package main

func GetKeyValues(ctx context.Context) map[interface{}]interface{} {
m := make(map[interface{}]interface{})
getKeyValue(ctx, m)
return m
} func getKeyValue(ctx context.Context, m map[interface{}]interface{}) {
ictx := *(*iface)(unsafe.Pointer(&ctx))
if ictx.data == 0 {
} valCtx := (*valueCtx)(unsafe.Pointer(ictx.data))
if valCtx != nil && valCtx.key != nil && valCtx.val != nil {
m[valCtx.key] = valCtx.val
getKeyValue(valCtx.Context, m)

Called recursively , We can easily traverse all context, meanwhile golang Medium nil At the bottom is actually a int Of 0, That's why we put nil be called Zero value . therefore , The exit condition of recursion is also very simple , Is that when iface Medium data by 0 when , That means we've found context The last one in .

Okay , That's all , If you want to get the specific implementation and demo Example , You can come to my github Found on the , Thanks for reading .

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