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End of year achievements of Wanfen

2020-12-31 20:21:16 Engineer-Bruce_ Yang

It turns out that I've been mixed up with you all the time CSDN, So far ,CSDN Have already gained 231 Million visitors :

This year, we began to fight for official account sharing. , So far , The official account is welcome. 10005 powder :

In this year , Gain a lot , Whether it's life or work, etc , There are always valuable people to help , But at the same time, it also encountered many setbacks , A lot of worries and other negative effects , Until now, after all, we have come to a complete understanding , Look down on everything , The only way to enjoy life is to calm down 、 The pleasure of work , Constantly challenge the difficulties , My family is constantly adjusting my mind , Understand my leadership , Understanding my colleagues ; No dispute , No comparison , Not proud , Not arrogant , A restless mind ; To cultivate one's morality , To put , Governing the , Strive for peace .

1、 Tell me about my wife

In this year , The person I should thank most is my wife , Without her taking care of Xiao Yang day and night , She didn't do more housework , Share more things at home ; So I can't be so free to do what I like to do ; If not for her, she would heat me up before I get off work every day , Then I can't have so much time to do what I like ; For this family , She quit her job , I've been dedicated to this family all the time , It's really much harder than my job , So I sometimes give her some unexpected surprises , Married for two years , She understands me , I know it's not easy , Although sometimes our husband and wife will be bickering , But no matter who is right or wrong , In the end, I admit my mistake first , So our relationship has always been very good .

2、 A good teacher and friend is indispensable on the road of struggle

On the road of sharing , Made a lot of good teachers and friends , Here I want to thank them , In no particular order :

Official account

call official account
Day labourer strongerHuang
Embedded hodgepodge
Chen Gong Osprey talk about MCU
Shi Wei Mculover666
Jackie The Internet of things IoT Development
Brother Xiao Yao Technology makes dreams bigger
Fage The embedded Linux
East elder brother The embedded Hacker
Xiaoyu Chip house
Haoyu Unknown bug
Xu Hong Xu Hong blog
Wang Lichao Dai Shengdong TencentOS
Mr. Zhong 、 Mr. Wei Dongshan Baiwen Technology
Mr. Zhu Youpeng Miss Zhu IT Charging station
Mr. Peng A bite of Linux
Wang Gong 8 Line one siege lion
Zhang Qiaolong Big fish robot
Peter Everyone is a geek
Ruffian Heng Ruffian scale embedded
Ah Cheng Remember Cheng Electronic Design
President Wu Embedded program ape
Bogor Embedded Inn
Dragon uncle Entrepreneur Bruce Lee
Wang zhuoran Naked thinking
Uncle Mai Uncle wheat
Pontoon Skillfully learning analog digital single chip microcomputer
Tu Xiaoping txp play Linux
21ic President Fu The embedded ARM
Santigo C Language and CPP Programming
Monkey D Luffy Luffy's electronic design treasure
The beach SCM enthusiasts
Sugar MultiMCU EDU
Qiu Gong Embedded case Show
Wang Gong Electronic circuit development learning
Tan Gong electronic circuit
Extra rice Rice Embedded development technology sharing
Brother Juntao Internet of things Preschool
RT-Thread Junior sister RT-Thread Internet of things operating system
Intelligence boy Embedded Intelligence Agency
wzq Program meow
General manager Wen Wechat intelligent control studio
kk Wang Li Kang AIoT Open source project sharing
Zhang Xiaofei About Zhang Xiaofei
Cyclotron Java Builder 、 The programmer cxuan
General manager Zhao Wind media Electronics
Xiong Zong 、 Wang Zong Cubs open source community
President Zou Core knowledge school
Younger martial brother Younger martial brother Guoguo
jubangyu Embedded slave 0 To 1
Liu Yuning Yu Lin Jun

Of course, I have also met some friends who have not made official account numbers. , That's too much , I won't list them one by one here ; They have also provided me with a lot of help and advice in my struggle , Here it is , Give me my knees , Thank you , There have been records of offline activities before , There are still some that don't have time to sort out , The article links below :

2020 RT-Thread Developer conference RDC On site experience sharing

The technology we media have been doing for so long , Yang Gong , Do you have any feelings to share ?

A business trip to Shanghai -- Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Bund 、RT-Thread Head office tour 、 Embedded friend base 、 Return record

remember 2020 year 7 month 5 Japan Shenzhen Futian Phoenix building embedded / Internet of things blog - Official account

3、 Relationship with open source community

In the past year or two , I have actively participated in many activities of the open source community , At present, it is mainly active in bear open source community 、TencentOS tiny Open source community and RT-Thread The open source community , In a positive open source sharing mentality , I met brother Wang Jimian once , I'm in TencentOS tiny Open source community of operating system , Since joining the community , Shared a lot of learning notes and open source projects , The most representative works are used in their own company TencentOS tiny The operating system has completed the explosive test 、 Product development of drug detector , I got to know you by chance RT-Thread Andy and RT-Thread Extra rice , after Andy Invitation , It's a smooth entry RT-Thread Community working group , Grow up with the big tech guys . During this period, I study actively RT-Thread Relevant knowledge , It also shared learning through official account and other communities. RT-Thread My experience , They are also used in their own companies RT-Thread Developed : Dangerous liquid detector , help RT-Thread Application of security in military industry .

Now that we have entered the open source community , So a little Github/Gitee Your skills are essential , So in the past two years, the layout has also begun Github/Gitee, Share your notes and projects as well as some experimental routines you usually write :( Personally, I prefer more code clouds )

4、 For two years MBA Study career of Postgraduates

Because it has its own sideline , The boss you contact after work 、 There will be more leaders , But I've always been thinking in a technical way , In the spirit of preciseness , Consider a comprehensive attitude , So sometimes it's hard to avoid losing some cooperation opportunities , This also makes me deeply realize that a good product is not just a good code , There are more product standards 、 Interpersonal relationship 、 project management 、 Company operation and other knowledge need to learn , So that's why I read it MBA Why .

