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2021-01-23 18:00:35 Big white goose breeding base

Four years in business , I'm so tired , Thank you very much for the mentors I met on the way , Today, I'd like to record my experience and share it with you , I hope it will be helpful to the children who have just entered the industry .

16 year 7 end of the month , After junior year , I stayed in my hometown 7 One day, I went to Beijing to look for an internship .
I remember clearly that at that time, two units asked me to go for an interview , One of them didn't think about it when it needed training , Pass the interview in another company , Looking back at the scene :

  • Universities don't offer JAVA Curriculum , So I went to the interview with the simple idea of learning from the Internet Struts2 development method ( Ignorance is bold )
  • The interviewer didn't ask a single question about JAVA The content of the foundation or framework , I asked about the situation in school , I also asked my parents about their birthdays ( Didn't answer )

16 year 8 Month begins , Muddleheaded into the unit began as a JAVA The career of a development engineer ( This period is really the most eager time to learn , Nothing about the future 、 Looking forward to let a person love learning so much , But if you're alone , Learning efficiency is so low ):

  • I remember that part of the project was used Spring frame , Some of them are simple Servlet
  • I remember learning how to build a project and run , Learning is actually copying according to a good project , If you can't remember, just copy it a few times
  • I remember using Eclipse, There will be a lot of complex operations in configuration engineering
  • Remember the configuration Spring engineering XML Because of xsd To configure 、 There are a lot of problems with namespace configuration
  • I remember the tune JSP Styles are hard written px, It's just nice to see on my monitor
  • I remember following the tutorial to learn how to work in the classroom Linux install Mysql, install Nginx,Nginx It's especially complicated
  • I remember reading it at that time JAVA Programming idea 、HTTP Authoritative guide
  • Remember learning how to configure multiple data sources , If read-write separation , I also learned MyCat, Things that didn't work at the time , It's impossible to use good things even if you rely on that level , I don't know why I've been watching , interesting
  • I remember when I was in charge of Servlet Project , Bring some all-in-one machines , Although the code level is limited , But I'm still very good at the level of installation
  • I remember there were some special needs for browsers at that time , And compiled Google Chromiuml browser , I remember that I annotated some code to block the pop-up window after the browser crashed , The address bar of the browser is blocked , I also gave this idea to my brothers in the same discussion group , The brother sent me 60 Lots of red envelopes , beautiful
  • Now think about it, I feel that my requirements for learning breadth at that time were too much , I want to understand everything , That's not good
  • I remember that as a programmer, I spent more time installing the machine downstairs than typing the code upstairs , I'm very familiar with the marketing department , Ah

After that, I went back to school for two months to do my graduation project , Made a famous student information management system , Now it's 17 year 4 month ( The vacation after working for a while is so cool , The last long vacation of the first half of my life ):

  • The paper is not about how to write JAVAWEB, It's about how to build a simple distributed system
  • Well prepared at the time , The project used dubbo, The plan was to deploy two back-end applications , During the demonstration, we will kill Drop one of the apps , But the system still works , To highlight the advantages of distributed
  • Here comes the best place , At that time, as soon as I came to the stage, my nervous hands were shaking uncontrollably , This part of the demonstration is just abandoned , Is dubious

After graduation, , Back to work , Within two months (17 year 11 month ) Was sent out to a project ( Playing games has a new journey , A new project is like a new unit , Everything is fresh , Everything can be learned , Meet more people , Learn more ):

  • I remember when a water Spring frame
  • I remember when many people developed a project , And a dedicated front end , It's totally different from before
  • Remember when it was developed , The development team leader will build all the classes , And write notes in the class , Just fill in the blanks , I can't adjust this mode as soon as I'm in contact with it , Development is simple, but boring
  • I remember that when the development task was completed, I would look at the overall framework of the project , Come into contact with Spring Security, Single sign-on ,Activiti workflow
  • I remember later, the leader suddenly asked me to take over Activiti Workflow development , At that time, in order to make it friendly to use , Made some changes , It's not that simple , But it's interesting
  • Besides, I've been working as an intern for more than a year , But when learning, I still copy the configuration according to other people's project , He who knows it knows not why
  • And then there's an urgent little project to do , This is a new project without comments from the team leader , This is the first time I've really developed a project , In the end, it was a failure , follow-up bug The basic processing is code rewriting and hard supplement , Pre development ideas are really important
  • Then I started to learn some HTTP、JVM And so on , Started a process of seeing and forgetting , I don't know if it's incomprehensible or why , At that time, I felt that I understood , But it can't be combined with practical application , So it's easy to forget
  • I remember that the speed of reading the source code was faster than that of reading the data in the University
  • I remember that I searched the implementation of distributed transactions for distributed problems , As a result, I have little knowledge
  • I remember that the understanding of design patterns at that time was just some knowledge in books , Knowledge that cannot be applied

2018 year 5 Month begins , Set up a blog of your own , Start to record some small experience in daily work , After reading the previous blog , I found that what I wrote at that time was basically reading notes , There are a few scattered records of the code that I thought was cleverly designed at that time , Of course, it's a little childish now .( With two years of work at the time , I still don't know the depth of the code , I feel that the road ahead is as fuzzy as ever , Just ask if you are flustered , I'm not in a hurry

2019 In the middle of , A muddled job 3 year , I remember watching a reading Mybatis Source video , It's quite interesting , Someone read the code with them , It's still very comfortable , I found their platform Spring Related videos , Have a look at .( How to say after watching , I feel like I'm on top of it , I don't know. It's because my working years are up , Or is it because someone taught me how to read the source code , I feel like I know more about the code .

  • Then I can read it from the beginning Spring Source code , understand Spring The reason for the component
  • Can trace the source code from the exception to find the problem
  • Study HTTP,TCP,JVM Theoretical knowledge is no longer read to forget
  • Learn a new framework , After reading the basic documents, I can think of some implementations , And through the source code to verify

2020 The year of the epidemic , In practical operation, knowledge is more and more skillful , Database deadlock analysis 、 Threads dump The analysis also came across online , More and more theoretical knowledge can be integrated into practice , The demand for theoretical knowledge is also growing , Whether it's future jobs or interviews , More and more test the understanding of the foundation .

summary :

  • Don't think college classes are useless
  • Don't study aimlessly , Group chat , Double speed video tutorial learning method
  • Don't worry about the future when you first enter the industry

Maybe what you want to express is not clear , The more I write, the less I know how to write , But I hope that everyone in the code industry can learn and progress steadfastly , No unit will eliminate a strong man

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