Recently I finished reading Ruan Yifeng's works 《 Survivors of the future world 》. The reason why I finished reading this book , First, I've heard a lot about Ruan Yifeng , Especially for interdisciplinary bulls , I admire . Secondly, this book is mainly about the author's thinking about the future , For me at this stage , We need ideological guidance in this respect .

The official book introduction is like this :

This book is an anthology of Ruan Yifeng's blog , It mainly includes the author's Thoughts on the impact of technological change , I hope this book can help readers realize that the world is changing dramatically , The flood is not far away , So as to prepare for the way out early .

This book is suitable for all thoughtful readers .

After reading the book , In fact, the mood is quite complicated , I want to say a few thoughts :

  1. There is not much in the book , All of them are the author Ruan Yifeng's views or predictions about the future world , Many practical examples are given to demonstrate the point of view .  But it's a very pessimistic book to read , The most direct feeling is , some time , Our world may no longer be as normal and rapid as it is today , But because of the explosive development of Technology , Get a devastating result , The destruction of the earth does not even require a third world war .

  2. After reading the book , I read a lot of book reviews , Including the message from Ruan Yifeng's blog , Many people think that Ruan is too pessimistic . In fact, I share the same view , I don't think the world will be destroyed as soon as the book says , The main thing is that I think every country has political intervention in technology , Germany, for example, seems to have enacted laws to limit the speed at which robots can replace humans in some industries , Because we have to make sure that the number of jobs people have will not be occupied by machines , I believe that other countries will be more and more aware of the machine for human society ***.

  3. Of course , Political intervention is short-term after all , From the perspective of hundreds of years , The development of technology really will bring a lot of the disasters mentioned in the book .

  4. I remember the last five chapters of the book , I also recommend you to read it : The boundary of technology , entropy : The ultimate rule of the universe , Technology determines history , Kaczynski's warning .

  5. Reading the whole book makes me think , What kind of work should we do , To avoid being eliminated by society . This problem , I guess I'll keep thinking about it ...

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