I've been following it since the year before last MBA, First of all, tuition is really expensive , Hundreds of thousands , But is it useful ? Some people may think that's what the bosses use to eat or make friends , That's right , But people who haven't read really don't have a say , First of all, there is a threshold for admission , Second, graduation is not as easy as rumor has it , It really needs to pay the price of learning , think about it , The professor condensed several books and cases in two days, and then let us digest them after class , Finally, apply it to practical work and one's own career , This is not an easy thing .

Because of the epidemic ,MBA The tuition has dropped a lot , In the end I chose University of Carroll Of MBA, I hope I can work hard , I will get my master's degree in the next two years , Of course, if you can get a master's degree smoothly , Doctor's degree DBA It's also one of my ideals , I would like to continue my master's or doctor's degree in psychology .

After school , I got to know our university, Carol University , And France IPAG Higher business school 、 Brest Business School 、 University of Liege 、 University of Cervantes, Spain 、 Students from Polytechnic Milan and other schools ; Many of them are successful people , I'm a very small young man like myself 90 after , The class is supposed to be like us 90 There are few after that ; Follow the big guys , Listen to their advice more , Learn some lessons , The most important thing is to improve your cognition :

Take part in tea tasting activities with students :

Offline class with students : Marketing Management

5、 Personal goals for next year
  • Completed the degree of computer in South China University of technology

  • Strive to earn the second bucket of gold in life

  • Continue to participate in relevant open source community activities

  • Continue official account 、 Blog article sharing

  • complete 50 Reading of this non technical book

  • Try B standing 、 College video sharing field

  • Participate in all activities organized by Carroll University

  • Other activities 、 Study and arrangement

6、 The last message to myself and developers

website :https://blog.csdn.net/rtthreadiotos/article/details/111632277

The following excerpt is from : A passionate engineer from Chaozhou and Shantou : Data is the future

  • Lay the foundation Fundamentals of computer 、 Data structure and algorithm 、 computer network 、 operating system 、 Computer Interface Technology 、 Computer architecture 、 Microcomputer principle 、 Compilation principle, etc , Only slowly through practice to lay a good foundation for these knowledge , Only in the future can we grow better .

  • Good and prudent programming habits Good and prudent programming habits for developers are necessary to practice and adapt , Because of a little carelessness , One line of code can bring fatal crisis to the whole project .

  • Good communication skill Communication is essential , Sometimes proper communication can let the other party know what they are doing , The other party may put forward some reliable suggestions , Let's avoid falling into the pit , Save study time , Master practical experience .

  • Don't be BUG The will to destroy encounter BUG Can't be afraid , Let's settle down and analyze it slowly , And then slowly solve it step by step , Only in this way can we grow better . The most important thing for developers is to calm down when things happen ,BUG It is not fearful , The terrible thing is that I don't know how to face it , I'm afraid of it psychologically , So willpower is particularly important , We need to solve a problem BUG The problem has the mentality of divide and rule , In this way, no matter what happens in the future BUG You can get rid of it .

  • Stick to it and then stick to it , Continuous sharing is continuous compound interest It's a lifelong learning experience , Stick to it and then stick to it , By the way, I can share my learning experience , Then the future must be sustainable compound interest

  • Learning channels University of China MOOC、 Netease cloud classroom, etc .

6、 Welfare moment

One important welfare :

This is what we call knowledge 、 Development board needs to be shared , Need inheritance , But what a pity if I throw them all away , This activity , Yang Gong took out his books and development boards to his friends , I don't say much nonsense , Upper figure :

Development board :

  • Arduino Development board  * 1

  • STC Development board  * 1

  • Hand of cloud WIFI DTU * 1

  • STM32F103ZET6 Development board  * 1

  • STM32C8T6 Internet of things development board  * 1

  • ESP8266 Electronic clock ( It can be redeveloped ) * 1

  • Zhou Ligong IMX287( nothing LCD The screen ) * 1

  • Tiny4412 Development board  * 1

Technical books :

  • Linux Command line and shell Script programming  * 1

  • ARM The embedded Linux System development details  * 1

  • The embedded ARM System engineer training course  * 1

  • Android Depth exploration  * 1

  • Linux Device driver  * 1

  • In depth understanding of Linux kernel  * 1 

  • Master Linux Device driver development  * 1

  • Linux Technical manual  * 1

  • In depth analysis of Android 5.0 System  * 1

Double benefits :

The year-end benefits of the bears to the official account fans. ! Time limit 100 Zhang Xiaoxiong pie 100 Yuan coupons , Valid until 2021 year 1 month 31 Number , Friends who need to buy Bear pie development board ( Be careful , If you buy a ready to eat ash users will not provide ), Add Yanggong wechat :morixinguan, Yang Union gives you 100 Yuan coupon code , Then you can search the official Taobao store of bear pie through Taobao , Use the coupon to complete the fee reduction , A while ago ST Chip price increases across the board , The development board to buy is to earn , Those who want to learn should start at once !

Last , Good luck !

Past highlights

Layered design of embedded software architecture design

2020 RT-Thread Developer conference RDC On site experience sharing

Quickly integrate the RTOS Replace with RT-Thread(RT-Thread Formaldehyde tester )

Sorted out a long time ago in code cloud /Github/CSDN Share open source with embedded product level projects collected on

I think this article is helpful to you , Let's go [ Looking at ] And forward to share , It's also my support .

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