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[high frequency discussion] programmer of youth meal! Are you afraid of being optimized at 35?

2021-01-23 16:41:55 An Sheng



The average person in society has several inherent cognitions about programmers , And that's what most programmers look like :

[x] I'm tired of work and work overtime , Poor health , Staying up late is easy to die ;

[x] Slovenly, even a little sloppy , diehard ;

[x] The midlife crisis is serious ,35 I will be eliminated by the company ;

[x] single , It's difficult to find a girlfriend ;


The author holds the sword today

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Why do you say that , As long as we pay close attention to , You'll find out about A midlife crisis 35 year Be dismissed single The programmer Almost all the related keywords are linked together . Let's look at a few specific examples :

• The programmer has arrived 35 I'm going to be laid off when I'm 12 years old ?•35 Ma Nong was fired on the first day of his life ;• The middle age crisis of programmers : What can I do to save you , My age is thirty-five ;• The function of a programmer is to 35 Are you old? ? What's the way after that ?• Is it really reasonable for programmers to be single ?• Programmers earn as much as 40 ten thousand , Why are there so many programmers who are single ?

It seems that everyone is worried about 35 year , Even 30 It's the age of the year .30 Years of age should be years of fighting , Why Be optimized Well . Speaking of this , You might say it's a general social trend , It's the environment , No one wants to .


Pretty good , This is indeed the current social environment , Even those who are writing articles 30 I am , And try to do it Workers . But for the 35 Middle age crisis at the age of 20 , I don't worry about it myself , It's not because I'm in a good mood or I don't seek to take root in big cities , It's because I did something ahead of time get set .

The work and life of ordinary programmers

At the beginning of the conversation Prepare the topic Before , Let's take a look at the work and life of ordinary programmers , Take myself and the people around me as a guide .

Time allocation


I do research and development work in Beijing Internet companies , Most of the people I know are programmers , There are those with higher ranks 、 There are also more common . From the past exchanges in the technology group , Most people's lives are divided into : Work , Leisure life , Relax and have fun . Leisure life and relaxation refers to the normal life of human beings , Like cooking 、 With the family 、 Shopping 、 Watching movies, playing games and so on , Occasionally there will be some time to study . I believe you who are reading the article are the same . Of course , Some people have hobbies , Like running 、 Cycling 、 To play basketball , That's all for relaxation and play .


But not everyone is allocated according to this proportion of time , Some people stay up late to have fun , The next day, I can still paddle to work .

Economic distribution


Of course, you need to make money , Household expenses Life, food and clothing Learning engagement The cost of playing , Basically, it can cover the economic distribution of most people , Here also does not rule out some speculation or purchase of funds such as financial products , that Financial investment It's a kind of .

Revenue channels


Today's point , In fact, it's around income , The foreshadowing in front is also for a good chat about this part of the content . I believe most people have only one income channel : Income from work . It's mentioned above that Financial investment , This is also one of the revenue channels . As a programmer , Occasionally, some companies are willing to pay and invite you to help with some things , This is a Income beyond work , It's also one of the revenue channels .

See here , You must be smart enough to know where the focus is . you 're right , There are many expenses , Less income . If your income doesn't cover your expenses , Then it's going to get bogged down , I feel that the pressure of work is gradually increasing , And then it affects your mental state , It's easy to cause anxiety .

If it happens to be 30+ year , The ability to work and work overtime is not equal to It's normal for a guy in 267 . Suppose the company's performance is not good , you Be optimized 了 , Then the largest part of your income will be gone , There's only a small part left , Even nothing left . To make ends meet , That's what programmers are afraid of 35 The roots of age .

Basic concepts , Assets and liabilities

Most people want to get rid of 35 I'm tired at the age of 20 , First of all, we need to understand a basic concept : assets And liabilities , This is what I read in the first place 《 Poor dad and rich dad 》 It's the only knowledge point that you can get from . It's not literal here , We're just talking about . assets In general, it means being able to Continue to generate revenue perhaps Substantially reduce the loss of funds Things that are , For example, a house 、 The financial products you buy, etc . liabilities In general, it means One time consumption perhaps Keep consuming Your resources or funds... Things , For example, what you buy for fashion iPhone New style Pro Max.

Of course , Assets and liabilities are not fixed or absolute , Like cars . For a business or business person , If the car can directly / Indirectly create revenue , So the car is his asset . If you're like me , Just to keep the bus from being crowded 、 Instead of taking the subway, it's a car ( Actually, driving to work is not very realistic , Many young people buy cars just for the weekend to play or to go home on holiday ), Then it is a liability at this time , Because you need to pay insurance for it 、 Maintenance costs 、 Fuel and so on .


It should be noted that , Except for things related to money , Things related to time can also be divided in this way . For example, you like to play a game very much , Play a few games after work every day , Assigned hours to the game , So it's your debt .

Cut love , Reduce debt


After you figure out the assets and liabilities , You can sort out the assets on hand and the liabilities on your back on the spot . Make a list of things in your home , Mark items on the list as assets or liabilities , And then calculate their corresponding amounts .

Think about it , Do you want to cut off those debts from your love .

Reclaim land from water , Open source throttling

The above cut love , In fact, it's about saving money . In addition to debt , Think about what's unnecessary / Can optimize the cost of , Reduce or eliminate these expenses . For example, you go to a restaurant once a week , Can I go once every two weeks ?

Let's talk about open source , That is to open up more revenue items . I believe you have already calculated in your mind after reading the above article , There are only two or three income channels , If one day Be optimized , Does it mean that life is worrying ?

There are many things that programmers can do to reclaim land , Let's smooth it out :

[x] Technology payment , The more direct way is to outsource , That is to get paid by others with technical ability ;

[x] Experience payment , For example, independent consultants or consultants , With years of work experience, we can provide valuable guidance or service for enterprises or units ;

[x] Cross-border cooperation , For example, food chain software 、 Marketing tools , Working with companies in other industries , Reduce the dimension of their peers ;

[x] Knowledge payment , Online education is so hot , Whether it's a video column 、 Graphic column or training camp , They are all good choices ;

[x] Product payment , According to my understanding of the field I have worked in for many years , Provide a complete set of solutions or available products ;

[x] Pay for your work , Although the dividend of books is not high , But if the sales are good , A lot of money ;

[x] We-Media , The age of short videos , Many people have realized their wealth freedom through we media , Why don't you try ?

All of the above are relatively easy to access , And can be implemented on the ground . Although you haven't started yet , I don't know where to start , But through this article, we finally have a clear understanding , We can move forward in these directions . For example, gather people ahead of time 、 Familiar with the market, etc , Lay the foundation for your follow-up actions .


Do it from now on , Slowly increase your income , So even that day Be optimized , Can also be in no hurry . If the reclamation works well , Maybe sooner or later retired What about it . My own plan has been set ,35 I'll be able to make my own decisions and retire before I'm 15 years old , I don't know what your plans are ?

You are now , Have you figured out how to improve yourself from now on ? If you're not management , If you are in the 35 I was a company yard farmer when I was 15 years old , Then your probability of being optimized will be greatly improved

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