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How important is the establishment and stability of a master's degree?

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With the postgraduate entrance examination in full swing ,2021 The number of graduate candidates has reached a new high , More and more students choose to continue their studies , Into higher education , Gild your education . But the reality is , Many people do not necessarily have obvious advantages over undergraduates after graduation , Work included in the system , Establishment and stability may not be successful .

First of all, the disadvantages of master's degree are reflected in these two points :

The first point , The age of master's degree is generally three times older than that of current college students 、 Four years old , Basically over 25 years old . thirtysomething 、 Marriage crisis 、 The pressure on everyone from RV to RV is immeasurable , The chances of trial and error in employment are correspondingly reduced , It also means that a stable job is particularly important ;

Second point , In fact, the employment situation of graduate students is not as good as that of undergraduates . such as , The salary for a master's degree is after tax 6000 block , A year or two later , I have to be promoted to a minor , So for human resources , Master's degree can't be a basic position for too long , Because relative to the monthly salary 3000 More undergraduates , The cost will be high , And enter the agency ahead of time , The establishment is insufficient , For masters , It's a very embarrassing situation .

But whether it's undergraduate or master's, real ability is the hard truth , Always have a sense of suffering , The Academy teaches us theory , And we will eventually go to society . Do your best to practice in your spare time , Growing experience , So for the social workplace , You're not a rookie all the time . If you keep doing scientific research , We should also update our knowledge reserves at all times .

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