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Rsaconference 2021: resilience is coming

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The biggest event in the security world RSA There is one special thing about the conference : Each conference presents a theme , Around this theme, we explore from various dimensions , Therefore, the understanding of the theme of the conference becomes the participants' understanding in RSA The key to how much you get at the conference .

The early theme of the conference was relatively clear 、 Specific and technical , It is easy to understand , And the theme of the recent conference has become more and more abstract and philosophical . for example 19 Year of “Better” and 20 Year of “Human Element”, Many of the participants didn't fully understand the message the topic was trying to convey . therefore , It is very meaningful to do enough homework on the theme of the conference before the conference .

RSAConference2021 Will be in 2021 year 5 month 17 It's day , This will be RSA For the first time in history, the conference was held in the form of virtual conference . The Organizing Committee announced the theme of the conference half a year in advance :Resilience, At the same time, the conference has given an interpretation of the theme ( As always, the abstract philosophy ).

“ As a community , We have different backgrounds , Take on different roles , Have different views on the same thing , Everyone can present their own unique things , But we have the same quality : elastic . We are connected to the mission of the community , Together with those who keep trying to steal our data 、 Assets and the cyber threat to our inner peace . We're connected by the world events that threaten the foundation of our profession . We dig deeper into ourselves 、 Looking for solutions that can withstand adversity and quickly recover from it . There will never be an end to this job , But the process itself is the point . Because toughness means unlimited strength and effort , Don't relax , No pause , There is no finish line . To protect the people and organizations that depend on and believe in us , We need to work with endless enthusiasm to do whatever we can . We don't live passively , It's about fighting actively .”

Cyber Resilience

Cyber Resilience: Network resilience or network resilience . Refers to the occurrence of a negative network event ( The network is experiencing a disaster ) Under the circumstances , The business or institution continues to deliver the desired results ( Fast recovery and continued operation ) The ability of . Network resilience is a rapidly gaining recognition 、 Developing concepts , It is the next focus after network security regulation .

Actually Resilience( elastic ) It's not a very new technical term , It has been effectively used in many fields before , such as : By designing the system (Over-designed system) Is a key principle in civil engineering and Mechanical Engineering ; In the field of Aerospace , Independent redundant systems have been used to ensure safe flight of the aircraft and space shuttle at high altitude ; In the field of information technology , Elastic engineering also has a remarkable record : Last century 80 The age is right “failure-proof” The pursuit of system is to end in failure . From then on , Technologists are focusing on failover (failover), In other words, when the failure inevitably occurs, it will automatically switch to the standby site . This technology provides data centers with everything from backup generators to idle waiting to be wakened (idle) Hardware to replace the function of the main device . This kind of fail over technology is definitely valuable , But it's not easy to implement , And cost performance is a big problem . Technology has developed to this day , A system can already be designed to be fault tolerant , This fault tolerant model is seen in both cloud computing and grid design , The goal is to design a highly automated 、 Distributed 、 Over design (Over-designed) And redundant backup systems .

How to better understand the theme of this year's Congress ?

Cyber Resilience Appear in, for example Accenture、 An Yonghe IBM In this way, it has been two or three years since the enterprise's technical white paper was published , But because it is a will information security 、 The complex concept of business continuity and the resilience of enterprise organizations , Both theory and practice are still in a relatively blank period . up to now , The vast majority of Party A's enterprises and Party B's security manufacturers have little to do with .

Cyber Resilience At the heart of : Be prepared to deal with anything that might happen .

For a long time , Enterprises have been committed to the network 、 Systems and data build layers of protection , Research how to detect and respond to *** Technology , Although this kind of technology is very useful , But this approach also reflects a dangerous reality : We're passively defending , It's time to think about how to shift the initiative from the opponent to our advantage .

