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Do network engineers need to learn SDN?

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   SDN Is it still on fire ?

We've heard more or less about the Internet SDN, But in the past two years, it seems that this new word has not been talked about by others .

yes SDN This concept has not stood the test of time , Well, it was eliminated ?

No , It just exists in a different way !

Hardware , all the time , In the network world occupies the supreme position , until SDN appear , This pattern is gradually broken .

SDN(Software Defined Network) Software defined networks , yes A network design concept , Or a kind of design idea of pushing back and starting again .

As long as the network hardware can Centralized software management , Programmable , Control the forwarding layer to separate , You can think of this network as a SDN The Internet .

SDN It's not a specific technology , It's not a specific agreement , It's an idea 、 A framework .

The narrow sense SDN It means “ Software Defined Network ”, The generalized SDN It also extends the concept of : Software defined security 、 Software definition storage and so on .

Because in a broad sense SDN The concept has been gradually accepted by the industry , So we all directly mentioned the application of the corresponding industry, not SDN The concept itself .

SDN The benefit of this is that it provides a solution , To solve the problem that the underlying network is becoming more and more complex 、 The equipment is complicated 、 Configuration trouble 、 The iteration is slow , All sorts of problems that have arisen .

Network engineers can use Programming On demand customization Centralized and unified management Dynamic traffic monitoring Automated Deployment .

In a word, it is , We network engineers can work less !


SDN What are the applications ?

Here are some chestnuts :

1、SDN We can use Lower cost Implement edge computing 、 Internet of things and remote access ;

2、SDN Support the development of intention based networks , Intention based network is the realization of Autopilot The key to ;

3、SDN You can split the network connection between the end user and the data center , And for various types of network traffic to provide different Security Set up ;

4、SDN It is the enterprise that realizes Private cloud to hybrid cloud The key technology ;

5、 Software defined Wan (SD-WAN) yes SDN The natural application of ;


 SDN Is it worth learning ?

Those who engage in technology should not be eliminated by the times , Or, to be exact, to get a promotion and raise , You have to keep learning new things .

The technology is out of date , Companies naturally don't or don't want to pay high salaries to recruit people who only master outdated technologies .

I've been in touch with some of the net workers , These net workers are excellent , Can turn decay into magic , Connect the network .

They can get into the computer room , You can find the cable , It can move the machine , For some network protocols, it is clear that . But at the same time , The treatment is not high .

Not now 2000 Years. , brothers , If you're still stuck in a shuttle to get through , Or adjust a few simple configuration stages , Can the salary be higher ?

If continuous learning of technology is an inevitable result of our practice of Technology , So what to learn ?

SDN If it's just a flash in the pan , Naturally, it is not recommended that you take the time to study .

however ,SDN Has been gradually accepted by the major network manufacturers and used to transform some of the shortcomings of the current network architecture , More free flow control and centralized management , Configured functionality .

New technologies are coming to the ground , Shouldn't you learn ?

SDN Definitely not the final form of the network , But it is Currently foreseeable , The future of the Internet A look of .

all ,SDN It must be worth learning !


SDN How to learn ?

Don't talk much , Put one first SDN Learning atlas !

Look at a bunch of skill trees above , You know , Study SDN difficult , Want to become SDN Network Engineer Harder to .

First of all, you have to learn the traditional network technology , This is the first step to getting started , It's also a crucial step in building a good foundation ;

Then you have to learn all kinds of computer programming techniques , Specific include Linux Operating system foundation 、Python Programming based 、JSON and XML And other network data formats 、 Continuous integration and DevOps etc. .

Some readers may ask , Is it too extensive , Is there anything specific , Operational learning suggestions to learn SDN.

Let's talk about how beginners get started .

All change is the same , The introduction of all new technologies requires a quick and accurate understanding of three issues :SDN What is it? ? Why SDN? The origin of history ?

Those who understand Chinese only need to read it 《 The depth resolution SDN: Benefits 、 strategic 、 technology 、 practice 》 This book is enough , After reading this book SDN Getting started . Although some of the information is a little out of date , But it's still an essential medicine for beginners .

English is better than Chinese can read this book 《SDN:A Comprehensive Approach》, In the existing English books , This is a relatively systematic and comprehensive entry-level book .

If you don't feel there is any sense of achievement in reading , You can choose to get ONF Official ONF Certified SDN Associate (OCSA) authentication , After passing the examination by ONF Issue a OCSA certificate .

Based on my previous experience and lessons , Choose one of the above three methods as an introduction . Remember to read a lot of fragmented articles on the Internet , This kind of introductory learning is very No system , It's very bad for the follow-up study , There will be a lot of misunderstandings .

Let's talk about advanced learning SDN

There are barriers to mastering any skill in depth , Even playing games , This is something that is generally willing to spend time on , Everyone's level is also very different .

Advanced Mastery SDN yes There is no shortcut. Walking , Must use stupid method step by step to make sure that every knowledge point .

For example, we should study deeply SDN The development history , At least two aspects should be clarified :

One is the definition SDN The people behind the concept and Architecture , And promote SDN The landmark event of architecture maturity ;

Second, at first SDN What key technical concepts have been used for reference ,SDN How architecture is developed under the support of these technical principles . There's only one end in it , Get to know every detail of the technology , Is the most effective way to learn .

Of course, this statement is still a little false . How to learn in a stupid way SDN?

say concretely , At this time, we need to learn a course systematically SDN Course .

SDN There are a lot of good lessons . Today, I strongly give you Amway a product developed by Huawei training center SDN Course : Huawei SDN Network senior engineer training camp .


Who is suitable for this course ?


Course recommendation reason

Reason 1 : Systematic learning + Case practice , Building a complete knowledge framework

The lecturer of Huawei global training center is based on years of teaching and experimental experience , Sort out a set of From simple to difficult 、 systematic Of SDN teaching program .

In theory , We will come from Concept product Solution Step by step, the systematic construction of the students' theoretical system helps .

The course is designed around practice , We'll teach you how to actually land on the ground , You can use it after learning, not just talk about it .

Reason 2 : Excellent course recording + Live lectures + Accompanying class teacher service , For your study escort

The recording and broadcasting course systematically teaches theoretical knowledge , It's easy to learn again and again , Consolidate basic knowledge .

Training camp to Live lectures Mainly , Design courses around practical operation , Develop students' practical ability to deal with problems .

Reason three : Huawei big factory endorsement , Talk about Huawei products , Through the Huawei remote experiment platform

The course lecturer deeply cultivates Huawei SDN Products and solutions for many years , The course revolves around the product and solution design that the instructor is most familiar with ,

From the actual work experience summed up a set of efficient training students Huawei SDN Network planning and Design 、 Deploy 、 The ability of operation and maintenance and optimization .

Students use Huawei eNSP Simulator and eLab Experimental environment , Hands on operation , It's not just listening to class and doing questions ,

To learn network planning and deployment business design 、 Routine maintenance 、 On-Site Inspection 、 Tools 、 command 、 The deployment and operation and maintenance of fault handling methods and other technologies .

eNSP The simulator can be downloaded for free on Huawei's official website , however eLab The experimental environment is charged , And it's very expensive .

eLab Deploying the environment and letting the students operate for a day can cost as much as 1000 dollar , But in this course, it's Completely free Of .

If you have questions about the course , You can add our course assistants , Further consultation ~

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