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To old friends - sometimes I can't express my meaning, but I'm really happy to have you in my life

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Some time ago , Maybe it's because of being sedentary for a long time , There's a sore on the hip , Plus, every day commuting is the reason to ride bike sharing , I didn't pay enough attention to , The body finally broke down , There's also an infection in the wound , I didn't dare to move much for a week . That will happen. , Fortunately, there are people who care about , It's sort of coming through . Remember to send a circle of friends , Say you never get sick , And finally fell ill , Maybe I want to find some comfort . then , A comment from an old friend who has not been in touch for a long time : Take good care of your body . This comment is one that has been separated for many years , But I was a very good friend at that time . My first impression is , You finally show up , I thought you had evaporated . But thinking about , I feel like I haven't spoken for a long time , I deleted it quickly , Come back :“ Thank you for your concern , You remember my friend ”, Think again , I don't think so , In the end, I only replied with one sentence :“ thank you ”. In this process, we didn't suspect each other because of the unpleasant things , betrayal , And having a bad relationship , But since not living together , From the daily wechat chat records , I can't finish it , The circle of friends always likes , Later, I pretended to be missing . Just understand , It turns out that we said forever , It was just a few years ago . original , We thought our friendship could last a long time , At the end of the day, you can only die without a disease . At this time , Remember that sentence : Never say nothing, never say nothing , It's also a symbol of a friend becoming strange . that , Those who once promised never to end 、 More and more distant friendship , We still need to recover ?

I don't think that's necessary ...

We should understand the busy and tedious life, let us retreat again and again , When I grow up, I gradually find that my best friend is not around me , But in my heart ! There is no feast that never leaves . It's not a long time , It's that we've all changed , No original intention , Each of them is heading for their own future . Time is true, will constantly refresh the people around us , But those who stayed , It's something to cherish . More and more will understand “ Fewer and fewer important people , The rest of us are more and more important ”. let me put it another way , At a certain age , Everyone's ups and downs have been hidden in the heart ......


It's normal for the world to leave , How can you and I be exceptional

Why I worked last year , Frequent business trips , In every business trip back to Chengdu , On the way home , In the car , Looking out of the window , All of a sudden, there was a feeling , Think about it , I don't seem to have any friends , No one loves me either , My heart was suddenly empty , I was so lonely , In the vast sea of people, I have only myself . That used to be chatting with friends, and I don't know when it suddenly disappeared from my life , Only now basically is a person alone oneself . I still remember my college days , I love to take part in a series of activities , Small to class , To the campus club competition , Can see their own figure . I also made a lot of friends that I thought I could keep in touch with , And thinking about each other , Later, when one of us is developed , Help each other . And now maybe our original friends may not even know what industry each other is engaged in , Even if you want to chat one day , contact , I really don't know where to start , not have understood until then , It turns out that we haven't been in touch for so many years . And finally I know , Friendship is only youth , But not all vicissitudes . I know , The world is really big , Some people will never see you again without careful arrangement .

A lot of people are interested in you , But no one sticks to you


Cherish the unexpected surprise

Accept the sudden departure


People always have some nostalgia

There is a saying in the Bible :“ Don't disturb the people I love , When he wants to ”, Yes , How to judge whether the relationship between friends is weak . It's very simple , There's no sharing , That is, the gradual fading of this friendship . Think about it, a year ago , Friends who accompany each other ask me , Will we part one day , I said definitely not . And then it didn't take long , He said he was moving out , Since then , We have very little contact . Maybe it's out of your own career planning , It may also be due to the different views between us , It's also possible that our life took a turn for the worse during that time , We all think differently , Some want to keep going , And some choose to give up . In fact, all viewpoints including the Three Outlooks , There is no difference between high and low , There will be no distinction between who is right and who is wrong . It's nothing more than a similar idea , Bring two people together , The two people are separated from each other by the value orientation . Time will not leave the same trace for everyone . One day , You'll find that , Each other's side all had with own three views consistent new friend , And friends of the past , It's just for remembering .


I have some things , Only suitable for collection     


A stage, a friend , It's really tiring to maintain friendship


All the way through , Always meet all kinds of people . The book says that there is no feast that will never end , However, the book also says where life does not meet . There will be fewer and fewer friends , Because the direction of walking is not consistent . Think about primary school 、 Junior high school 、 High school and College , Some have become office white-collar workers , Some start their own businesses and start small companies , Some stay with their parents back home , Some choose to go far away and struggle alone . None of us is wrong , It's a different way to go , Naturally, it's hard to be brother-in-law as usual , We went together . Friendship is not so high , So everyone chooses a partner , Come hand in hand . It is more of a symbol of what a stage brings us . therefore , Just a blessing , Because we don't have a common topic , We're all going to different lives , I just hope you get better and better . We gather more for righteousness , Because of wealth . Back up , Just be busy , When you are lost, it's the best ending to think about it .



I've been giving up

But I've been waiting for you

It's nothing to meet Always remember you when you leave     

Your old friends are scattered in different cities , They have news from afar , sour , sweet , bitter , hot , It's all about life . Why don't you take a moment to , Go and see the old friend you haven't seen for a long time ! Don't meet again , Maybe we'll forget each other's appearance .

Finally, to my old friends , Sometimes I can't express my meaning , But I'm really happy , I had your company during that time . A beautiful memory , A witness of youth , This may be the friends who are drifting away , Leave us an eternal gift .


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Random thoughts on life in this issue - Friends , That's the end of the story , See you next time .

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