*** The reason why *** The enterprise network has two purposes : One is stealing 、 Destroy or modify your data , The second is to implant programs that can control the enterprise network or system . Although it can never be predicted accurately *** When or how to initiate ***, But you can always do something about it : Making enterprise networks or systems difficult to find 、 It's hard to attack 、 It's hard to damage , In short , It's about resilience . When we design networks and systems , Even if *** We have successfully broken into networks and systems , And try to minimize the damage it causes , And ensure the continuous operation of enterprise network and system business .

To go further , Network security (CyberSecurity) It's about focusing on things and reacting afterwards (Reacting), And network resilience (CyberResilience) It is more important to be prepared in advance (Anticipating) To deal with anything that might happen .

How to achieve the goal of enterprise network resilience from scratch ?

Accenture The suggestion is that enterprises can lay a solid foundation for the ultimate realization of enterprise network elasticity through the following six methods :

1、 Do a good job in the basic work of traditional network security

Including routine security operation and maintenance tasks , For example, software bug patches 、 System update and access control . These tasks are an essential part of enterprise security operation and maintenance , But it's definitely not enough . Such a routine means is a remedy for the security incidents that have happened before , It's a lagging measure .

2、 Embrace the cloud to improve security

There are many reasons why enterprises migrate their applications and data to the cloud , Security should be one of the most important . When you become a user of Cloud Computing , In fact, the cloud is equivalent to adding a “ Shell ”, You can take full advantage of the elastic load of the cloud , Multi domain computing and multi cloud strategy , These features make it more difficult for the enterprise network and data to be located and destroyed exponentially , This can greatly enhance the ability of the business to be sustainable .

3、 Implement truly data centric security measures

Data centric security goes far beyond the traditional data security strategy . The technologies involved are : encryption 、 token 、 piecewise 、 Access restrictions 、 notes 、 label 、 Strong identity and access management and automatic access decisions . Using these technologies , Data security is no longer a lag ( Tracing the source afterwards ) The function of . Data security is carried out throughout the enterprise's management and use of these key assets , When the relevant technology is applied , Enterprise data will be harder to steal 、 Modify or destroy .

4、 In the stage of designing business application system, it is necessary to meet the security requirements

Put safety first , Make security considerations indispensable at every stage of the enterprise's application development process : use DevSecOps practice , Use automatic scanning and testing to continuously discover potential security vulnerabilities , Use polymorphic coding techniques to constantly change what your application may receive *** Noodles , And then increase ****** And beat ***.

5、 Make full use of software to define networks (SDN) The strategy of

If *** You can't see your network clearly , He has no way to start ***.SDN Enables you to constantly change the topology of your enterprise network , You can even be in a conversation (session) Changing the route in the middle of the process , So that *** When facing the enterprise network, they are confused .

6、 Take the initiative to defend

application AI Technology and security automation and choreography tools (SOAR), Try to find problems and take action in real time ; Continuous scanning and stress testing of enterprise network environment , Do it in *** We found a loophole before ; Make the most of Threat Intelligence , Better understanding of the outside world *** And focus on the most important and valuable threats to the enterprise . These active defense technologies enable you to *** Become a hunter in the war , Not the prey .

The development of the new outbreak is beyond everyone's expectation , It also proves the importance of having a relevant elastic solution in advance , Again , The enterprise network world is also looking forward to the occurrence of such events as the new crown epidemic all the time , We also need to make the enterprise network have Cyber Resilience The ability of , It's probably the same RSAConference 2021 The original intention of the organizers of the conference ! Let's do our homework , Waiting for the coming of the conference !

About HoloNet : HoloNet technology integration NG-DLP、UEBA、NG-SIEM、CASB Four advanced technologies , Combine machine learning ( Artificial intelligence ), Discover and reconstruct invisible network in real time ” user - equipment - data ” Interaction , Information security risk perception platform with user behavior as the core is launched , For the enterprise's information security management to provide no perception 、 Intelligent tracing system without dead corner , Efficient and accurate audit of the past 、 Monitoring now 、 Prevent the future , Greatly improved IT Safety operation and maintenance and safety personnel response to accidents 、 Grab the chain of evidence 、 Blame, blame, blame 、 recovery IT The ability and efficiency of the system .

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