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I didn't wear a helmet when I was looking at the house. I lost 200000 yuan

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Just going to see a room , What the hell is wearing a helmet ???

lately , This paragraph 「 Jinan a helmet man into the sales office 」 Video of the Internet has become very popular .

He didn't do it just to be funny , contrary , The purpose is extraordinary 「 proper 」—— Protect personal information .

And behind this 「 The culprit 」, Turned out to be Face recognition system .

  • It's just a show , Why is it related to personal information ?

  • If personal information is captured , What will be lost ?

Layer by layer , The water in this , But it's deep enough .

A camera , It may cost you more than 100000

「 To protect personal information , Wear a helmet to see the house 」.

After such a short video triggered a heated discussion , The public was surprised to find , Face recognition system has unconsciously become the standard configuration of sales offices .

Or don't explain it in advance ,「 non-inductive 」 Capture , You can also identify the kind of mask you wear .

It's not just Jinan where the viewer is in the video , As the event is further discussed in public , Beijing 、 tianjin 、 Guangzhou …… In this way AI Applications have already blossomed everywhere .

According to the 《 Nanfang Metropolis Daily 》 reports , Nandu reporter is in China Railway Construction in Daxing District of Beijing · The international mansion has experienced this kind of 「 No sense to capture 」: House watching 1 Hours , Cameras are not uncommon , But there's no face recognition hint anywhere , The salesperson didn't mention face recognition either .

After watching the house , Nandu reporter is launching this kind of 「 Face recognition channel risk control 」 Products of Shenzhen Mingyuan Yunke e-commerce Co., Ltd , I saw a picture of myself captured .

Again ,《 Beijing daily 》 The reporter also discovered in the field visit :

A short time 、 200 meters away , The front desk 、 Sand table 、 The display board and other places where the housekeeper is bound to stay , There's a camera in the corner .

Long like this :

picture source : Beijing daily

And the salesman also admitted after being asked , The purpose of these cameras is Collect facial information from the housekeeper .

A sales office , As soon as I enter the door, I collect the face information of the housekeeper quietly , What do you want ?

The reason is not complicated :

Accurately distinguish the channels of customer acquisition , prevent “ Inside out ”、“ Flying sheet ” Other questions .

In a nutshell , Is to prevent the sales office sales and intermediary for the customer is who pull , We're talking about each other , At the same time, it also reduces the sales cost of real estate enterprises .

According to the 《 Guangming Daily 》 reports , According to the insiders , As the real estate industry is increasingly dependent on distribution channels , channel ( That is, the intermediary, etc ) The Commission keeps rising , Flying single phenomenon emerges in endlessly . The reason why there will be a single external plug-in phenomenon , It is because the channel Commission is already the consultant of the infield real estate 10 About times , Even more .

The other case is , Customers don't leave their real name and registration after seeing the house , Turn to an intermediary to get a discount , Traditional registration and other means can not prevent , Face recognition, etc 「 Real estate channel risk control 」 Service came into being .

Take a picture of your face , Compare and identify , With this technology , The real estate enterprises will no longer worry about the Commission .

According to the 《 Beijing daily 》 reports , Not long ago, a consumer who just bought a commercial house in a real estate in the South Fourth Ring Road told reporters : He didn't find out that he was face recognition before he signed up .

The result is , Although he signed with his agent , But since the face recognition system recorded that he had visited once on his own initiative , So you can't enjoy 2% Concession ,「 The difference between the two prices is close 20 Ten thousand yuan .」

No wonder someone has to wear a helmet to see the house .

in addition , Some netizens have raised such questions :

I'll go to the sales office for a toilet , It's about to be collected ???

In response to this incident , There's a lot of information security 、 Legal professionals say : Collecting face information without permission is suspected of infringement .

Strong reminder :「 The first case of face recognition 」 A sentence has been pronounced

Similarly, , About face recognition , Except recently 「 Watch the house and wear a helmet 」 event , And one more thing Strong reminder event :

Hangzhou 「 The first case of face recognition 」, Sentenced !

according to 《 People's Daily online 》 Reports of , The plaintiff Guo Bing is in 2019 year 4 month , towards 「 Hangzhou wildlife world 」 payment 1360 element , bought 「 Have a good swim 365 God 」 Double annual pass .

At that time, the determined way to enter the park was fingerprint identification , meanwhile , Guo Bing and his wife also kept their other personal information , Including name, 、 Id card number 、 Phone number, etc .

But in 2019 year 7 The month and 10 month , Guo Bing received 2 SMS from Hangzhou wildlife world , It's called in the content :

Replacement of the annual card identification system , Require activation of face recognition system , Otherwise, you will not be able to enter the park normally .

Since then, both sides have entered the park 、 The negotiation on card refund and other related matters failed , Guo Bing brought a lawsuit to the court .

Picture source : Hangzhou net

Final , The people's Court of Fuyang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province pronounced the judgment of the first instance as :

Wildlife world will compensate Guo Bing for the loss of contract interests and transportation expenses 1038 element , Delete the facial feature information, including photos, submitted when handling the fingerprint annual card .

Other claims filed by Guo Bing were rejected .

The court held that , The focus of this case is the handling of consumer personal information by business operators , In particular, the evaluation and specification of personal biometric information such as fingerprint and face .

China's law for the collection of personal information in the field of consumption 、 Use is not prohibited , But it emphasizes the supervision and management of personal information processing , In other words, the collection of personal information should follow 「 legal 、 proper 、 necessary 」 With the consent of the parties ; The use of personal information should follow the principle of ensuring security , May not disclose 、 To sell or illegally offer to others ; When personal information is violated , The operator should bear the corresponding tort liability .

Because this incident involves the collection of personal biological information such as faces , It's very popular on the Internet , It's called domestic 「 The first case of face recognition 」.

Although this case seems to be a real lawsuit , But there is a big data security problem behind it .

just as 《 The xinhua news agency 》 Evaluated by :

The first instance of the case was defeated , Like a stone falling into the lake .

This case has raised the topic of personal biometric information security , It is worth thinking from all sides of society .

Face recognition is a double-edged sword

Although face recognition technology is developing rapidly 、 progress , But the security issues that come with it , It can't be ignored .

It's not just going to public places like zoos , Now? , A lot of residential quarters force the owners to 「 face scan 」 In and out .

before , Law School professor Lao Dongyan of Tsinghua University said on the community face recognition 「 No 」: She lives in a community where she posted a notice to install a face recognition access control system , Ask the owner to provide the house property certificate 、 Id card 、 Face recognition and other information .

Most people are not sensitive to collecting face recognition information , Just vaguely worried that the property information would be leaked . And Lao Dongyan is a professor at Tsinghua University Law School , She thinks , The risk of misuse of face recognition information is much greater than that of real estate information , Property has no right to collect such personal information .

What kind of harm can be caused ?

For example ,《 The xinhua news agency 》 In previous investigations, it was found that , In order to pass real name authentication , To register false accounts or infringe on other people's accounts and other illegal purposes , Face information has become an important transaction information of black ash industry , And gave birth to 「 Face industry 」:

After the leakage of face information , Lawbreakers can go through 「 Photo activation 」, Make a moving picture of the picture , According to the corresponding login software procedures , The picture can complete the nod 、 Blinking and other authentication actions , Successfully passed part of the software face authentication .

Consider very fear , If personal information is exposed so naked , Possible consequences 、 The loss is incalculable .

Coincidentally, , lately haidilao It's dense camera , It has also become a hot topic .

Although netizens' replies are mostly ridicule ,「 To prevent a secret birthday 」 wait , But there is a kind of being 「 monitor 」 The feeling of ……

Last , It's the same old saying 「 Technology is a double-edged sword 」.

The development of science and technology is certainly correct , But how to use a sharp blade well , But it's a more thoughtful question , What you think? ?

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